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From a distance, Tokyo-3 seemed to be at the height of serenity. But take a closer look and you'll find it is anything but. Sirens wailed as smoke billowed about from burning wreckages that were once vehicles; some of earth design, others not. All around lay pieces of debris from buildings that had their entire sides ripped off with the dead bodies of people, some human while the majority were something else entirely. Those who were still among the living were being tended to by paramedics and police. Firefighters ran about to uncover anyone who might be trapped under any rubble while soldiers scanned around for any kind of hostiles that may still be hidden.

As all this occurred, a single youth in a star-spangled costume looked on in grief at what had transpired moments ago and the cause behind it all. Captain America gazed at the display of carnage all around him, his once bright costume had been stained with rips, dirt, grime and blood; his polished shield was now adorned with scrapes and burns. He knew he wasn't the only one as he turned and saw the others.

Thor stood off watching the rescue efforts as well, his armor was chipped, tarnished and dirty as a viscous purple substance dripped from his hammer's head, like it was syrup or blood. Hawkeye sat down on the curb as an EMT bandaged his injuries. Ghost Rider, now in human form and clothes ragged, barked orders to men and women in SHIELD uniforms to aid in the relief efforts. Weapon X stood out of the way, holding Hikari's hand; his clothes also torn, burned and dirtied. And then there was Iron Man, lying on the ground, his armor looked as if he went through a trash compactor; the ARC reactor in the chest piece was shattered and dead.

Cap was no stranger to war nor was he to the scenes of aftermath that follow but this was beyond anything he had witnessed.

"You want to know how this all happened," Agent Coulson said as more of a statement than question.

"People are dead, Agent Coulson, we're all looking for answers," came the digitized voice of his, and by extension, Fury's superiors.

Coulson shook his head.

"Answers? I think we all can agree that the answers are right in front of us as plain as day. I had always heard people say that truth is stranger than fiction…. But this... this is…"

"Perhaps if you start from the beginning of where you believe this all started, we can better understand."

"I guess when this whole mess began was around the first Angel attack… six months ago…"

Six Months ago…

Shinji stared at the phone as it recited its pre-recorded message.

"Your call cannot be connected at the time, due to a state of emergency. Please hang up and report to the nearest shelter," was the automated message that was playing from the phone. With a sigh the young man that had the phone in his hand hung up.

"Damn it, why the hell did I even come here?"

Time with his 'Uncle Tony' had been good to Shinji Ikari. He was physically attractive with short black hair, blue eyes and dressed in an open white button-up shirt, Black Sabbath t-shirt underneath and jeans. When he first arrived at the mansion, he was afraid that Tony would cast him away like his father did. Thankfully, he was proven wrong when 'Uncle Tony' showed him how fun he could be. When Shinji was six, he showed that he had an innate talent for mechanics. Tony offered to educate him on the more advanced aspects and beyond, to which Shinji agreed. As the years went on, Shinji progressed exponentially until he graduated from Tony's alma mater at a younger age than he did. Many made comments that the boy may in fact surpass Stark's capabilities and potential, something Tony revealed in with fatherly pride.

Tony wasn't the only influence in his life; Pepper had become a mother figure and provided Shinji with morals and principles. Plus, she made sure that Shinji didn't pick up most of Tony's bad habits; keyword being "most."

'Figures I'd arrive when there's an emergency.' Shinji thought as he then eyed the picture that was sent to him: a very attractive woman winking at the camera. It came with a letter from his father, and it only said come. Shinji guessed because now he had been deemed 'useful', but he didn't quite want to give up on reconciling with his father.

He then sensed a presence and whipped around to see a pale, blue-haired girl standing in the street. The sound of flapping wings drew his attention away for a short moment before he turned back to the girl; only to find her gone. While he was curious as to whether or not if she was real or not, he didn't dawdle on it for long as something caught his notice: the sound of jet engines and heavy footsteps.

Looking around he found the source to be a squadron of VTOLs shooting at something. Once the dark-haired boy saw what exactly the something was, he wasn't sure what to call it. It was larger than anything he'd ever seen. It had green skin in a bony armor, including a bird-like mask that protected its face. Shinji looked at it as it looked like it was heading towards something.

"Damn, that thing is UG-LY."

Before he could make any more remarks about the creature's appearance, it blasted one of the VTOLs out of the sky; sending it careening down near to where Shinji stood. Suddenly, a blue Renault drove and stopped right nearby, shielding him from the blast. He turned to the Renault and the woman inside it. She was physically attractive, older and was in a military uniform, not to mention that it was the same women in a picture that he received.

"Are you Shinji Ikari?" She asked.

"Yeah, you Misato Katsuragi?" He asked and she opened the door.

"Yeah, get in. We need to get moving." Shinji complied with the request, and as soon as the door was shut, she sped off like a bat from hell.

"So, who was tall, dark and gruesome the military were shooting at?" Shinji asked.

"It's an Angel."

"Lady, last time I checked, angels didn't look a thing like that."

"It's what we call it at NERV. Truth is we're still trying to classify it, and the only reason it's called an angel is because the higher ups called it that." Misato explained, and truth be told she was also a little confused at the classification of the Angels. Shinji just shrugged as they continued the wild ride.

"So, we're heading to this NERV place right? Any idea what for?"

"So we can mobilize the only thing that can fight that thing."

"That makes me wonder what the old sour-puss' been doing." Shinji muttered to himself, catching Misato's attention.

It was unusual to refer to Commander Ikari as anything but Commander, but his son just called him a sour-puss. At least it wasn't anything downright insulting. That was when more VTOLs came by, but it was more of a retreat for something else. Misato knew exactly what it was.

"Shinji get down!" Shinji quickly ducked as an N2 mine was blasted right at the 'angel'.

The car rolled over as the blast wave kicked up everything around. When it had subsided, the two passengers poked their heads out to catch a glimpse of the blow dealt to the monster. When the light died down and the smoke cleared, though burned and clearly injured, the beast still remained standing and alive.

The three generals looked at the screen in grim defeat. One picked up a land line before dialing a number. After a few moments, he hung up and turned a stern gaze to the man before all three of the generals. Gendo Ikari gazed back but held a sliver of foreknowledge of what was going to be said.

"Command of this operation is being entrusted to you. Do not betray our trust."

Gendo smirked inside.

"Yes sir."

Misato looked over her busted car engine with despair.

"Oh just perfect, I still got 33 payments to make on this."

"Let me take a look," Shinji said as he stepped forward and pulled out a device.

"JARVIS, can you hear me?"

"Loud and clear, sir," came the digital voice of the Stark AI butler, "How may I assist you?"

"This car took a bad spill and it won't start. I need a diagnostic without taking it apart."

"At once sir." Jarvis said and Misato let out a whistle at the device. It wasn't long before Jarvis completed the scan, "Sir, there is nothing physically wrong with the car, but the battery is inoperable. I highly recommend that you simply replace it. Otherwise only minor repair is needed."

"Yeah, thanks Jarvis." Shinji said before looking at the older attractive woman, who he had to admit that she was hot.

"That's a pretty cool gadget you got there. How do I get one?" Misato asked as they started looking for a battery, as Shinji could easily replace it with a regular battery.

"Sorry but this is a Stark CEO exclusive."

"Stark? As in Stark Industries? But you aren't a CEO."

"Not yet I'm not but I will be when I come of age."

Misato looked puzzled for a moment before it clicked.

"Wait a minute, you're that Shinji Ikari, boy genius and heir apparent to Stark's fortune?"

"You forgot heartthrob to all the girls of the world."

"Easy there, Casanova. We got bigger problems at the moment."

It didn't take them long to locate a few abandoned cars and "borrow" the vehicles' batteries; Shinji made sure to leave notes to reimburse the owners. After installing the new battery, the two continued on their way to NERV headquarters.

Fuyutsuki glanced at Ikari as the generals departed; wondering how they should proceed with countermeasures against the angel.

"What are your orders?" he asked.

"Activate Unit-01," Ikari answered.

"Activate it? But we have no pilot."

"A spare has just arrived. Take watch of things here."

The former professor watched as the commander of NERV disappeared into the hallway.

"Their first meeting in 10 years," he said solemnly.

(Scene break)

"I think we're lost. We've passed this hallway, three times I think." Shinji said as he and Misato had once more passed the same hallway again.

Without any proper mapping apps for NERV Headquarters, it was difficult to navigate around. It also didn't help that Misato was trying to navigate towards a particular area with a time limit.

"I don't think we're lost, and besides this place is pretty new compared to other places. It's easy to get turned around in here."

Shinji pulled out his device again.

"JARVIS, can you find us a map on this place?"

"Unfortunately, there are no maps or layouts of the facility of any kind that can be found. I'm afraid you're on your own, sir."

"Great," Shinji sighed in annoyance.

"Don't worry, they make these transit ways to be used, you know," Misato said in an attempt to lighten the mood.

Having enough of wandering around, Misato opted to call someone by the name of 'Ritsuko' for help. Now finally getting directions to the elevator where they are to meet this Ritsuko, things seemed to be getting better. The atmosphere in the elevator car was, for lack of a better word, quiet. After going down a few floors, there was the sound of a ding and another of the opening of the doors. On the other side stood an attractive blond in a lab coat and a one piece bathing suit.

"Uh, hi there, Ritsuko," Misato said nervously.

'If Tony wasn't in a relationship with Pepper, he'd love this place,' Shinji thought as he looked at the two.

The blond gave Misato a scrutinizing look as she entered the elevator with the two.

"Why are you wasting my time, captain? Don't you know we're short on time and manpower?"

Misato apologized sheepishly to which the blond only sighed. She then turned her gaze toward the dark-haired boy with them.

"So is this the boy?" Ritsuko asked.

"Yep, this is the 'Third Child' as discovered by the Marduk Institute."

'Third Child? What's that all about, not to self, research the Marduk Institute.' Shinji thought when Misato mentioned that, and it was something worth looking into.

He never even heard of the Marduk Institute up until now. Charles Xavier's School for the Gifted, that was clean and legit, even if some governments didn't think so. SHIELD, they had secrets in their secrets and even he knew of them, thanks to Tony designing a few things for them in the past, but the Marduk Institute was a new one. It was when he noticed that he was being inspected by the blonde that he shook himself out of the thoughts.

"You see anything you like gorgeous?"

Ritsuko was taken aback while Misato chuckled.

"As you can see, he's not like his father," Misato said.

"Clearly; he acts more like Kaji."

"Who?" Shinji asked.

"Don't ask," Misato said with a slight edge in her voice.

With the pleasantries done, the duo now trio with the inclusion of Dr. Ritsuko Akagi, made their way toward their intended destination. Along the way, Misato filled the blond scientist in of what she had discovered about young Ikari. Needless to say, Ritsuko was astonished that they had a celebrity in their midst. After that, Dr. Akagi went on to report on the status of 'Unit-01' with Misato asking whether or not it will work. All the while this was going on, Shinji could not help but be curious of what exactly 'Unit-01' was.

He never bothered to ask since he had feeling they were taking him to this 'Unit-01' anyway. This was proven true when they came to a set of doors with the words 'EVA CAGE 01' stenciled on. After which, they took a small boat road across what looked like a large tank of pink water or something. Then they entered into a darkened room; Shinji walked forward hoping to find a light switch or something. Someone must've found it for him because when the lights went on, he came face to big, horned and purple face with a giant robot. Anyone else in the young Ikari's situation would have freaked out.


He was no exception.

"This is man's ultimate fighting machine, the synthetic life form known as Evangelion Unit-01," explained Akagi.

"I take it this is what the old fart has been working on all these years?" Shinji asked.

"Correct," a man's voice echoed from across the room.

There, up in an overlook behind the giant machine was the elder Ikari.

"It's been a long time," Gendo commented, looking down at his son.

"Not long enough," Shinji replied under his breath.

"We're moving out!" The NERV commander called out.

Misato and Ritsuko then went on into a tirade that Shinji ignored, his focus was mainly on the bastard that called himself his father.

"Shinji Ikari," the Blond scientist said, grabbing the younger Ikari's attention, "You will pilot it."

"The hell I will!" He shouted, returning his eyes to Gendo, "Is this why you sent for me? To work your little toy?"

"I have a use for you. There is no one else who can."

"Bullshit, these two called the Third Child which means you got two more already. Why don't you get one of them to pilot this thing?"

"We can't," Ritsuko said softly in order to calm him down, the second child isn't even in the country.

"And what about the first?" Shinji asked curtly.

His answer came in the form of the doors opening and a group of doctors with a gurney entered. On the bed laid a pale skinned, blue-haired girl that looked as if she lost a wrestling match with a bear.

"Prep Unit-01 for Rei; we're moving out!" Dr. Akagi called out to the staff.

Shinji looked at the girl for moment longer before looking back at Gendo.

"You're a real piece of work, 'father."

The boy then hung his head in defeat.

"Fine, I'll pilot it."

Shinji now found himself in what they called an Entry Plug. Dr. Akagi explained that it was used to insert and plug into the robot; to which Shinji made a remark regarding on the 'final destination' of where exactly on the robot the plug was inserted into. Brushing off the crude joke, Ritsuko had the hatched sealed and prepped for LCL insertion.

They then began the activation procedures. The entry plug began to fill with the aforementioned LCL, sending Shinji into a small panic.

"Hey! Whoa!" the boy shouted in surprise before holding his breath.

"Relax, you're not going to drown. It's oxygenated; you can breathe it," Ritsuko attempted to calm him over the intercom.

Shinji exhaled and allowed the liquid in.

"Nasty," he said in disgust.

"Oh quit complaining; you're a boy, you know," Misato barked.

"Why don't you sit here and breathe this and I'll tell you to suck it up."

"Entry plug has been inserted, and has been filled with LCL. Beginning activation test." Said one of the crew as they started from the safety of another place.

"Begin stage one," commanded Ritsuko.

The technicians went to work, citing their status as they went on. When everything appeared alright, Dr. Akagi called for stage two to begin. It was at this time that Commander Gendo Ikari walked in.

"How is everything progressing?" he asked.

"So far so good."

"Stage two complete," one of the technicians, Maya, reported.

"Shinji, are you okay?" Ritsuko asked.


The bottle blonde nodded, "Begin stage three."

"Connections opened. Performance nominal."

"Synch ratio at 41.3%"

"That's amazing," Dr. Akagi said in astonishment at the boy's first synch rate.

"Harmonics are normal; no disturbances."

Ritsuko then turned to Misato.

"We may actually be able to do it," she said to her purple-haired friend; to which she nodded.

"Prep launch sequence," Misato ordered the bridge.

More techs called out as they worked to have the massive war machine ready for battle. The purple mech now stood at the launch tube, awaiting for the word. Misato gave a look around at the techs, all giving the green for go. She turned to the Commander and Sub-Commander, the former only nodded for her to proceed. She made a heavy swallow, it was all or nothing now.


A/N: Alrighty, we are good to go as the first chapter of the Angel War Act I arc kicks off. Now, If there are parts from the original Eva storyline that are missing or just barely touched upon; I'm just gonna tell you right here and now that I did that on purpose because do we all really need to see certain parts again for the umpteenth time? Also, while the Origins arc is done there are still two more characters (heroes) I have yet to introduce; they'll come along as the story progresses so keep an eye out and you might catch a hint.