T'challa was the king of an African nation that no one had access to, at least this is what Sam had come to learn. The past few weeks there had been complications. Sam would flip on the channel and hear something about Vibranium, and how it was a vital importance to the country's military. "It is so imperative" they'd say. "Keep out of the wrong hands", they'd say. He never assumed that the king of this little country that was getting so much press would be standing right in front of him.

Or that he'd be so handsome.

"Hello sir," Sam winced, (maybe he should have said "Your majesty"?) He gestured towards the chair in front of him. "Please sit down."

T'challa grazed across the floor like a predator. He made no noise, but his presence felt throughout the entire room, probably the whole building. T'challa leaned into his chair, as if he were contemplating whether or not to speak. Sam was so tired, he could barely keep himself awak-

"Allow me to cut to the chase, Mr. Wilson, as I can see you are tired. I know of your…activities."

Sam raised his eyebrow, what was this guy talking about?

"Your majesty, I'm not sure I-"

"You're the Falcon, one of the protectors of Harlem."

Sam nearly leapt from his chair. How could this stranger know of that? Had Sam gotten sloppy somewhere along the way? Had forgotten to look over his shoulder one night? Were there spies around the corners of Harlem that Sam had never seen before? Shit…guess his majesty wanted something badly, huh?

"Do not be alarmed my friend. I only wish for your help." T'challa placed his hands in the air to show submission, to ease Sam back into his chair. They were both safe, there was no need to worry. "I believe there are Vibranium smugglers somewhere in this city."

"Vibranium?" Sam asked. He had heard of this substance, a very rare metal that was only found in Wakanda, an African nation that no one had seen…some even doubted its existence.

"Yes, there have been concerns that other nations have been using our Vibranium for purposes that are less than noble. I require your assistance, which is why I came here. To you."

"Well why me? I'm pretty sure there are other heroes who can help. Tony Stark for example…or-"

"No, Stark has shown interest in Vibranium for military use…I cannot trust him. It would not surprise me if he were behind this leak."

"Well, what about-"

"Mr. Wilson, you are the only person suitable because you have the most knowledge of the area. Please."

Sam knew that this Vibranium was dangerous, the smallest amount could make one man an army, it was the same stuff that they made Captain America's shield out of. The thought of that kind of weapon in the hands of a villain made Sam want to punch something. Some freak was putting his city in danger, his family, his friends, his everything.

No…he couldn't let that happen. He didn't know anything about T'challa, he didn't even know if he could trust him, but the one thing he did know was that this Vibranium needed to be rounded up and shipped far away from his home…now.

"Alright, I'm in." But there was still something Sam didn't like. "How did you know my identity?"

T'challa smiled, "I would be happy to explain it to you…over dinner perhaps?"

Sam felt his heart skip a beat…