Chapter 1

Bella POV

Edward was just saying how we were winning the new born army and I was pretending to be a scared little human. I was scared of course for my friends and boyfriend but I was perfectly fine. I just hated Victoria because she is a bitch and her mate James was stupid enough to take on basically an Original Vampire! I would have just told daddy that a bitch was bothering me, and me and him would go kill the bitch. But I couldn't because the human act. "Don't worry, love. We will all be fine." Edwards velvety voice said to me. I love Edward, he is a cold one but I look over that fact I love him 100 percent.

I was about to say something but then I read his mind to see that Victoria was coming. I had a smile but then I remembered I not supposed to know what's happening yet.

"Get behind me, love. Victoria's here." he says. I pretend to start to shake but I he grabs me and puts me behind him.

"Well isn't Eddie boy" Says Victoria from in front of us.

"Victoria" Edward spat.

Victoria charged and Edward got to her he had Victoria pinned but then they blurred over to the tree that Victoria climbed on. Victoria jumped of the tree and went on top of me.

I said "Oh Shit" right before she broke my neck. I could of killed her but I didn't want Victoria to know I'll come back and beat the living shit out of her.

Edwards POV

I was fighting Victoria but she climbed up the tree and I pushed the tree down but then Victoria ran to Bella. Bella said "Oh Shit" right before Victoria broke her neck. I was frozen. The love of my life just died right in front of me. And I did nothing. I fell down on my knees from the sorrow I was feeling. I decided this was all Victoria's fault; I will avenge Bella's death! I charged after Victoria broke her to pieces then lit them on fire. I looked at Bella and started dry sobbing again I picked up Bella's body and head and went to my family. Once I saw my family they looked all happy because they won the new born army. But then they saw us. All of my family went to us and started dry sobbing too. All my family's thoughts were the same.

'OMG, Poor Bella she was like a sister to me' –Alice. They were all along the lines of that.

We went home and went into the living room were we all just cried for about 10 minutes then Alice went to get a coffin. That's when we started planning the funeral for my Bella. The next day we to tell Charlie that Bella died.

"Charlie I'm sorry but Bella died." I said to Charlie as I held her body.

Charlie looked at me but then he started laughing! I was so confused; he saw my confusion and said "Oh she hasn't told you yet. Oh then this will be a surprise, dear Cold One"

I was shocked, how did he know our secret! I put Bella on the couch as he said "How long has she been 'dead'." He put air quotes around the word dead.

"About a day" I said sadly

"Well Perfect." He said.

Right then Bella started chocking and coughing. She shot straight up and yelled "Charlie Blood" Charlie came in the room with 5 human blood bags.

I looked at Bella shocked that she was still alive and drinking blood! "How?" Was all I managed to get out. I couldn't believe it she was alive!

She whipped her head to me once she heard me. He eyes got wide and then she said "Let's go to your house and I'll explain everything, okay?" All I could do is nod.

We walked to my Volvo. I just stared at her, and drove. We got to my house and we went inside.

Bella yelled "I'm Back!" in a flash everyone was down her in a millisecond.

They all looked like how I felt everyone was wounding 'How?'

Carlisle was the first to go out of shock. "How?" was all he said.

"Family meeting! I will tell you all in the living room!" she said.

We were all in the living room and Bella said "Don't interrupt me or I won't finish it" she said we all nodded.

"Okay. My Name is Isabella Marie Mikaelson, I was born in the 11th sentry. My mother died giving birth to me my dad is in Mystic Fall, Virginia right now. Charlie is not my real dad. This is a wig and contacts. I didn't tell you Edward because you would have died if I told you when you told me you were Cold Ones. Carlisle you know my Uncles and Aunt's. Now any Questions?" she told us.

Bella's POV

Once I finished, they all rose they're hands. I laughed. Then called on Carlisle.

"How do I know you?" he questioned.

"You remember Nicklaus Mikaelson?" I questioned with a smirk.

He gulped "Yo-Your Klaus's daughter?" he askes. I nod.

Suddenly he gets on his knees and bows down. I see everyone else is shocked. I ignore them, I get down on my knees with him and bring his chin by my face and say "Carlisle you don't need to be afraid anymore, you are part of the family now. And if my Daddy bothers you I'll kick his ass. You guys will all be fine. You have proven to me that you will protect this family and you protected 'Human' me so I shall protect you and your family in return. I will protect you guys. Do you understand me?" I question. I feel my British accent getting through a little he nods then stands up and sits down on the love seat next to Esme.

"What was that?" Edward says kind of angered. I see Carlisle flinch next to Esme I read his mind to say that 'I hope that Bella keeps her word and doesn't kill Edward.'

"Carlisle! You know I can read minds! I am a woman of my word! Stop the doubting me!" I yell at Carlisle.

"I will answer all of your questions. We will start with Rosalie and then Emmett, Alice, Jasper,Edward,Esme, and then Carlisle " I say.

"What are you?"

"A Hybrid half Vampire half Werewolf with some witch but Daddy doesn't know about that part." I answer

"Could you beat me in a fighting match?" Emmett asks.

I roll my eyes at him and say "I could kill you all and this town in about 2 minutes flat." I see Carlisle look at me and nod.

"Will you go shopping with me after this and can you do Witchy magic?"

I roll my eyes at the first one but say "I actually love shopping and I have all the new Jimmy-Croo's, I Compelled him to send me all of them the second they make them and I have fashion, yes. And I love doing 'Witchy' things." I answer Alice's question.

"What war was your favorite?" Jasper asks.

"Ummm World War 2" I reply.

"Why didn't you tell me?" Edward asks in the saddest tone I could think of.

"I couldn't tell you, trust me I would have it was for all your safety but now that the threat is dead I can finnaly tell you all and you saw me come back to life" I say.

"What happened, that Carlisle needed to bow down to you?" Esme asks

I look at Carlisle and he nods.

"I do believe its story time" he says.


Carlisle POV

I was just starting as the Voltori guard. And feeding on one of the mere humans when these 3 figures approached Aro. The first male had brown hair and green eyes he looked around 20, the second male had black hair and green eyes he looked around 25, the only female was a very lovely looking lady bronze hair with the most amazing blue/green eyes she was around 17. She was beautiful, but just not my type. I would preferred a woman type instead. I felt like I could be her father instead.

They walked right up to Aro and the one of the male said "Hello, Mate I'm Klaus and this is my brother Elijah and my sweet little daughter Isabella." The man Klaus introduced them.

"Well this is lovely I love unexpected guests. Please join us in our dining hall as I introduce us." Aro said in a sickly-sweet voice.

He nodded his head as we went into the dining area. (A/NI'M GONING TO DO THE MAIN PEOPLE AND CARLISLE ONLY! I DIDN'T REALY KNOW WHO WOULD HAVE BEEN IN THE GUARD AT THE TIME SO SORRY) "I am Aro, this is Carlisle, Jane, Alec, Felix, Marcus, Caius, Demteri." Welcome to our humble castle. He smiles at the trio.

"We have come to tell you we are Vampires and my Father and I are hybrids that will be released soon. And we can kill you and this whole city in about 50 seconds. So I suggest you just bow down now and get used to it." Said Isabella. Her Father just smirked Elijah rolled his eyes but had a little smile on his face. Wow she must be quite feisty often.

"What? You are wrong very wrong we could kill you without even flinching" said Aro quite angered now.

"Go ahead." Aro rushed at her, she blurred over and flipped Aro on his back and put her foot on his chest, then she tore of Aro's pinky figure and said "I win, do you believe me now?" She tore off everyone else's pinky figure.

We all stood there shocked and we all bowed down. She smirked and said "Rise, You will go on with your duty's as you were but when we come back we will show you just how powerful we really are." She said with a smirk and took off. I ran over to Aro to help him, up even though I was in paint too, with the others and we just started researching what they are and how to kill them.

Flash-Back Over

"And that's what happened" I said.

They all looked at Bella shocked she could do such things. I smiled lightly as I remember the look on Aro's face as he was not the most powerful thing in the world.

"What!? I was going throw my ripper stage." Bella said trying to defend myself.

"What's a ripper stage?" Edward asked.

"You see our kind can turn off their emotions, mainly so we can feed and not feel guilty, and all you want to do is torcher humans until you flip the switch back on." She said, like it was no big deal in the world.

"Do you have any more powers?" Jasper asked.

"Well I'm still having a witch train me on my Witchy side so I'll show you that in a minute. I can turn into a wolf whenever I want. But it is extremely painful, you have to brake every bone in your body, I have compulsion, it basically means I can control people, supper speed, supper strength, um I have amazing blood control, I think that's it. Oh wait I'm also a mind reader from my Witchy side" Bella said, I could tell she was excited to show off.

Suddenly she ripped one of Esme's pillows open, and made all the feathers come out. Esme looked like she wanted to say something but I gave her a reassuring look that we will buy another one.

Bella sat on the ground with the feathers everywhere and raised her hand as she did that a feather fallowed he hand, she did it with the other hand and got all the feathers to come up with her. Then she made it rain feathers. Before Esme started cleaning it up Bella put all the feathers back in the pillow case with her Witchy power and then a needle came in with some thread and sowed it back together. It looked like nothing happened.

We were all stunned. Edward got up and kissed her passionately while we were still stunned

"Wait so you're not mad at me for keeping this from you?" Bella asked Edward.

He shook his head and said "No, you were trying to protect us, I understand. Are you mad I left you in the wood?"

"No, but I wouldn't mention that around my family, they will rip you to shreds." Bella said with a small giggle.

Edward visibly gulped. Bella said "Guys this has been wonderful and everything but I must visit my Dad is in Mystic Falls, so I must be going." She looked sad to leave.

Then Alice ad Edward both said "Wait! Don't leave! We will come with you!"

She looked shocked we that we would say that but I still saw Bella as my 'daughter'.

"Would you all really do that, Just for me?" Bella asked.

"Of course, love. I would love to meet your father and family. We will start packing today and leave tomorrow."

She looked straight at me and said "Carlisle are you okay with this?"

I hesitated before she said again. "Give me an honest answer." She compelled.

"Yes I would do anything for my family." I said in a robotic voice.

My family looked stunned. Finally Rose said "H- How did you do that?"

She smiled and said "That was compulsion. It was made so Vampires can make there meal forget all about them and when they feed off of them. Or we can seduce our meal." She winked at Edward. If Edward could have been blushing he would have been bright red. "Or just for fun, I am basically one of the Originals so I can do it on anyone or anything. Like Cold Ones, Shape Shifters, Werewolf's, Vampires, Witches etc. You don't know how many times I feed on Mike and Laruen. "

"Pack" she ordered "We have 3 hours till our flight. I'll make the town forget you were even here, okay?" She says and leaves before we can reply.