A/N- So I decided to publish my very first fanfiction! I usually write and let them gather dust! I thought I'd publish it just before Thor 2 came out and wrecked the storyline somehow...

It's set 2 years after Avengers (just presume Thor 2 doesn't exist right now). The Bifrost is peachy again, and Jane and Thor are at it like rabbits. Hope you like! Oh, and I know hardly ANYTHING about the comics, and only a little about Norse Mythology so it's all movieverse... Pluuus- it may take a couple of opening chapters to get to Loki, but I promise you he'll be there- I have a few chapters all written and ready to go!

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Chapter One:

"Jane?" Darcy called out hesitantly into the lab. "Jane, you home?"

The silence greeted her and she rolled her eyes, knowing exactly where Jane was. Since they'd got the Tesseract back, Asgard had formed themselves a new Bifrost, meaning Jane had gone to visit Thor. Again. She'd been off and on Earth now for over 2 years, leaving Erik and Darcy to sort out SHIELD's less important work. Darcy spent her time printing out data and going over numbers on the SHIELD database after she'd graduated. Those last few credits had been hell to get, but she'd gotten them eventually, through 'extenuating circumstances' (aka, SHIELD writing to her university). Her tired sigh echoed around the empty glass lab.

Darcy dumped her bag on the side, and went to the kitchen to make herself some pasta. She'd just come back from New York where she'd been for a week, doing work for the famous Tony Stark himself. She laughed under her breath. On the one instance where she'd met him, he'd definitely lived up to all her expectations, calling her kiddo and being inappropriate in the worst of situations, getting hit or glared at by Pepper.

A bang on the door made Darcy jump out of her skin and spill her entire pan of pasta over the counter. "Shitballs." She exclaimed, looking down in annoyance. Abandoning it and dragging her tired legs to the door, she saw Erik grinning through the glass. Forgetting her tiredness, she flung the door open gleefully and leant on it, all casual.

"What's the matter Selvig?" She smiled. "Forget your keys?"

He sighed and pushed past her. "You know me nowadays Darce. I'd forget my head if it wasn't screwed on." With a shudder, the glee went out of his face as if he were remembering something. Darcy watched carefully, the smile fading. She shut the door behind her and followed him into the kitchen.


He snapped out of it and smiled. "Were you making… pasta? At this time of night?" He looked at the mess now dribbling down the counter onto the floor. She grimaced, hoisting herself up on the counter opposite.

"Well, I was until you came and scared the bejeezus out of me!" She laughed. "I'll clean it up. I'm too tired to make anything anyway now. I need to sleep. Been working hard- too hard."

"Oh, yeah," he said, remembering, as Darcy gingerly picked the cold pasta up off the counter and floor. "You've been brushing shoulders with the celebrities, eh?"

"Ha! By brushing shoulders you mean being a coffee fetcher and photocopier!"

"Still, it makes a difference from sticking around here."

"That's for sure. Didn't think I'd actually be coming back, but I kinda miss the barren wasteland." She gestured into the dusky desert through the window with a dark laugh.

She grabbed the mop and started to squeeze the water off the floor. Erik wiped the counter for her and frowned. "Where's Jane?"

"Pft, where I'd be if I had a super-hot God boyfriend."


"Yup. I'm surprised he hasn't gotten bored by now, being a God and all."

Erik shot her a fatherly scowl and smiled. "You be kind Darce!"

She saluted him sarcastically and put the mop away. "Now, to sleep! See you in the morning." She'd been dying to crawl into bed and relax for a whole weekend now. The bed in the New York hotel didn't really get slept in, the amount of work she'd been doing. Plus, she'd gone for a couple of drinks with some SHIELD guys, leaving her drunk enough to pass out in the early hours of the morning only to get up at 7am and zombie her way to Stark Industries.

She'd only reached her room when Erik exclaimed, "they're back! Darcy, Jane and Thor want to tell you something!" He sounded excited.

She hung her head. As nice as it was to see Jane and Thor again after a couple of weeks, she'd much prefer her bed's company right now. It was nice. It didn't need her to listen and talk to it. She looked at the soft quilt longingly, and spun around to go back downstairs. "I'll be back baby." She said to her room. She smiled at Jane sat at the kitchen table with Thor (who she'd sworn had gotten taller). Pushing that thought (and all the other ones that followed it) out of her mind, she went to give Jane a hug. They both stood up in unison.

"Darce. We have to tell you something."

Oh Jesus. She was ready for the baby news any other day, just not now.

"Thor and I are getting married."

Her jaw dropped and she took a minute to comprehend what she was saying. "M-married? As in Thor's parents are okay with that sort of thing?"

"Well. They had… some prior feelings about it, but eventually they came to!"

"Oh my God Jane! Congrats!" She gave her another warm hug. "And you too!" she said looking up at Thor (away from the muscly chest, away from the arms, away from the… hammer). Thor did that laughing thing he always did, the one that was so bassy it shook the house and pulled her in for a restricting hug.

"Thank you Darcy."

"So… are we celebrating tomorrow night? Ladies night, Jane?" Darcy laughed.

"Actually Darce... How about we celebrate in Asgard tomorrow night?"

There was a noticeable pause before Darcy replied. "Asgard? I can come with?"

"Yeah! You, Erik and my parents are coming to my wedding, aren't you?"

"Sure! I'd love to!" Darcy did a little happy jump and clapped her hands together, squealing. "Agh." She stopped. "Tomorrow? So you're getting married tomorrow?"

"Noooo," Jane rolled her eyes. Darcy could clearly see she was enjoying this. "In three days. You can stay in Asgard for about a week. Depending on how you behave." She chided, pointing at Darcy like her mother used to.

"What are you talking about? I'm a saint." She laughed.

Thor turned around to Erik, who'd been surprisingly quiet all this time. He was twiddling his thumbs, looking downwards. "Erik, are you able to come with us? I would most definitely like your presence in Asgard, my home." Thor said delicately.

Erik looked up, his eyes full of pain. "Thor. I would go. You know I would. But you also know what's stopping me."

"Loki." Thor sighed. "I assure you Erik, he has been locked up these last 2 years, under the strictest supervision Asgard has to offer. He cannot harm you."

Erik smiled sadly. "I'm sorry Thor. I can't… I can't risk it. It's been 2 years since he messed around with my head, 2 years since he made me do what led to the deaths of hundreds of people. I… don't think I can be… that close to him again. Ever."

Thor smiled reassuringly and went over to pat Erik on the shoulder. "It is okay, Erik. I understand your anguish. My brot- Loki," he corrected himself painfully, "is paying for his crimes in the darkest cells of Asgard. Just think on that when you look back to all the wrong he did. I am truly sorry you feel this way."

Erik looked Thor in the eyes and saw the kindness in them that his brother's lacked. "I wish you and Jane the best, Thor. Really."

Thor laughed and suddenly gave Erik a rib cracking hug. Jane and Darcy, looking on in seriousness, were now laughing as Erik Selvig turned a bright red colour, either in embarrassment or strangulation, Darcy didn't know.

"Wait. Erik, if you're not coming then who's gonna hang with me in Asgard?" She pouted. Erik was just about to open his mouth when Thor cut him off.

"I'm sure you'll make a multitude of friends there Darcy, I will make sure of it." Thor smiled and put an arm around Jane.


"Really." He smiled, looking back at Erik twiddling his thumbs.

"Right. I need some beauty sleep if we're setting off tomorrow. Bit late notice, eh?" She nudged Jane playfully with her hip and practically skipped to the stairs up to her room.

"Sleep tight!" She heard in Jane's demanding motherly voice. "Pack your things before you fall asleep!"

"Suuure!" She shouted, slamming her bedroom door behind her, pulling off her shoes and falling straight into her pillows.