What You're Really Capable of



"We need to talk." Bruce slips from the shadows with a more menacing look in his eye than normal. Clark notices this from the corner of his eye, and knew instantly what this was all about. Still he doesn't show any shift hin his posture, not allowing himself to show any emotion to the Dark Knight. Bruce walks over to Clark's side as the two legendary heroes gaze out the large observatory window which provides a perfect view of the Sun, a perfect den for Clark whenever he's alone and in his thoughts, just like now.

Great, just what I needed right now. Clark spat in his mind in anticipation of the infamous "Batman lecture" he knew he was about to receive. Bruce was always an unreadable man, and the Batman cowl only reinforced this fact. It was a almost like a one-way mirror that provided no insight into the inner workings of the Caped Crusader, none the less, he was human, and Bruce's emotions driven him to confront Clark on what transpired on Metropolis earlier that day.

"I guess."

"What the hell happened down there?" Bruce's voice grew deeper, a sign that the Batman was taking over. He turned away from the observatory window to face Clark, if it wasn't for the eye covers on Bruce's cowl, then his gaze would of burned craters right through Clark's own eyes. But Clark was not to be intimidated, he knew Bruce better than anyone on the station.

"Doomsday was a threat, so I had to kill it."

"Doomsday was a monster, there's no disputing that fact. It was the only way, but what about Luthor? You almost killed him!"

"Luthor had it coming! He killed hundreds of people, innocent hard working people at that, Doomsday was a tool, and I should of killed it's master too."

Even Bruce was a little deterred by Clark's sudden outburst of rage, he knew how his temper can drive him into a frenzy, but he knew that after 5 years of being a hero, he learned to control his powers before they led him off the deep edge. While he was only at the age of 27 and has been fighting evil for at least 6 and half years on his own and with the Justice League, Clark had developed the discipline of a mature Kryptonian nearing the prime of his life due to him consulting the interactive hologram of his father. Whilst, it wasn't his father in the flesh, Clark was happy to at least be in some kind of contact with the man. Over the years he embraced his Kryptonian legacy, discarding the white tee with his House Emblem on it, the jeans, and the work boots in favor of an armored Kryptonian suit. He made it a personal mission of his to also become closer with his cousins Kara Zor-El aka Supergirl and Kon-El. With the latter he had to come to terms with the fact that he was only a clone but he promised that no matter what he would always be family, and he would never turn his back on him.

"We've been over this Clark, we're heroes, not gods. We don't get to choose who lives or who dies. If we started killing then we'd be no better than those we fight to stop."

"Really Bruce? Do you think the people of Gotham would think any less of you if you would just put an end to your little cat and mouse game with him? Speaking of cats-"

"Don't. Don't go there." Bruce snapped back at Clark, cutting him off from finishing. Bruce was a man that prided himself on being at the top of his game at all times, but like the rest of humanity, sometimes emotions cloud his better judgement. Billionaire playboy by day, Batman by night, yet both sides of the man fell pray to a certain cat burglar with a penchant for jewels. Selina Kyle was the Catwoman, and Catwoman was Selina Kyle. Bruce was still trying to figure out what he should do aboiut her, but no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't treat her like the rest of the criminals he fought against. Truth be told, he enjoyed their little game just as much as she did, and he wasn't going to let Clark of all people use their relationship to prove his point.

"What I do isn't a game Kent."

"Whatever. I'm still not sure why we're even talking about this. Luthor is still alive, barely, but he's still breathing."

"What would Diana say." Upon hearing her name, Clark's entire body clinched up in discomfort. Less than an hour ago, Clark had to pry Diana from the hands of Doomsday before he could snap her in half. The monster was utterly unstoppable, for even a demi-goddess was bested by the beast. She was currently in the infirmary along with the Green Lanterns Hal Jordan and John Stewart receiving attention to their wounds. Diana would be making a faster recovery than the two Lanterns but her well-being was still a sensitive topic for Clark. Ever since their kiss that night at the Lincoln Memorial all those years ago, their relationship blossomed, it became stronger as time went by. Diana was still new to the world, her relationship with Steve Trevor only confirmed that. She may have been new to the world but she wasn't a liar or a player by any means. She sees no point in playing with the emotions of others, and she ended things with Steve as best as she could. She knew his heart was broken, but she wouldn't dare lead him on. She loved him yes, but after a year with him, she realized it was in a friendly way. After the break-up Steve out of spite said hurtful things to her, she felt horrible about it all. Steve was the first man she ever saw, and he changed her viewpoints on man, or at least convinced her to see the good in the hearts of men. She almost thought she was a terrible person for bringing such pain to another, but the Amazon in her spoke out against the thought deeming it foolish. Why toy with another's feelings? If you harbor no intention for love on that scale with a man then why entertain the thought any longer? Easier said than done by far.

And then there was Kal.



A man of many identities for sure.

He fought with ferocity, but made sure to stick with the moral code to never kill. Such was the way of the Justice League, to protect the many from the villainy that stretched far and wide. He was still the brash, young, infuriating yet extremely handsome man he was 5 years ago when she first met him. But without a doubt she knew he was the one who had captured her heart. He made sure to even help look after Zola and to find Zola's baby which was captured by Hermes. Until Kal came along, Diana was a headstrong, prideful, intelligent, and beautiful young woman. While these traits hadn't changed over the years, she now had to consider Kal's feelings and thoughts greatly, for they were in a relationship that had spanned over the last 4 years, things like marriage and children were brought to mind, but due to their jobs being ever so busy they couldn't find the time. Hell, they could barely spend weekends together without an emergency call from Bruce telling them they were needed somewhere.

If only mother could see us….

No, don't even dwell on that. She would tell herself, but she couldn't help the almost overwhelming sadness that periodically threatens to devour her. It isn't everyday you come home to find your home and civilization was ravaged by the very same Goddess that you would pray would guide you through the dark. It isn't everyday that people you've known since birth were reduced to mindless snakes, and your mother was reduced to stone. But then again…

There's a 99% chance that you aren't Wonder Woman.

But there was a 100% chance that no matter the circumstances, a brash, young, infuriating yet extremely handsome man in the iconic blue and red armor would be there to hold her tight, without any worries of her suffocating under his embrace. For meta-humans like Diana and Kal, the need to hold back was ever present in there lives. A slap could be fatal, a poke feels like a stab wound, a kiss is a battering ram, and sex was dangerous. Even a handshake or a hug had to be taken with caution. But the story changes when you get involved with another meta. Perhaps this is what drawn her to him and vice versa, they were truly unique and alien in their own ways. While she was born on Earth, her world on Themyscira was entirely different and isolated from the "Man's World". And Kal? Well, he was an alien that was saved from annihilation by his parents Jor- El and Lara Lor-Van. They both filled the void that for the other, making sure not to let it overtake them. She persisted on not needing help, that she could handle her personal issues on her own, but Gods those blue eyes…

It was easy for Clark to give help to those that needed it, and while he knew he couldn't save everyone at any given time, he knew that evil prevails when good men do nothing. So what sense did it make to sit on his ass all day? He pushed himself farther than he should have, he cajoled and threatened his enemies with his own notion of victory. What frustrated him to no ends was that no one seemed to be listening. Not the media of course, but the villains themselves. Why do they keep coming back? I stop them each time, I take off the pressure the I use to pull my punches a little less each time but they still want more. He even decided to discipline himself more by trying to learn new fighting styles through spars with Diana and allowed Bruce to show him a couple techniques. He started spending more time in his Fortress of Solitude, consulting the holograms of his father on Kryptonian hand to hand combat techniques. But no matter how craftier and edgier Clark got, they just never seemed to give up. Is death the only- NO, my word is bond. I refuse to take that step. But when does it ever stop? These thoughts plagued his mind, his Earth parents always taught him to see through the evil in men. 'Cause they stood in front of the good ones. You lead by example, so if Superman killed Lex Luthor tonight, what good would come of it? Sure his life would be a lot easier, but the fight continues, and you'll end up being consumed by what you fight.

But a certain Amazon warded those thoughts away.


Wonder Woman.

No, Diana.

She wasn't a celebrity in his mind, she was a young woman that knew pain, and faced virtually the same challenges he did. While he was in love before, he never pursued it for more than what he could. Children were unlikely, a Kyrptonian child would tear the mother apart from the inside. Human and Kryptonian physiology were just too different.

Story of my life.

But what about a Kryptonian and an Amazon? Clark couldn't help but entertain the thought, but at this stage in their lives they couldn't. A child would throw a bone in their plans for right now, not that they didn't want one, that wasn't the case. But Earth needed saving, a LOT. Their lives were too busy and these villains were getting nastier and more devious as the days went by. But there was something extremely tantalizing about being with someone you didn't have to hold back with. Someone who didn't falter under your touch. Hell, if she started hitting you, you could actually feel it! Rao, she does hit hard. Those damn blue eyes though…

And it was that very reason that when Bruce mentioned her name, Clark couldn't help but falter, if even for a second. He could of lost the love of his life that day, the only other meta who he bothered wanting to have understand him so deeply. He was running on pure emotion and adrenaline, he didn't need much food or sleep as humans did, he could go on without them for much longer periods of time, but he felt so tired after seeing her almost get snapped in half by Doomsday. It was a horrible feeling, it was a tiredness that wouldn't let you rest, in fact it put you on high alert. He stayed with her for the past hour and a half since he killed Doomsday.

He could still remember the sight, her beautiful, strong body, almost bent in half by the vile, spike skinned abomination. He could remember how fast he flew over to her position and charged at the beast. Making it relinquish it's hold on her, he grabbed Doomsday by the waist and flew up towards space, far from where there would be anymore collateral damage. He flew higher and flew towards the sun, the beast would pay, it would die. It was too dangerous to be left alive and Clark knew it. He flew towards the sun, ignoring the vicious blows the beast was inflicting on his back, he felt no pain, it was time to let go. Once he was close enough to the sun, he let the beast go only to charge at it again. With such close proximity to the sun, Clark could feel his punches carrying more power and velocity. The beast would have been struck into orbit around Venus but Clark kept his hand around the large, tree-stump-like throat of the monster in a vice grip to ensure the monster stayed in his clutches. Doomsday tried fighting back for it knew no fear, it wanted to kill what registered in it's mind as it's greatest enemy and challenge, a Kryptonian. While Doomsday was perversion of Kryptonian DNA (Clark's) it still didn't possess the god-like abilities Clark possessed. Lex must have left that out in the manual, Clark laughed to himself as he continued the assault. Doomsday landed a hard ounch to Clark's jaw but his rage wouldn't allow him to flinch, it was as if he was struck by a pillow, a spiky one at that. Finally he let go of the beast's throat only to give it a double axe-handeled punch right on the top of its skull. The monster began to shoot out towards space but in a blur, Superman flew to Doomsday in its anticipated trajectory path, and delivered a shattering kick to the torso, sending the monster flying right back towards the sun.

Enough of this! Clark spat in his mind as he blurred back towards the beast and grabbed hold of its throat once more, he was fighting with such ferocity and brutality, he was glad no one had seen this side of him, this is the power that makes them afraid, this is what they should fear. Referring to the many villains like Lex, Clark decided he would send a message to him later, but for now Doomsday needed to be dealt with.

Clark closed his eyes, gathering the energy that coursed through his body, transferring some of it towards his eyes, he felt a great control over his heat vision, he charged the heat rays within his eyes to a new height of depth, one that felt new, and raw. But surprisingly within his control, he then fired the beams, and let the beast go, he then tilted his head back and let loose even more powerful streams of heat vision straight through Doomsday's face. A large crater where it's face was were the remnants of such a blast. He then let his heat vision carry over the rest of the monster's lifeless body, effectively disintegrating Doomsday.

Clark shook the memories away, shifting back to the conversation with Bruce.

"It's over Bruce. Today I mean. But a message must be sent to the rest of them. People like Luthor. I'm gonna go check on her again."

And with that, Clark spun around from the observation window, leaving a speechless Bruce Wayne behind.