The Batman stirred in his seat in the Batcave. Subway sandwhich still left half eaten in front of him, glass of water to his right, his cowl in his lap. 5'o'clock shadow becoming more like a half week spectre, his hands currently fumbling through his sweaty hair, he had just got home from patrol and was all too happy to come home. For once, patrolling Gotham was more taxing than he could mentally handle. Tim was thoughtful enough to pick up some Subway and leave it for Bruce for when he got home, but Bruce made sure to break away from his patrol to personally spy on Tim and make sure he hadn't used Subway as an excuse for any other...deeds that he thought he could get away with.

Bruce growled to himself as he mentally kicked himself again for buying Tim his own car, on top of watching Gotham, now he had to worry about a 17 year old wreaking havoc on Gotham with his newfound freedom.

It was about 10 p.m. now. Bruce cut his patrol really short, and a part of him was deeply unsettled with leaving the city so soon, since after twelve was when the scum really got started. But then again, another part was just god awfully tired. Alfred came down to the Batcave about 4 times in an hour, worried to death that Bruce was finally going to push himself to the limit. Bruce did his best to keep his patience in check, but he just couldn't see what the problem was. He helped Gotham get back on it's feet in the vigilante sense, but more money needed to be made in order for the city to return to the way it was before pre-Incident. About 2 months have passed since then, and so far, he had done more than most would have done in cleaning up the criminals and other undesirables that used the havoc of the bombings to their advantage.

Well, enough that a human can do anyway.

Call it a pet peeve, but Bruce liked to think that regardless of his humanly genetic make up, he could still stand toe to toe with any villain and even his hero colleagues, should the situation permit him to take action. If not on a physical level, then on a mental battlefield. Although some would argue Lex Luthor was the smartest man in the world, they hadn't counted billionaire playboy/vigilante Bruce Wayne, and thanks to years of studying, he was confident enough in himself to where he could protect the world from any opposing force...

But what if that challenge was himself?

He slumped even further in his seat, which itself was almost symbolic of the deep mental hole he had found himself trapped in for the moment.

How could he stop himself? Who knew how to stop him should he choose not to?

Superman gave him, the Batman, means to stop him should he go rogue, if he ends up on the opposite side of the law.

You gave me your worst nightmare Clark...Then ask me what happens when I become my own...

Eventually Bruce ran down the list of things that could possibly run him through. Unfortunately for him, that list was just too long, and each method was increasingly painful.

"Of course...I'm human, so anything can take me out. 'Cause it's just that easy. 'Cause I'm just not you Clark."

And it was the ever daunting realization that Clark knew damn well, just how easy it could be to get his hands on Bruce, to snap him in two, just like that.

Bruce wasn't Kryptonian, he knew the physical superiority that Clark held over him, and God only knows what the man has inside that Super head of his. Not to mention Diana, who is for all intents and purposes, a damn goddess, and she is as close to Clark as one could ever be. Throw in the rest of the League and it was nigh impossible for Bruce to ever get ahead, and if he did, it would not be for too long.

He sighed, and picked up his sandwhich, mind rolling in cartwheels at how mortal he truly was.

Who stops the Batman from going rogue?

Bruce paused before biting into his sandwhich again, "Me," he said decisively, then bit into his sandwhich again.

He decided after he got some rest, he would at least try to change things up, so they didn't spiral too out of control, he may just catch a certain magician's last show on Friday night. Hopefully she wouldn't be too pissed at him.

Reykjavik, Iceland

The streets of Reykjavik were packed once again, it was in the middle of the afternoon, and the drinking had already begun, as the streets of Laugavegur were filled to the brim with couples of all ages as the music never stopped and the drinks never ceased to flow. Since Reykjavik was one of the safest, and cleanest, cities in the world, One couple in particular found how easy it was to lose themselves in the throes of passion and joy that Reykjavik embraced them with. Both the man and woman could not remember a time in recent memory where they have ever felt so secure with the world around them, than they did now. For miles upon miles, there wasn't a single crime that could be found, it was surreal, but they wouldn't question it. It amazed them still that this happened every weekend, they knew they couldn't exactly take weekend vacations, but it was nice to getaway for once, from all the violence and madness the world has to offer.

The man, one by the name of Clark Kent, a former American journalist now esteemed blogger, was on vacation with his fiancee Diana Prince, who herself taught Greek History at Metropolis State University. They had met over 5 years ago, and they were dating for the better part of those years, and had recently proposed to which she had accepted. The man, was big, quiet, and always seemed to either have his mind elsewhere, or he was just always on his phone, as if he was waiting on the next big thing to sweep on through. He seemed like a rather complex man, the quiet ones usually are, like they have a story that they wouldn't mind telling...If circumstances were different that is, hence the reason they're rather quiet and reserved.

His fiancee however was a bit more complicated. She had a certain aura to her that you couldn't ignore, that one could not just pass on up on the street without doing a double take. It's like, you knew she was just any other person, but there was something about her you couldn't quite put your finger on, you just knew she was a keeper and that if she was already taken, that man (or woman) was damn lucky. She was awfully intelligent too, and just by looking at her you wanted to tell her the truth, you didn't want to waste a woman like that's time. She demanded respect without ever having to open her mouth, and you knew without a doubt that if someone ever crossed her, she would be anything but a pushover.

On the outside looking in, you wouldn't expect these two to actually get together. They seemed like they came from two worlds, the man hailing from a small town in rural Kansas who half a decade ago had made the move to the big city, the woman must have had a wealthy family, and if they weren't too rich, they were really well off and well liked where they're from. She didn't carry a snooty attitude that usually comes with the territory though, but she did keep her head held high, nose in the air, almost like a princess.

Either way, there was one thing that you couldn't be more sure of, and that's how crazy about one another they were. You would think they were already newlyweds based on how they seemed to melt together, straight out of the movies too. They seemed perfect, maybe a little too perfect to the curious eye.

But if you asked Clark and Diana, they wouldn't have it any other way. If you were still guessing, then that was a good thing, 'cause you wouldn't have came to the conclusion that yes, something was up with the overly perfect couple. In fact, they were indeed a perfect couple, a perfect power couple. The ultimate one. You had to have drawn them up from scratch in order for them to get any better.

Superman and Wonder Woman, were enjoying they're stay in Reykjavik, partying among the other couples their age in Laugavegur , and no one was the wiser.

And they couldn't have it any other way.

"I had a great time here Clark, thank you baby."

"Why thank me? You deserved it Diana. I'm just lucky to have been the guy you chose."

"As am I, you shouldn't sell yourself short Superman." She giggled and hugged his arm a bit tighter.

"Well, I guess being a farm boy is good for something after all. I was told I have my father's smile and my mother's big blue eyes." He said cockily, a radiant grin on his face.

Diana laughed again, and gazed up at the stars. The sky was clear, like the night before, and the stars were out for everyone to see. She wished that she could at least grab one, and imagine it was hers for the night, of course those kinds of things only happened in the fairy tales that her mother would tell her before she fell asleep, but nowadays, memories of a simpler time was all she had to herself...Well, those and Clark.

Lately, the times moved too fast, for her liking. It was only Friday night that Clark had announced he was taking her out for the weekend, but she just didn't know where. She was saddened that the weekend was over already, but she couldn't complain. If she started doing that, it would make her unappreciative of her mission, of what she initially came here to do.

She let out a sigh that Clark took immediate notice of, he knew it to be one where she let out when a sour memory had replayed in her mind. He took the opportunity to kiss her forehead and thank the God's of every religion that life had brought them together, and had not torn them apart.


He wrinkled his forehead and closed his eyes, wincing at the thought that the upcoming war with the Primordials could threaten all that. He dreaded the day where he was literally going to be responsible for all of creation, he had to stop the Primordials here and now, or else they would destroy everything, and reign supreme like they once did. He had the means to stop them, but he would rather not have it come down to war. At the moment, he knew how they could be "awakened", but he just didn't know how he could keep them asleep. If this was going to be the end of all creation, then he was going to do it with Diana by his side, and no where else. He couldn't risk losing her, not now, Hell, not ever.

This insanely beautiful Amazonian Goddess. She was the pride of her nation, their hopes and dreams, the desire of all men, and the embodiment of envy for women.

But she was his, and unfortunately, he could not say he was her's with a clean conscious.

For all his love for Diana, he was a man with baser desires, and temptation was everywhere. Although he hadn't yet gave in to it, he knew the day was coming to where he would be tested. And although his love for her was genuine, and if he had a choice, she would be the only one, forever...but he was far from what she was...perfect.

"Diana. I love you, and it's times like this where I dunno if I deserve you." He mouthed into her hair, still breathing in her rich scent, she was his comfort, even in the storm, and perhaps he was just overthinking everything again, but he couldn't help but curse the many what if's that plagued his mind.

"And I will always be there in those times to tell you that you do."

"I don't know if I can protect you the way I need to."

"You know I can handle myself, you being there is more than enough for me."

Dammit Diana. You make things sound so easy.

But that was nigh insane for him to think that of her, she very well understood the struggle, the pain, the loss, the grief. She knew what was at stake too, but she knew how to cope more than he, she was a natural warrior, both in mind, spirit and body, and she would refuse to be broken. Not even by him. And he was honestly grateful, he was proud of her for being so much stronger than he, that she could carry on, where he could not, that her strengths could make up for his weaknesses, that she could balance the scales that even his broad shoulders couldn't.

Other women were contenders, but Diana was a champion, and he knew the Amazons had chosen well to send Diana out into this harsh world.

"Yeah, I know, but still, in light of everything that has happened, I can't help but worry, for you more than anything. It's selfish, that sometimes I wish to whatever god that will listen, that if life as we knew it was to be wiped clean tomorrow, we could be spared, safe from it all. I hate myself for it, because of who I am, I should be no different from the men and women and children that I fight so hard to protect. If they die, so should I, protecting them. But I don't want to die Diana...I want to stay alive everyday, every night, loving you, sharing moments like this. Alive and breathing."

She stayed silent all through his pouring of his heart, moments like this didn't exactly come often these days. He had been distant before this trip, not so much to her as everyone else. But she could hardly blame him, for everyone was on edge these. Some more than most. She wrapped her arms around Clark, and felt him relax, his shoulders finally shedding some of the tension that was plaguing him, though she knew it would return later when she left.

"You're not the only one. Fighting for the rest of my life is the last thing I want to be honest. While I am ready to fight, at all times should the need arise, I would not throw myself into an endless fight, but I know that should the worst come to past, I will have no choice. But I will gladly fight to keep holding on. I don't want to lose what I've cried, fought for, bled for, and would without question, die for. I have fears too Clark, selfish ones, same as you, and it doesn't make me love you any less that you feel that way Clark, it just shows me I chose right, in choosing you. We're both lucky baby, I wouldn't want to be here with any one else."

By this time, the lovers had reached their destination. A secluded hillside where they took the time to sit and watch the fireworks that ended the final hour of the weekend. It was officially Monday now, and they would have to go back to work soon enough, but for now, they took the time to enjoy the fireworks.

"Till the end then?" Clark asked, it was more of an affirmation than a question.

"Till the end." Diana confirmed, leaning her head on his shoulder.