In Love with a Criminal

Who's that person writing a note? ME! Hehe sorry, I know I have a whole bunch of stories lined up for updates but at the moment I am having a serious case of writer's block. I mean this story wouldn't let me think on the others. So here I am writing a new fanfic. Hope you guys enjoy this, and I WILL update VERY soon. So hold on to your pineapples. Eat all your grapes and grab some popcorn because I ain't sharing mine and enjoy this story!

Summary: He was a psychopath who killed anyone he came in contact with. She was an officer trying to kill him. But what happens when they get to know each? Is she willing to kill him after she fell in love with him?

Chapter 1

Sam's POV

It's been three years since the accidents increased. No one knows who this person is or why he kills. My mission is clear. Find and destroy the criminal.

"Samantha Manson." A deep voice said. I turned around with a serious look. I'm Samantha Manson, or Sam for short. I have jet black hair and amethyst eyes. I am eighteen years old and I am a professional criminal catcher. Not a single criminal has escaped my clutches and lived.

"Yes?" I asked. He winced at my harsh tone. He cleared out his throat and revealed a cream file folder. I smirked. Looking at the file I took it from his hand.

"What do we have Charles?" I asked opening the file.

"We have a psychopath Samantha." He said sitting in his chair. I smiled. I looked at his picture. He had piercing blue eyes, jet black hair, and a crazy smile on his face. If he wasn't a killer I would have developed a tiny crush on him.

"Were is he located?" I asked looking over his information.


Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Hair color: Jet Black

Eyes: Blue

Allies: Unknown

Relatives: Deceased

Friends and Family: Unknown

Synopsis: A deranged and mentally unstable psychopath

Victims: Over 2,500 dead and 130 wounded

He is a threat to the citizens of Amity Park

Police Record: He has been imprisoned more than a hundred times. Always escapes in a mysterious way.

Crimes: Killing, abuse, kidnapping, drug dealing, gang fights, rape. Notorious for robbing banks in secret.

My eyes widen as I continued my search. He seemed to be a very busy person.

"Samantha?" Charles said. I gasped.

"What?" I asked. He raised an eyebrow.

"I told you his location was in Amity Park." He said. I nodded and picked up my bag.

"Thanks Charles. That's all I need to know." I said. And with that I left and boarded my jet towards Amity Park. "Get ready Daniel. I'm coming for you." I said smiling.

Amity Park 12:00 P.M

Danny's POV

I chuckled menacingly as I had killed off the old woman. She was and elderly lady. Didn't have much to live for anyways, but boy was she loaded. She must have had at least more than ten grand in her bag. I chuckled again and breathed in the afternoon air. It's been three years and still no one has captured me yet. I'm Daniel, or Danny for short. I am nineteen years old going on to twenty. I have quite the reputation in my city. But I also have a dark secret…Agh! My head hurts. It always does when I try to remember my past. I glanced around and watched as the citizens walked about minding their own business. No one knew what I looked like except the feds…but I was able to walk in public without someone immediately recognizing me. I whistled as I walked down the sidewalk in jeans and a white t-shirt with a red oval in the middle along with a pair of convers. Pretty tacky I know, but they were my comfortable clothes. I stopped when I heard a scream. I turned around and saw giant, green glob of goo. I frowned…just when I was having a good day. I looked around and dashed into a dark alley. I closed my eyes and transformed into my "good side" a.k.a Danny Phantom. I don't remember how I became "Danny Phantom" but whenever I try to…there's some force blocking it out. I narrowed my eyes and raced after the specter. Everyone cheered…whenever I think about I feel sort of good…but why would they cheer for a good guy?

"Hey giant, green, and gruesome! Why don't you pick on me for a change?!" I shouted and shot a green orb. The creature hissed in pain and dropped the citizen it was holding. It was a little girl. Around five or six. My first thought was to let her die, but being me and having a good side I went after her. I caught just before she hit the ground and she clutched to onto me like a safety blanket. I smiled warmly at her. She was close to tears and my smile seemed to have comforted her. I gently put her on the ground and went back to fighting. Beam after beam, fire after fire, I had finally beaten the ghost. I smiled and disappeared and reverted back to Danny Fenton. I smiled darkly and saw my next victim. She had a bag with her. She looked to be around eighteen and had jet black hair and…wait…amethyst eyes?! "No…it couldn't be…"I whispered in fear. I turned invisible and watched her pass by me. I flinched. I knew who she was…she was Samantha Manson. The one who captures criminals…not a single one has ever escaped her…but what was she doing in my town? I growled. If she thinks she can take me down then she has got it wrong. I have a secret. A secret weapon. And her? Nothing but brains and wits.

Sadly, what I didn't know what that I had underestimated her…

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