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Nami clenched her jaw shut as the pirates that had been chasing her passed the ally she had hid in. Her hand was pressed against a wound that she had taken when they had fired upon her in desperation. When they went back to their boss, they would have to deal with the consequences of losing her.

She didn't care. pirates were the lowest of the low, and she couldn't die here!

The pain would die away, but her chances of escaping pained her. Buggy was a feared pirate in East Blue, and she had just managed to piss him off.

He would probably guard the docks to cut her off from a ship. Even if she managed to find a boat, they were probably watching the sea and they would destroy her with that massive cannon of his.

She struggled to stand. To die here to some stupid pirate was not possible! There was still too much to do, and she couldn't let everyone down! Not when she was so close!

A distant shape started to come into focus on the horizon. Looks like fate planned for her to live.

"So, you're telling me that everyone is hiding because your boss is busy pillaging the town?"



Zoro gave the three terrified pirates another glare before turning to where that insufferable man had gone off to.

The man named Luffy was an enigma, never saying much, except when he had found something interesting. That bird he had thrown a huge rock at had made the larger man excited, but after they had lost it beneath the wave, he scoffed and they both went back to starving.

It had been four days since they left Shell Town, but they would admit that they both sucked at navigating at this point. Luffy had claimed that the sea was his biggest weakness, which made his desire to have a pirate crew even more ridiculous.

Luckily, they had found a bunch of castaways floating in the sea. After helping them onto their small boat, the three castaways had revealed that they were pirates and that they were going to steal their boat.

The two men showed they did not take threats lightly.

However, they did show that they could be merciful. As long as they would row them to the nearest island.

As they neared the island, the two only felt a little shame, seeing as it was only ten minutes away. They merely assumed that it was because their little workers could row pretty quickly.

The three pirates they had picked up told them of their boss, Buggy the Clown. Zoro could tell that Luffy was also ignoring the pirates as they claimed that Buggy was stronger than them.

After arriving at the aptly named Orange Town, Luffy asked where their boss was and promptly headed off towards his location.

Zoro didn't care too much, but wanted to know where the nearest bar was.

Which is why he now held his head in one hand in frustration, cursing loudly as he did so.

Now he had a feeling why Luffy had asked where their boss was.

The swordsman didn't notice a woman with orange hair following him as he set off after his "captain".

"Gyahahaha! Who is this?! Another fool who thinks he can take on me, the Great Buggy the Clown?!"

The annoying laughs of the "Great" Buggy the Clown and his crew were getting on Luffy's nerves. A broken old man laid at his feet, crying helplessly as his blood seeped out from his side.

"H-He can't do this...! This...this town...this town is our...our treasure!" The old man muttered pitifully as he tried to get up.

"Oh, this is rich! This town became mine when I claimed it! If you want it back," The clown gave a giant grin filled with sadistic glee, "Then take it back!"

They continued to laugh as Luffy looked impassively as the old man fell back to the ground, coughing.

"I'll allow you to go out flashily, as a courtesy! I'll grant you a grand death by my "Buggy Ball"!"

Buggy grinned as his crew pointed a large cannon at the large guy with the older weakling.

"Fire the Buggy Ball!"

The cannon fired, and a large eruption of fire filled the plaza they were in.

Buggy and his crew laughed loudly while two, newer bystanders watched in shock.

"Sorry, old man." A deep voice could be heard within the flames, surprising everyone.

The older man slowly opened his closed eyes to see that Luffy stood in front of him, shielding him from the fire.

"I destroyed a part of your treasure, but I'm sure you don't mind."

"What?!" Buggy exclaimed loudly from his fake throne.

Luffy turned to the clown, exposing the rock on his that had partially contained the explosion.

"The weak should not be pushing the strong down."

The clown looked confused.

"Yeah? So what? I am pretty-wait! What?! You're calling me weak?!"

"This man fought for something dear to him despite his physical limitations." Luffy glanced at the old man before returning a glare at Buggy.

"He's stronger than you'll ever be."

"Don't insult my captain like that, scum!"

Luffy lazily cocked his head to see a man charging at him on a unicycle, bearing swords at the captain.

And in a flash, Zoro had blocked the man's attacks, pushing him back.

"Hey Zoro, when did you get here-?"

"You dumb ass! I thought you had died!" The swordsman yelled back at him perfectly, even with the sword he held in his mouth.

Luffy gave him a cocky smirk.

"Oh? When did you grow attached to me?"

"Don't be so conceited! Not only did these guys piss me off, but I'm not going to let you die before I repay that favor!" Zoro focused on the man riding the unicycle, "Besides, it's been a while since I had a challenge!"

A man on a giant lion attempted to surprise Luffy, but he swatted them aside with one arm, never moving his eyes away from the swordsman.

"I would hardly call them a challenge. They're only punks who think they know how the world should work."

"You bastard!" Buggy cried out, "Who are you calling pu-!"

"Hey, you should watch out," Luffy interrupted, giving the clown and the rest of his crew a lazy look, "my attack is already creeping up on you."

The pirate crew paused and looked around, seeing nothing.

"What the hell are you ta-"

The ground exploded at their feet, sending many of them flying through the air, crashing against the buildings.

Buggy remained alone, standing in the middle of the destroyed plaza.

"You...you bastard...!" He seethed, though he felt fear of this man who had decimated his crew so quickly.

Luffy didn't pay attention to Zoro's fight, having complete faith in the swordsman's ability.

"Why are you doing this?!" The clown backed up, shouting as he did so.

He watched as rock emerged from the man's skin as he got closer with each step.

"Who do you think you ar-?!"

"I don't have to tell you a damn thing." As he was lifted up, Buggy seemed to realize that the man was much taller and bigger than he was.

"The weak doesn't have the right to question the strong." Those were the last words the clown heard before a large fist of rock smashed into his face and sent him flying through the air.

Buggy's crew left to find their captain when they woke up. Luffy told Zoro to not chase them due to them being "too weak to even be worth our attention".

"Excuse me! Could I speak to you for a second?"

The two men turned to the feminine voice to find an orange haired girl smiling brightly at them.

"That was really amazing, how you beat those worthless pirates up! My name's Nami, and I was wondering if I could join you!" She exclaimed in a joyful tone, hoping that they would be willing to give her a ride. She had her own boat, but having these two with her would make her trip far easier.

Plus, they looked strong enough to tear anyone in their way into pieces.

The two turned to each other before looking back at the girl.

"What are you capable of?" Zoro looked at Luffy in shock, not expecting for him to actually consider letting a girl like her in their crew.

"I'm the best navigator in East Blue! You won't find anyone better than I am at sailing these seas!" Giving an award winning smile, Nami used as much charm as she could to persuade the man who seemed like the captain.

Zoro was about to protest when Luffy snickered.

"Alright. You can join us."

The swordsman felt that he should consider his debt to the man as the girl laughed happily.

They had already set sail from Orange Town when the new girl, Nami, let out a panicked and frightened scream.

"NO! My gold! Where did it all go?! I could swear that it was right here!" Nami rushed out of her cabin and found that Luffy was standing outside.

"Oh? Well, I accidentally destroyed a lot of their town. And not all of it is gone." He held out a bag, and while she had her hand out to take it, he grabbed it.

"I never formally introduced myself. My name is Luffy-"

He then gave her the scariest, most sadistic grin she had ever seen.

"-and welcome to my pirate crew."

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