Title: One For the Road

Rating: R, for violence, language & adult themes

Disclaimer: I own no "Friends" original characters

Genre: Action/Adventure/Romance

©2002 (SFGrl)

~One For the Road~

Prologue: Chandler Bing's Job

"What is Chandler Bing's job?"

Chandler felt his pulse increase, as Ross looked expectantly at Monica and Rachel.

"Oooh, I know this one..."

But they didn't. No one really knew what he did for a living, and that was fine by him.

"It has something to do with numbers.."

Yeah, right, numbers. Chandler almost laughed. He momentarily forgot himself, and a small smirk played upon his face. It quickly disappeared, when he realized that he was supposed to be vying for the apartment.

"He's a transponster!!"

"That's not even a word!!"

God, if they only knew.


Jacque Louie Emerie walked out of the French Embassy, and toward his waiting car. As the sleek black Lincoln Town car made it's way out of the iron gates, a bullet whizzed through the air, penetrated the door like a hot knife through butter, and hit Jacque square in the chest.

The gunman was halfway across town, before anyone could even react.

"Chandler, where have you been?" Joey asked, as Chandler walked into the apartment.

"I was working," Chandler replied calmly, as he loosened his tie and took off his jacket, "Why?"

"We were supposed to meet the others for dinner, and Kathy has called twice. She said you weren't at your office, and---"

"Joey, chill out, okay? Have you been drinking?" Chandler smiled.

"Sorry, I guess I'm just edgy. I really want this role, ya know?"

"When are they supposed to call?"

"Tomorrow morning."

"I'm sure it'll be fine," Chandler smiled reassuringly at his friend, the made his way into his bedroom to change.

Once inside his room, he sighed heavily, and closed his eyes. He pulled open his laptop, the one that his friend's thought he used for video games, and opened his message box. He looked at his closed bedroom door, then back down at the screen. He pulled on his glasses, and typed:

The water is clean. ~Nicholas

AN: Ch one coming soon.