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Warning: there are MAJOR SPOILERS to the fic from the ENTIRE manga; reading at your own risk. Yaoi, indications of mpreg, multiple pairings, typos probably scattered here and there, and more insanity from me. The limelight of this story is stolen by Elliot and his pet horse.

For those who do not know, this is a sequel of 39 weeks and 2 days. You might wanna read that first. Please note that this setting is 3 years after Eren and Levi first met. By this time, much had happened (I will not go into details). Presume Shiganshina has been reclaimed. Titans still roam about, but in lesser numbers as our super Scout Legion are pros now (plus, the titans of SC are fighting too). With a lesser casualty count and increasing number of people willing to join the SC, humanity is on its winning streak against the titans.

This is a mini-story, and shouldn't last more than 5 chapters. Please note that this isn't as comedic as it seems. It's more general. On with the fic!

Chapter 1

Fourteen-month-old Elliot let out a giggle as he tried to grab the ends of the scarf dangling above him. Whenever he was about to clasp his small hands around it, the item would be jerked away from him, to which he found amusing.

"He really likes the scarf Mikasa made for him," Eren chuckled out as he continued playing with his son. Elliot was sitting in the hole that his cross-legged legs formed, and watched on as the baby kept trying to reach for his favourite object.

"Once he grows bigger, Mikasa would probably have to extend the scarf," Levi pointed out as he returned to the two seated on the grass. He handed over a cup of warm tea to his husband, settling down on the mat that was laid out. Eren thanked him, and let Elliot have a drink from his cup.

The Scout Legion was taking a break for the day, hanging out in the lands between Shiganshina and Trost. Some hung out back at the Headquarters, some went to the main trade areas of Shiganshina while the rest opted to hang around outside of town for some fresh air. In this case, most of the 104th squad trainees-turned-veterans, inclusive of Levi and a few others, were situated just outside of Wall Rose.

They hadn't strayed far from the gates for safety purposes, and their gears and weapons were well within reach. Stationary guards on the walls were still always on alert. Wall Maria had been reclaimed and most of titans between the two walls had been eliminated. However, a rogue titan -a term used for these wandering titans- would appear once in a while. They weren't sighted often, maybe one in a month or so. But it had been a good three months since the last sighting of a rogue titan.

Not that they were going to let their guards down, but everyone was relaxed on multiple levels. While some trades had to be transported by land for its quicker speeds, the Scout Legion took liberty of escorting these people.

Everything went well in regards to the safety of the walls. Hanji and her crew were enroute to solving the puzzle within Eren's basement, and the brunette let them be. After all, with five titans now on the side of humanity, casualties were kept to the bare minimum, and the Scout Legion troupe was flourishing with new members every year.

"Ooo ouch," Eren remarked as he watched Jean getting flipped by Annie some yards away. His friends were currently engaged in friendly spars... though with the competitive streaks of most of them, they were hardly considered friendly. Cue Jean getting swept off his feet, again, while trying to stand.

Armin, now Jean's fiance, laughed a little though giving a slightly pained look at the rough treatment. Reiner, the referee, called it Annie's win and the male blonde went to pick his partner up. The rest of the spectators were giving cheers to the winner, who adjusted her jacket and made the fight seem like a walk in a park.

"Jean may good at leading, but he sure sucks at hand-to-hand," Levi snorted, having caught the last few moments of the spar.

"Maa, with Armin on his side, they make the brains of the squad. Throw in the commander, and they're practically invincible."

"Pfuuuuu," a soft coo sounded from the small figure sitting in Eren's lap, and the latter wrapped the scarf loosely around Elliot's neck, knowing he probably wanted it back.

Levi shrugged. "I suppose we wouldn't have made it here without them."

The brunette gave a laugh, when his attention was stolen by Armin in the distance. He was waving a hand in their direction.

"Eren! We're going to race on horseback! Are you joining in?"

"Sure!" Eren yelled back. Levi took Elliot from his partner, settling him by his side on the mat. Before departing, Eren dropped a chaste kiss on Levi's forehead, and messed up Elliot's hair which shared the same color as his. "Watch me win this."

"You'd better," Levi grinned very slightly. Though, knowing the new horse that Eren had come to own, losing never seemed to be an option.

Eren straighted up, placing the tips of his thumb and index finger against the corner of his lips. A sharp whistling was made, and it didn't take long before a massive black and white horse came running in the direction of the call.

Orie was the name of this horse, which was a replacement to Eren's earlier one that had to retire. This horse was slightly bigger than the rest, but well disciplined than most. Interestingly enough, it wasn't Eren or Levi who chose the horse, but Elliot. When they were in the field looking at the new horses, the first one that seemed to catch the baby's eyes was a large, black horse which had white, speckled socks.

As if answering to a call, that very horse approached the couple. The baby wasn't the least bit afraid of the creature twenty over times his size. Instead, he was batting at the snout of the animal, giggling. That was when Eren and Levi knew that this was probably a good horse to have.

Alike the first time, Orie went over his owner, but the first person he went to greet was the child sitting on the laid-out mat. Elliot let out his usual giggles and noises as he clung onto the ticklish snout, and Levi shook his head a little, patting the horse's forehead.

The brunette took the chance to mount up. "Come on, boy. We've got a race to win." Orie reared its head up and followed the lead of the reins, turning around and away from Levi and Elliot. It let out a loud snort, a habit of his to indicate that it was ready.

Picking Elliot up, Levi let out a whistle of his own, and his own horse that never strayed far from him trotted over. Carefully holding his baby in a hand, he took his spot on his horse's back. He let Elliot sit in front of him, but ensure a hand of his was always around the child. He steered with a single hand, and his horse started walking at a calm pace.

By the time Levi had reached where the other Scout Legion members were, the participants of the race had lined themselves up in a slightly uneven row. Levi took his spot next to Armin, who was about to call for the race to begin. In front of him, Elliot was squealing at the sight of his father and the horse he rode.

Orie was pawing at the ground with a single foot, tail flicking about anxiously. Eren gave him a pat to his neck, looking over at his partner who returned an expressionless gaze as usual. Nevertheless, he smiled to it, knowing that Levi would be rooting for him internally.

Armin held up his arm, shouting out a countdown at the some twenty people who had joined the race. Upon his last word 'go', he dropped his arm, and the horses neighed as they were urged forward by their riders.

Levi listened as the horses thunder over the lands, leaving kicked up dust in their wake. He couldn't quite see who was in the lead yet, and he asked Armin what the route of the race was. Those who weren't participating kicked back and relaxed, some choosing to even return back to Shiganshina.

"Up to the edge of the woods," Armin pointed. "It's about six kilometres there and back."

"Sounds fun," Levi replied dryly, watching as the silhouettes start to blur out and disappear behind hills.

"Oh, corporal. Commander Erwin mentioned about a new formation. Have you gotten wind of it yet?" Armin brought up as he stood next to Levi's horse.

"A new formation? Not that I know of."

Elliot stretched his arms out at Armin upon recognition, and Levi let his comrade carry his child.

"It's something that the commander, Jean and I thought of. We call it a 'defensive' formation. As its name suggests, it's targeted towards protecting the rear-centre. This tactic is for the future escort expeditions, outside the walls."

"Oh, that," Levi nodded, recalling it now that he had further details. "With the decreasing numbers of titans outside, the King intends to extend our lands."

"Yes, but we must first have supplies. Hence, the decision was to take the approach easy. The nearest forest provides lots of wood, but it takes time for work to get done, of course."

"So we're playing guard dogs for civilians huh..."

The two fell silent as they waited for the race to come to an end. Armin had returned Elliot to Levi in the process, and the latter was killing time by playing with his son. Elliot was interested at first, but it didn't last. At first, Levi thought he was simply bored, but instead, Elliot was babbling in a fashion he knew too well.

Glancing up from the baby, he could see a figure emerging from the distance. Elliot continued to excitedly squeal, reaching a hand out in the direction of the approaching individual. Knowing it must be Eren, Levi secured Elliot against him and had his horse trotting as well.

Eren met his partner halfway, giving a victorious grin. He was well ahead of the rest, and Orie breathed heavily through its nostrils. The brunette reached out and wrapped an arm around Levi's waist, pulling him in for a kiss.

Elliot was more distracted by Orie sniffing around him, and he let out baby laughs when he was picked up by his father. Eren raised his son into the air, holding him overhead.

"You're happy that your dad's won, aye?" Eren grinned out before holding Elliot against his chest, turning to face Levi. "There's no doubt about it. Orie's the fastest horse, ever. His speed, his stamina – there's none that can match him."

"You've got Elliot to thank for that."

"I do, don't I?" Eren kissed the top of Elliot's head. "Tell you what, Elliot. When you grow up, Orie's yours. How's that?" A set of emerald eyes returned the gaze, but instead of an actual answer, Elliot only squealed, trying to reach up to his father's face.

"There's the rest!" Armin called out.

Eventually, the rest of the Scout Legion members caught up, huffing and puffing here and there. They scrambled around the corporal, catching their breaths.

"Man, your horse is crazy, taking off like that," Connie remarked, wiping the sweat off his forehead. "Did you see that? It just blitzed."

"Oi, Eren. How about swapping horses? Yours should compensate for my size," Reiner suggested.

"How about you consider losing some weight?" Eren teased out. He laughed when Reiner landed a playful punch on his arm. "Anyway, no can do. I've promised Elliot that this horse is his."

Jean spoke this time: "You got lucky. Charles said that this horse is usually nasty to people, so I was surprised when you had him." Charles was an experienced trainer for preparing horses within the Scout Legion, and the stablekeeper for the Shiganshina headquarters.

"We didn't choose him per say," Levi interjected, taking Elliot from Eren. He didn't want Eren's sweat all over his baby. The corporal watched as Orie sighted the baby in its peripheral vision and started sniffing at him once more. "Elliot did, and vice versa."


As the day came to an end, everyone was back in their sleeping quarters. Levi had already fallen asleep when Eren returned from a shower. He smiled at his partner's sleeping form, snuggled under a blanket that was half draped on his body. Quietly, he picked the blanket up and made sure that it covered the exposed shoulder.

It was then he heard a soft coo. Eren walked over to the cot which was at the foot of the bed, peering in to see Elliot sitting up and fiddling with his scarf, still awake. When he saw Eren, he let out a loud squeal, hands reaching up.

"Sh... don't want to wake your mom up now, do you?" Eren said softly as he picked the baby out of his cot. He brought Elliot with him to the bed, sitting at the edge. His movements must've woken the sleeping figure, as he heard a soft groan escaping Levi.

The dark-haired individual raised himself up on a hand while the other brushed his bangs out of his face. Groggily, he processed Eren sitting with Elliot in his lap.

"Have to feed him..."

"It's alright. I'll do it," Eren replied with a smile. He tucked some of the longer strands of hair behind the other's ear. "Are you feeling unwell? Is it the food poisoning from days ago?"

"No, I'm good. Just a little sleepy."

"You did return to your usual regime a while ago, after all. It's been quite a while since you were back to intensive training." Under pressure from just about everyone in the squad, the commander inclusive, Levi was forced to take trainings easy during pregnancy, and after even. Hanji claimed that his body could still be adapting to the unusual changes, and putting it under stress was out of the question. However, that was over a year ago, and he had aggressively insisted that he got back to routine.

"That's probably it," Levi yawned, shifting so that he could lean against Eren. Even though a mere candle was the only source of lighting in the room, he could still see Elliot patiently waiting for his bedtime meal. And that reminded the corporal of something rather important. "I'm a bit concerned, though."

"What of?"

"Hanji said that usually by the first year, babies would say brief things. But up until now, Elliot hasn't quite spoken a single word."

"Maybe he's just got a bit of a slow start. I mean, he does everything else. You know, he crawls, picks things up and recognises people. I'm sure that given enough time, he'll speak," Eren comforted his partner and rubbing the small of his back.

"Yeah, probably. It did take you a while to use that head of yours, after all."

Eren pouted, and pulled at Levi's waist to make him press against his larger form. He buried his nose into the crook of Levi's neck, a sensitive spot, and started to playfully gnaw at it. Levi let out a small laugh, elbowing the teen away.

The small tousle ended in the two looking at each other. Grey met emerald, and in the back of Eren's mind, focused on the part that Levi had a much softer gaze than he had in the past.

Ever since Elliot came into their lives, Levi had toned down to a considerable amount. He still holds his aggression when they were out in the field or training, but other than that, he was very careful.

"Why the fuck would I use such language in front of Elliot?" Was his reasoning (said when the baby was sleeping).

Regardless, no matter how Levi turned out to be, he was glad. Elliot was their blessing; the odd fruit of their love.

Eren sealed their lips together, gently at first. In the very early part of their past, Levi would've punched him for making moves on his own accord, but that was then. Now, they were on totally different standing, and Levi moaned slightly when he felt the other's tongue invade his mouth. In retaliation, his own pushed out, and they fought in the form of a heated kiss.

When they broke off, Levi was panting slightly, and shuddering when Eren dipped his head just under his neck. The latter kissed his way down the pale column, stopping at the collar bone and sucking the skin there.

Slim fingers thread through brown hair, and the brunette relished the sensation of fingers gently massaging his scalp. Levi scent always overwhelmed him like an instinct, and Eren didn't think he would ever get tired of it.

"I wouldn't trade either of you for the world," Levi proclaimed softly under his breath.

Eren retreated that few inches so that he could land a kiss on the other's forehead. "Neither. You both are my world," he replied, smiling against the warmth of Levi's body.

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