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Monster and titans were bad enough, but now I have to contend with the biggest threat to any demigod (except children of Athena), "High School".


Transferring to a different school is hard enough, transferring in the middle of the term is just asking for it. My morning started well enough; I woke up early, made some blue pancakes Sally taught me, checked- double checked- and triple checked my bag and hid my bronze knife under my sleeve. Annabeth Chase is ready for school. I burned two pancakes in the fireplace (our house doesn't have a brazen) as an offering to the gods, specially my mom, and went to school

As soon as I got to school I made a beeline to my locker, kept some of my stuff, looked at the picture of me and Percy laughing a few weeks after we defeated Gaea and survived Tartarus. We were laughing, arms around each other. I smiled at the memory. I checked my watched I have 30 minutes before home room, which I always skip. My mother has no objection; my home room teacher is Aphrodite. So I decided to head to the library for some peace and quiet taking my most precious book. The architectural book Chiron gave me, ancient greek edition (I still don't know how in Hades he got a hold of that but it's perfect), it was also the book I was reading when I gave Percy his camp half-blood tour.


I got to school about 10 minutes before the bell rings, I quickly found the office and got my schedule from a woman named Ms. Heart

"Name please?" she asked while looking in a filing cabinet

"Percy Jackson" I said automatically. There was long silence while she shuffles through the Js

"Hmm, I don't see a Percy Jackson here, is that your full name dear?" she asked. I mentally slapped my head

"Oh sorry ma'am, it's Perseus Jackson" I amended

"There you go" she pulled up my file, printed my schedule, locker number and combination then handed them over to me

I stared at it for about three minutes

"I'm sorry Ms. Heart I can't read it, I have dyslexia"

"no problem my dear, I'll go get someone to help and guide you. Please wait here" with that she stood up and walked out the door

A minute later Ms. Heart came back with a girl, how do I describe her? Well she has black hair and brown eyes, wearing a black shirt, jeans and high top shoes. She also has a silver chain bracelet and a white jacket. Her hair is set on a choppy spiky look. In short except for the eyes she looks a lot like Thalia. She's just a mortal though, she doesn't have that half-god touch to her beauty, though she would be pretty by mortal standards.

"Mr. Jackson, this is Ms. Beauville." Said Ms. Heart as she looked at me, the girl flashed me a smile, I smiled back

"Ms. Beauville is part of the student council here at Angel Ville High. She also shares most of her classes with you so she will be the best guide. Now go to your home room both of you." She held the door open while we pile out of it

As we were walking the girl turned to me

"So Jackson, what should I call you?"

"Percy" we shook hands

"Alexa, but just call me Lex"

"oh good that's much easier to remember than Bow – Bow – uhmm, than your last name"

She laughed

"it's also better than being called Ms. Bow by the new guy"

"I bet" we cracked up until right at the door of our room

"Ah, Ms. Beauville, I see you're making the new guy feel comfortable" said a woman's voice, a very familiar woman's voice.

My head snapped towards the source and I saw a very beautiful woman, with a timeless face and ever changing kaleidoscope eyes, a perfect figure in a dress that's not revealing yet exudes sensuality at the same time

The woman's familiar alright, my home room is with Aphrodite, goddess of love

` "Good morning Ms. Olympian" said Lex "I'm going to take my seat now" and she did

"Hi Percy, It's been so long!" squealed Aphrodite giving me a hug and kissing both cheeks much like how the French does it. Over her shoulder I saw most of the class in shock, some boys are even glaring at me. Afterwards she introduced me.

"Every one, this is Percy Jackson, He's amazing with horses, fluent in greek, perfect in the water be it swimming or in a vessel, and a total hottie!" she said dragging me to the front

"Do you really have to say all that Aphrodite?" I groaned

"Yup" she answered simply "besides they all agree, right?" looking at the class on the last part, all the girls and two boys nodded, the rest of the boys huffed

"Can I sit down know?" I asked irritably

Aphrodite just laughed, but she pointed to an empty seat near a guy wearing a letterman jacket

"Go, sit beside Nathan honey"

I went and sat down, a few minutes after a note landed on my desk, I looked around and saw the guy beside me mouth 'from me'. Shrugging I read the note.

How did you know Ms. Aphy?

Aphy? I wrote and tossed back

Yeah, you know, Aphrodite Olympian? I chuckled a bit, way to be conspicuous Aphrodite, she suddenly replied in my mind 'no one has figured it out just so you know, besides Athena came up with that' I gulped, that's why it's so good 'nice save Sea Spawn, there may be hope for you yet' Athena's suddenly boomed in my head.

Aphrodite couldn't help it, she laughed. The class looked at her confusedly and she waved them of and started to check test papers, she might be teaching French or something. Nathan cleared his throat, I looked at him and he pointed to the paper in my hand. Right, I've got to focus.

It's complicated, but I guess you can say she's my dad's colleague

Athena's voice spoke in my mind again, 'I would have been impressed if I haven't heard that from Annabeth'

'I never claimed it was mine in the first place'

'I concede the point, now I'm going to fleet to a much more intellectual mind, stupidity is contagious'


A note landed on my desk again. Cool, you must have known her for quite a while huh?

Since I was fourteen

Lucky, she may be a grown woman but she is hot, I mean Carmen Electra hot

Unfortunately, my heart is with someone else when I met her

Haha, well for what it's worth welcome to Angel Ville High

I looked at him and smiled, he smiled too and offered me his fist and I bumped it

I glanced at Aphrodite, she was smirking in an unnerving way, I don't know how to do that telepathy thing but I'm pretty sure she's listening to mine and Nathan's thoughts at the moment, so I gave it a shot

'Aren't you going to give him a reward Aphrodite?' I heard a tinkling laughter in my head

'If I did, Ares is going to kill him'

'Ew, gross, I'm not talking about that, I'm talking about his love life or something' for some reason she sighed

'I'm afraid I can't do that Percy, the one he loves is destined for someone else'

'How about extra credits then?'

'There's an idea, he is taking advance French as an elective, now we better stop this honey else you're going to spontaneously combust. A normal demigod can only hold a telepathic conversation with a god for about three minutes; hence we almost never use it. We prefer dream visions and signs. You may be the most powerful demigod of the age but we've been at it for ten minutes, you've even had Athena in your head earlier. I'm afraid you're at your limit'

I didn't notice it until she told me, but I was starting to feel a little warmth inside my chest, like when you had too much ambrosia or nectar

Ms. Aphrodite let us out early, we still had 30 minutes but since it's the first day of classes she let us bail. After class Lex went over to us.

"Hi Nate, Hi Percy"

"Hi Lex" Nathan replied, I waved

"I see you've been acquainted" she said "and just in time too, we're going to pick up a friend of ours from the library"

"Library?" I asked

"Yup" Nathan answered "she always skips home room, and Aphy never gives her grief for it. I think it's because she's the smartest person in the school"

"Anyway" cut in Lex "come with us Percy, we'll introduce you"

As soon as we entered the library I spotted the one person I've been dying to see her golden blonde hair cutting through the gloom of the library. I haven't seen her for so many months, that my breath hitched on my throat and I couldn't move, I just stared

Lex walked onwards without realizing anything, unfortunately Nathan did. He gave me a Sympathetic smile and said

"She's amazing isn't she? Inhumanely beautiful and yet way too smart, Like super genius smart, she excels in everything she does too. I guess it was nature's trade up to balance it out by giving her ADHD and dyslexia

"Do you know that most of the guys in the school wanted her? She turned down every single one, she kept saying she has a boyfriend but no one believes her, everyone thinks it's just an excuse to get rid of everyone"

'She does have a boyfriend' I thought

"C'mon man!" Nathan called as he walked on, I followed regaining my composure

'You're in for a surprise, Wise Girl!'