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When I woke up this morning I didn't expect school to be this good. I thought I would be going to classes; joke around a bit with my friends Lex and Nate, IM Percy during lunch, wait for my dad to pick me up after school, and baby sit the twin terrors Bobby and Matthew. I never expected for Percy to transfer to Angel Ville High School, nor did I expect him to be acquainted with Lex and Nate before I even saw him, nor did I expect to be able to hold and kiss him during lunch, nor did I expect that I would be riding with him home (apparently Sally called and told my dad about it), and I especially did not expect the twin terrors Bobby and Matthew to be so excited to see Percy again.

So here we are at my house, my dad's playing with his planes, the twins built swords and shields using legos and Percy is coaching them on battle techniques, and Helen and I are baking cookies for the boys.

"Annabeth, would you please get the blue food coloring from the cupboard?" asked my step-mom

"I'm sorry?" I asked dumbfounded

"Well, Percy's mom has taught over the phone on how she makes her cookies so good, and since Percy's here I'd like to see his reaction when we deliver them blue." Helen gave me a wink and I grinned widely

"That is a plan worthy of Athena and a surprise worthy of Hermes, I'll get them and my camera" I said jumping towards the cupboard while Helen laughed. I grabbed the packets threw them to the counter with unerring aim and then sprinted towards my room. When I got back Helen's already putting the cookies into the oven. When the aroma started to hit I opened the kitchen window, I don't want that smell wafting to the living room and spoiling the surprise. I asked Helen if I'm allowed to make blue apple juice, hey if I'm going to surprise seaweed brain like this I'm going to go all out. She looked flabbergasted as she whipped her head at me.

"Will you teach me?" she asked

"If you want to" I smiled at her. Ever since the end of the wars she's been really nice to me and I didn't know why, I asked once and she said

"You have fought for us, for the world. And to tell you the truth the only reason I hated you before was because you were always a reminder of your mom for Frederick. I realized I was wrong; you're not Athena the goddess. You are Annabeth, a very brave girl that had a very hard life, fought in two wars, almost died multiple times, and went to hell and back. A noble, caring, loving child who deserves a happy ever after with a family that loves you.

"And now you have a chance at that, I don't want to ruin it for you, especially when you've fought so hard for it. Besides when I actually tried to love you I found it very simple, you may not be my daughter by blood, but for me you are still my daughter regardless."

After that I gave her a hug and decided to trust her, she hasn't failed me since. Anyway, after we finished getting everything ready, I prepared my camera and Helen delivered the cookies and juice to the boys. Their reaction was priceless; Percy's eyes were wide and sparkling, his mouth a perfect circle; the twins were jumping up and down in excitement yelling something about the 'weird, cool, blue food'. We heard a loud thump and spun on the spot towards the stairs, my dad was on the bottom rubbing his podex. Apparently he slipped on the last two steps. He walked over to us and eyed the food apprehensively

"Helen, Annabeth are you quite sure these are okay to eat?" he asked

"Of course dad," I assured him "it's just food color"

"ifhtafhwefhsum" cried Bobby and Matthew at the same time

"Boys, don't talk with your mouth full" Helen reprimanded "and what did you say?"

The twins cheeks are still bulging so I don't think they're mouths will empty for a while, I glanced at Percy and he so eloquently translated

"They said it's awesome," he said "and I gotta hand it to you Mrs. Chase I didn't think anyone else can make cookies as good as this apart from my mom" and he inhaled another cookie

"Why thank you Percy," Helen smiled "and it was your mom that taught me how to make these" she laughed

"The juice too?" Percy asked

"Nope, that one's Annabeth" she pointed at me as I sit beside Percy and put my arm around his waist, he placed his arm around my shoulder and pulled me closer

"Awesome!" yelled the twins after they chugged about half the pitcher of juice

"Helen, Annabeth these are divine" complimented my dad

Helen and I smiled at each other, then Percy leaned into my ear and whispered "I'm so lucky that you're mine" I couldn't help it I blushed, Helen gave me a knowing look and a smile as she sits beside my dad and Percy inhales another cookie

After eating I dragged Percy to my room to do homework, now trust me I only intended to do homework, unfortunately or fortunately (I couldn't decide) Percy kept on distracting me with his salty lips. We manage to finish though but it took us until 6:30 in the evening. I know we have thirty minutes till dinner and Helen has invited Percy for dinner so we decided to just lie beside each other in the bed with our books scattered on the floor. The next thing I remember is Helen waking us up; we seem to have fallen asleep. After dinner Percy said goodbye and headed towards his apartment

School the next day is very eventful. Percy picked me up in the morning and drove me to school; as we're walking he took my hand, we first went my locker so I can deposit my stuff, then went over to his and he deposited his stuff as well, we went to the library and I pulled a book from my bag. I heard a soft thump from my side and saw Percy his arms crossed on the table and his head on his arms, he was breathing softly and he looked so peaceful that my breath caught in my throat. He never looks this peaceful when he is awake, I held my book on one hand and started running my other hand on his hair. The librarian Mrs. Vallejo came over to us, glanced at me and Percy and leaned into my ear

"He's a keeper" I stifled a giggle but gave her a smile, she smiled warmly then walked back to her table stamping the school logo on some new books

I woke Percy up when it was time to get going for homeroom, now usually I don't go to Aphrodite's homeroom because I don't really need it and Aphrodite herself gave me permission but Percy doesn't have an excuse for such behavior, and in no circumstance am I going to let Percy out of my sight now that he's with me again. The journey towards homeroom could be considered peaceful, several students looked at us as we walk past, my arm around Percy's waist and his arm slung around my shoulder. We got to homeroom five minutes early and took seats at the back, Percy went to sleep almost immediately while I played with his hair again. The class slowly trickled in, several of my classmates shooting confused glances at me. Then about two minutes before the bell rings Lex and Nate went in, they saw me and Percy and smiled, Nate sat in front of Percy and pulled out his homework, Lex sat on the chair in front of me and twisted in her seat.

"Finally in homeroom I see" she smirked at me taking a bite out of a donut she pulled from her lunch box

"Ran out of excuses" I said

"Or you just wanted to be with Percy" she said

No way am I admitting that, I didn't answer, I just smiled at her and gave her a wink.

The bell rang and Aphrodite glided inside the room, she looked at the class and smiled when she saw Percy and me. She pulled out a slip of paper and started to do roll, Percy was sleeping so I answered for him. After homeroom I woke up Percy by biting his ear. First period I went to algebra with Lex, Nate went to Social Studies and Percy went to Creative Writing. During Algebra our teacher Ms. Kerr gave us work several work problems then left saying she'll be back to collect them before class ends. This gave Lex time to grill me.

"So Annabeth," she ventured "how long have you known Percy?"

"Since we were twelve" I answered her

"How did you meet?"

"When he first went to our summer camp"

"The famous summer camp; with wall climbing, horseback riding, basket weaving, archery, canoeing, and all other good stuff?"

"The very one," I said "although I don't think Percy would include archery as a good stuff" I chuckled

"Why?" she asked confused "He seems to have strong arms"

"Strong arms, yes; a good aim, not so much" I was fully laughing now

"And how long have you been dating" she's on full romance mode now

"Since his sixteenth birthday, about two years now" I answered

"Has he introduced you to his parents yet?"

"I've been to his house several times"

"Ooh, and have you introduced him to your family?"

"He's been to our house several times as well; as a matter of fact he was there yesterday"

"What's his favorite color?"

"Is this an interrogation?" I asked amusedly, she laughed, and then did a poor imitation of a bad cop, dropping her voice an octave and adopting a gravelly, husky tone

"I'm asking the questions you criminal" she snapped, I laughed

"Sorry officer, his favorite color is blue" she pretended to write something down

"His favorite food"

"Blue" Her mouth fell open, I couldn't help it, I laughed

"What do you mean 'blue'"

"I meant that he likes his food blue, blue pancakes, blue cookies, blue sodas, things like that"

"You're boyfriend is weird" she laughed

"You don't know the half of it" I was chuckling too, she looked at me with curious eyes

"What's wrong?" I asked

"Nothing, it's just surprising. When you first came here it's like you're stressed about something all the time, then summer came and we can't get in touch with at all, then school started again and you came back more confident, like you shed a heavy burden, you were fun to be with but still careful a lot. Then with you being clinically depressed almost catatonic last year, then you disappeared for a couple months, and when you came back you're more serious, less amused. Then Percy Jackson comes here and you're way happier than I've ever seen you. You know sometimes I feel that you have a secret life that I don't know about." She finished.

I was thinking about what to say when Ms. Kerr went in and collected our papers, second and third periods, Social Studies and drama went by quickly. I had them with Percy so we sat with each other. I had Lex on Social Studies, I had Nate on Drama. Fourth Period was Home Ec, fortunately all four of us were together, unfortunately we also had it with Jessica (the leader of the 'slut club', or so we call them), now Jessica is not like the cliché popular girl mind you, she doesn't cake her face with makeup, just a few strokes here and there, she also very rarely wears short skirts. Most often she'll be wearing skinny jeans and button down blouse which is about two sizes too small or a tank top. She just let her dress hug her figure and show it off but she rarely shows any more skin than necessary. However her attitude more than makes up for it, she's a spoiled little rich girl and due to top notched tutors she's also quite smart. The good thing about her is that she has learned a few years ago not to mess with me; the bad thing is that she apparently has a short memory. As soon as we walked in I noticed everyone looking at me and Percy, The four of us grabbed a work counter to ourselves and began preparing when Jessica walked over. She said hello to Nate who is a member of the football team, ignored Lex, and went over to Percy and me.

"My my Annabeth" she started with a breezy laugh "I was absent one day, and you already snagged the hot new guy. I didn't know you had it in you" she did not just imply I'm a flirt

"Actually Jessica I've known Percy for more than six years, we've been dating two years" I explained through gritted teeth

"Oh really," she smiled at Percy and offered him her hand

"Jessica" she flashed her brilliant white teeth

Percy may be obtuse but even he detected the animosity coming from me and Jessica, he looked at me and I nodded

"Percy" he shook her hand once and then pulled away, I saw Jessica tried to hold on but failed

"I know Annabeth here" she sneered "have given you a tour already, but if you want a more exciting one just ask"

"Sorry," Percy answered "but Annabeth's the one that makes everything amazing, so it'd be a very boring tour without her" he smiled at me, I couldn't help it, It was just so sweet and exactly what I needed to hear that I kissed him without thinking. Lex and Nate was snickering in the background and I heard Jessica growl and stalk away

"I love you wise girl" he said after I pulled away

"I love you seaweed brain" I said, I looked at Jessica and she was fuming. So while Percy, Lex and Nathan and I were busy setting up the utensils and Jessica was glaring at me I thought

"Back off mortal, he is my seaweed brain"

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