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Drag00nRider:I don't see why you're so against getting married, think of the state bonuses ;)

Knight_of_Light18: I guess...


MomoiroPrincess: sry, caps was on 0.o

Mini_Mage: tbh I was really about to tell u to chill -_-

Flynn snorts a bit as he reads the conversation on the screen, and he tries his best to be as quiet as possible so he doesn't wake Yuri. The Brave Vesperia guild members were a quirky bunch, and it was hard not to laugh at their antics. He had found that quite a few of them actually lived in the same city as him, though unlike with Yuri, they hadn't made any plans to meet. He'd thought about doing so, but since it was never brought up, Flynn figured it wasn't too important to them.

Yuri shifts on his bed, and Flynn peeks down to see if his guild mate has awakened yet. The younger boy had made it a habit of spending the weekend over at his place, sometimes accompanied by Repede, who Flynn found to be rather well behaved. When Yuri came over, they didn't do much outside of watch movies, play 'Tales of...', make out, and attempt to make dinner together (after a while Flynn knew when to quit and let Yuri take over). Sometime they'd head over to his parent's place and just spend a few hours there, and Flynn's parents really didn't mind the extra company. In fact, his parents adored Yuri quite a bit, and the younger man seemed to get along fine with Patty.

Other times, the younger boy would come over to his place and just sleep, and Flynn figured he was just emotionally exhausted from whatever had been going on at his home.

After the incident with Yuri's father, his guild mate hadn't asked him over again, his reason being that his father brought out the worst in him, and the last thing he wanted was for Flynn to become his prop again. At the very least, Flynn was happy to hear that Yuri's father hadn't done anything to him after the last stunt Yuri pulled; in fact, Yuri had told him that his father hadn't believed him, simply seeing the kiss as Yuri trying to rile him up. It had calmed Flynn's worried heart, but he still worried for the younger boy's well-being. It's why he had been all right with Yuri spending the weekend with him, since it meant him getting out of that house for a few days.

This weekend is one where Yuri has just wanted to sleep, only getting up to eat, use the bathroom, or complain to him about some random thing. For the most part, Flynn didn't disturb him, and he tried his best to stay as quiet as possible. Of course, this was proving hard with talking with the Brave Vesperia guild members. He isn't even sure how they got on the topic of his in game character getting married to Yuri's, but it had been an interesting conversation nonetheless. Truthfully, he isn't against the idea of marriage in the game, but worries what his guild will think. Actually throwing a wedding in 'Tales of...' meant spending quite a bit of gald, and in Flynn's mind, said gald could've been spent on something more beneficial to the guild.

Knight_of_Light18: It just, you know, costs A LOT

Drag00nRider: If money is the issue the then Brave Vesperia could just pay for half of it :)

Knight_of_Light18: That's still a lot!

Mini_Mage: come onnnnnn

Mini_Mage: you can make the gald back after a few raids

Mini_Mage: stop being so damn CHEAP :/

Flynn begins to type something, but stops once he realizes that he is in fact being a bit cheap. If his guild ran a few dungeons and raids, then they could've very well made the money back, but still...

MomoiroPrincess: plus avatar babies mean extra glad! \(^-^)/

That too was a good point. Other than the two of them gaining a stat boost reserved for couples, they could also create a unique, tiny 'child' that could assist in battle as well as earn the player more gold than usual. The more he thinks about it, the pros outweigh the cons, but he still doesn't want to rush into a decision without consulting the rest of his guild. So he makes a post about it on the Imperial Knights' guild page to gauge how everyone felt about the idea, and before signing off he tells everyone in the chat that he'll probably be on later. Closing his laptop, Flynn sets it aside on the nightstand next to his bed, and once done he brings his hand down to gently stroke Yuri's hair.

The younger boy is curled up against his thigh, hair done up in a messy ponytail in an attempt to keep it from getting everywhere as he slept. He's still wearing his pajamas, which are nothing more the a black T-shirt that says 'I solemnly swear that I am up to no good' and a pair pants with the Hogwarts houses on them. It was a shame that Flynn didn't have his phone, because he would have taken a picture of Yuri in heartbeat. His guild mate stirs in his sleep again, though this time he opens his eyes before rolling over on his back.

"What time is it...?" Yuri mutters, voice a bit raspy as he speaks.

"A little after 3 PM." Flynn says, and as he begins to move his hand away, Yuri puts it back on his head.

After a few seconds, the younger boy lets out a groan as he sits up, back arching as he stretches. Flynn half expects Yuri to get out of bed, but isn't surprised as the younger boy flops back against the mattress while muttering that he's 'still tired'. However, the blond does make a small noise of surprise as he's pulled down next to his guild mate, the two of them mere inches apart.

"Take a nap with me..." Is all Yuri says before he closes his eyes, and Flynn can't help but blush a bit.

Sure, the two of them had been this close in the past, but when it came to sleeping arrangements, this was the first time they've been like this in the same bed. When Yuri came over, Flynn opted to sleep on the couch unless his guild mate said something, and even there was a good distance between them as they slept. Swallowing hard, Flynn wonders what he should do now. Should he get closer or should he stay where he is? Was it all right to put an arm around Yuri, or should he simply keep his hands to himself? As his mind tries to figure out how to handle this situation, he nearly misses the way Yuri stirs, and the blush on his face deepens as the younger boy closes the distance between them.

Yuri is pressed firmly against him, head resting just under his chin while his hand gently grips the blond's shirt. Flynn goes tense for a moment, slowly relaxing as he tries to convince himself that this isn't as bad as he's making it out to be. After regaining a bit of his senses, he finally relaxes a bit, though Flynn is still a bit confused as to what he should do now. Hesitantly, he brings his hand over to rest on Yuri's side, pulling it back slightly the moment he feels his guild mate move. Flynn doesn't move for a few seconds before placing his hand back, and he finally relaxes as the heat from Yuri hits his fingertips. Now that he's not in panic mode anymore, being this close to Yuri actually felt...really nice.

Burying his noise in the younger boy's hair, he takes in the light scent of strawberries. He recalls that before hopping into bed, Yuri had taken a shower, though he hadn't been paying much attention to how his guild mate smelled once he was done. Now that he's this close enough to feel Yuri's heat and smell the faint traces of fruit in is hair, Flynn feels like he can actually drift off. So he isn't surprised when his eyes began to close, sleep taking him shortly after. It had been a while since he had slept so soundly, especially since he had been studying for exams, as well as trying to juggle a part time job and school. The only real down time he got was when he played 'Tales of...' or when Yuri came over, and he was thankful for both the game and his guild mate for taking his mind off his stressful life.

It's odd for him to wake up to the smell of food being cooked in his own apartment, especially something clearly not burning. Despite Yuri not being there, the bed still holds a bit of his heat, and said warmth caused Flynn to linger a bit before sitting up. He stretches his back as he yawns, and Flynn can't help but marvel at how refreshed he feels. Swinging his legs over the side of the bed, Flynn removes himself from his bed to make his way into the kitchen. Yuri stands at the stove, and from the smell in the air, he can tell that the younger boy is cooking some kind of pasta. Flynn merely seats himself at the small dining table in the kitchen, because he knows he'd be very little help.

"You know..." He hears Yuri say, "In this kind of situation, I kind of expected you to come over and hug me from behind."

"I'll keep that mind for the next time."

He hears Yuri snort, and after a bit of fiddling with the stove, his guild mate turns to him.

"I saw the post you made on your guild page." Yuri says, and Flynn can't help but blush a bit.

"A-Ah, that..." Flynn stutters out as he nervously adjusts his glasses, "I just wanted to get everyone's opinion before asking you, since it does cost a bit of gald, and the last thing I want to do is spend that much money without the guild knowing-"

"I don't mind getting married."

Flynn quickly shuts his mouth, the blush on his face deepening thanks to Yuri's words. Despite it simply being a MMO marriage, his heart still races at the younger boy's words. He really isn't sure what to say, but he's sure the moment he opens his mouth, he'd sound like a babbling idiot. So he simply nods, and he watches as a smirk spreads across Yuri's lips. Since his kitchen is small, it doesn't take his guild mate long to cross the distance between them, and once close enough, Yuri takes his face in his hands as he leans over. They're mere inches away from one another, and he wonders if he'll be kissed or if Yuri has something else in mind.

"Did you really think I'd say no? Like Hell I'd pass up a chance like this," Yuri says, and Flynn notices a mischievous glint in his eyes, "And on our honeymoon, we can have some fun."

"Fun? You can't do that kind of thing in the game- oh..."

Ever since they were interrupted as Yuri's house, the younger boy hadn't brought up the topic of the two of the sleeping together, and Flynn figured that he had simply dropped the matter altogether. It would appear that isn't the case. Swallowing dryly, he wonders what he should say next, because Yuri might've spoke with a playful tone, but he was dead serious.

"I, um...that doesn't sound like a bad idea." He manages to get out, and he swears his face is probably as red as the rims of his glasses.

Yuri gives him a look of surprise, though it quickly turns into one of amusement. His guild mate finally kisses him, and without a moment of hesitation, Flynn returns the gesture. His lips taste of the sauce he'd been cooking, and Flynn doesn't stop himself from licking Yuri's lips.

The sound his guild mate gives off sends a shudder up his spine.