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Chapter 40

The trip to Texas was quick and went off without a hitch. Willow and Tara were exhausted and finally headed home. Mr. Maclay had cancelled one of the west coast events telling Tara that he was going to do a larger bash at TDM's building in Sunnydale.

"I can't believe we are finally going home," said Willow as she sat down on the plane.

"Yeah, traveling around takes a lot out of you. I have to say that traveling with you is very nice," said Tara leaning over and kissing Willow softly.

"And I have gotten better so that you aren't losing circulation in your hand during takeoff and landing," laughed Willow as she entwined her fingers with Tara's.

"That is true. So, do you want to have a party to celebrate our engagement?"

"I'd love to. We could have it at the beach or The Bronze."

"I think either would work. We'll have to plan it once we get home."

The flight from Houston to Sunnydale was a little bumpy and Willow started to get nervous, but she remembered all the flights that she had been on recently and how nothing had happened. Tara distracted Willow by kissing the redhead and talking about their engagement party.

When they arrived in Sunnydale, Tara's father was there to pick them up. He hugged them both before they loaded the car and headed for Tara's apartment. Once inside they unpacked their bags before collapsing together on the couch, Tara wrapping her arms around Willow and pulling her close.

"I'm exhausted," said Willow.

"Me too. At least Dad said we don't have to go back to work until Monday. That gives us a whole 5 days off."

"I know. I guess there are advantages to sleeping with the owner's daughter," teased Willow as she turned in Tara's arms and tenderly kissed the blonde.

"I think you are doing more than just sleeping with her," Tara said giving the redhead a coy lopsided smile.

"True. I do like to make her scream my name. Most of all though, I love to tell her how much I love her and hear her say that she loves me too."

They lay there tenderly kissing. Neither felt the need to deepen the kisses or move the touching to more. They were content to just be close and feel the others lips on their own.

"Hey Buffy," said Willow as she was relaxing in Tara's arms on the couch after another makeout session.

"Willow! Where are you on the tour across america?"

"Home," laughed Willow tiredly.

"You're in Sunnydale? That home?"

"Yep, that is the one."

"When did you get back?" asked Buffy excitedly.


"When can we go out for coffee? Now? In a couple of hours?"

"I don't know Buffy. Tara and I were going to have a quiet day together," said Willow smiling up at the woman who was holding her close.

"But you've seen her for weeks," pouted Buffy. "She's been monopolizing Willow-time."

"She's my fiancée Buffy. I like seeing her," said Willow her eyes scanning up and down Tara's body quick. "And she wasn't monopolizing Willow-time, we were working."

"I know, but you used to like seeing me too. Well, not in the same way, but come on...we need to get together soon," whined Buffy.

"How about you and I go out for breakfast tomorrow?"

"Fine, I'll take it. So, is it good to be home?"

"Yeah, it is. I just wanted to let you know we were home. So, tomorrow at Angel's say 8 AM?" asked Willow.

"I'll see you there," said Buffy.

After hanging up with Willow, Buffy called Angel and told him that she and Willow were coming in for breakfast and that she wanted a spot away from everyone so that she could hang out with her best friend. Buffy then called and told work that she wasn't sure if or when she was going to be in the following day.

"Tara...Baby," said Willow leaning over the blonde as she slept.

"Mmmmm Willow," Tara said tiredly rolling on her back.

"I'm going to go have breakfast with Buffy. I'll be back later. I love you," said Willow leaning closer to the blonde and kissing her.

"Mmmm, I love you," said Tara wrapping her arms around Willow's neck and pulling her into the bed and then rolling on top of the redhead.

"Baby," squeaked Willow before kissing the blonde sensually.

"I love you. Hurry home," said Tara before kissing Willow again.

"I will," Willow said flustered. "I love you too."

Willow crawled out of the bed, smiled at Tara, and then headed off to breakfast with Buffy.

Tara hugged Willow's pillow and drifted back to sleep.

"Willow," called Buffy as she saw her best friend walking up.

"Hi Buffy," said Willow as the two women hugged.

"I'm so glad you are home."

"Me too!"

The two women went inside. Angel had reserved a spot for them in a private section of the restaurant. After being seated and placing their order Buffy grinned happily at her friend.

"What?" asked Willow.

"I missed you," said Buffy.

"I missed you too! So, what's been going on? How is it living with Dawn as 'adults'? How's work?"

"Well, living with Dawn is different than living with you. She is up in the morning's sometimes even before I am. She is a slob. I swear she is living on Ramen Noodles, mac & cheese and cereal."

"Buffy, she's a college student, that is pretty typical of them. Hell, we did it," laughed Willow.

"We lived in the dorm when we did it. She has a kitchen that she can use."

"She's 18 Buff."

"I don't think I like the influence Tara is on you," Buffy said pouting.

"WHAT?" exclaimed Willow.

"You are all mellow. You need to stop getting laid. It makes you too mellow."

"That is SO not going to happen. You didn't by any chance do a whole lot of drugs before coming here did you?"

"No, I didn't, but it is making you too mellow. I miss my high-strung Willow."

"Deal with it Buffy. I happen to greatly enjoy my sex life. I really just admitted that didn't I?" blushed Willow.

"Yeah, you did," laughed Buffy.

"So, speaking of the Maclay's. How are things going with you and Donnie?"

"He's a nice guy, but there is no sparkage...we talked about a week ago and decided to just be good friends."

"I'm sorry Buffy."

"It's okay. I did have a date the other night that showed some promise," Buffy smiled coyly.

"And I am just now learning this? What the hell Summers?" scoffed Willow pretending to be hurt.

"Hey, it isn't my fault you have been gallivanting around the country."

"I was working Buffy."

"Working, getting engaged, having tons of sex, going to corn mazes...gallivanting."

"Fine, now give me details woman," said Willow as their breakfast arrived.

"Angel and I went out on a date," said Buffy before taking a large bite of food.

"You did that on purpose," said Willow as Buffy nodded in agreement and chewed even slower. "You are so mean Summers!"

"And yet you still love me," laughed Buffy.

"Yeah, I do. So, tell me about your date with Angel."

"He asked me out of the blue to go out with him. We went to LA and had dinner at a fancy restaurant there. He then took me to Broadway show. I think it was the most romantic date I have ever been on."

"That sounds awesome. Are you guys going to go out again?"

"He sent me flowers yesterday and said that he'd love to go out again."

"Wow, that's fantastic. I'm so happy for you."

The two continued to talk about Buffy and Angel dating and what else had been going on in Sunnydale while Willow was gone. Connor came in and hugged Willow close. He told her he missed her and then he made her promise to come to the club that night to see him.

After finishing breakfast Willow and Buffy hugged and Buffy headed to work while Willow headed to the Espresso Pump to get her and Tara some coffees and to get Tara a scone.

Willow entered the apartment she shared with Tara to find that the blonde was still in bed. She set the coffees and scone down before sitting down on the bed next to Tara. Willow leaned over and started to kiss Tara's neck.

"Mmmmm, that is a nice way to wake up," said Tara turning towards Willow. "Not as nice as if you were naked, but still very nice."

"Well, I suppose that I could get naked," said Willow looking under the covers at her very naked fiancée and then leering at the blonde.

"Hand me that coffee and then gimme a little strip show," said Tara sitting up and waggling her eyebrows.

Willow laughed and handed Tara her coffee and scone before she moved to the end of the bed and slowly started to remove her clothes. Willow had to stop twice. Once to move Tara's coffee before she spilled it on herself and the second time was to take the scone away as the blonde had choked on it. Willow crawled up the bed until she was hovering over the blonde.

"Is this what you had in mind?" asked Willow before leaning down and sucking on Tara's neck.

"God yes," said Tara as she tilted her head to the side allowing Willow more access to her neck.

The couple made love slowly making sure to savor every last moan and surge from the feel of the other's mouth and touch. After making love Willow told Tara about her conversation with Buffy, about Buffy's date, and about Connor making her promise to go to The Bronze that night.

After spending the remainder of the day cuddling and making love they moved to showering together.

"You know, I don't think we're going to be able to go back to work on Monday," said Tara as they were getting dressed to go to The Bronze.

"Why is that?" asked Willow as she came out of the walk-in closet wearing her tight leather pants and just a bra.

Tara just stared at the redhead. Her mouth opened and closed a few times, but no sound escaped.

"See something you want?" Willow asked seductively as she slowly walked towards Tara.

Tara's eyes were moving along Willow's body. She couldn't believe how much she loved and desired this woman standing before her. Once she was within reach Tara grabbed Willow's hips and pulled her so their bodies were flush together. Willow wrapped her arms around Tara's neck and kissed her deeply.

"We better finish getting ready," Tara said when the kiss finally broke.

"I know, but you are going to have to let go of my ass for that to happen," said Willow removing Tara's hands from her leather clad butt.

"Fine, but I get to hold those when we get back," Tara said suggestively.

"I promise," said Willow kissing Tara softly before going to find a shirt to wear.

Willow and Tara finished getting ready and headed to the club.


"Hey Connor, it's Buffy," said the petite blonde.

"Hey Buffy. What's up?"

"Well, since you convinced Willow that she and Tara need to come to the club tonight, what do you say we throw them a secret 'Welcome Home' party?"

"Secret 'Welcome Home' party? Explain your thoughts," said the man intrigued.

"Well, invite Anya, Xander, Jesse, Faith, Emily, Angel, Donnie, and Mr. Maclay. We can have munchies and maybe the upper area, unless it is booked. Maybe Fred can be our waitress if she's working?"

"I like that idea, but you forgot your sister," said Connor.

"She isn't 21 yet."

"No, but I still think that she should be there."

"You are right. So, do you think it is a good idea?"

"Yep, I'll get it all organized as far as the club is concerned, you get everyone to show up. Oh and if Cordy and Harmony show up I'll make sure that the bouncers know to deny them access to the club."

"That sounds awesome. Thanks Connor."

Buffy hung up and started to call everyone and invite them down to the club. Buffy was pleased when everyone was available and excited to come. When Buffy got off work she hurried home to get ready and then headed to help set up at the club.

Willow and Tara walked up to the line outside The Bronze. As they were starting to get in line the bouncer called them up front. He let them in and told them to head up to the upper area. As they were walking up the stairs Buffy came racing over to the top of the stairs grinning.

"What did you do Summers?" asked Willow as they stopped on the stairs nervous to go up further.

"I did nothing bad," said Buffy as she went down and pulled the two women up the stairs. When they rounded the corner they saw their friends and family standing there. "Surprise! Welcome home!"

The two women were surprised and they both hugged Buffy and thanked her before heading over and joining everyone.

"I can't believe you two are back," said Anya as she hugged Tara.

"Welcome back Wills! Cube farm hasn't been the same without you," said Xander as he hugged the redhead.

"Thanks," said Willow.

"I can't believe everyone is here," said Tara.

"Blame Buffy," called Faith from the back.

"I wanted to welcome you back. I haven't seen you two since Boston. I noticed you have added an accessory since then as well," said Buffy glancing towards Willow's hand

"Why did she get to go to Boston? What accessory? What are you hiding Tara?" asked Anya.

"Well, for the few of you that don't know...Willow and I are engaged," said Tara she wrapped an arm around Willow's waist. "And we both have rings now."

"Seriously?" said Anya. Both Willow and Tara raised their hands to show their rings. "Oh my god! These rings are gorgeous."

"Who asked who?" asked Jesse.

"Willow asked me in Boston," Tara said with pride.

"You picked those out?" Anya asked Willow.


"Very good taste," said Anya before turning to Xander. "You better talk to her if you are ever going to buy me a ring."

"Congrats you two," said Xander blushing and hugging Willow and Tara.

Jesse was next to congratulate the couple followed by Angel. Connor and Fred brought the food out and everyone started to eat and drink while the music picked up downstairs.

"Will, I am so happy for you," said Fred as she pulled Willow aside and hugged the redhead close. "I don't know when I've ever seen you so happy."

"Thanks Fred. I don't think I even dreamed I could be this happy."

"She's pretty cute too," said Fred as Tara walked their way.

"Amazingly gorgeous and sexy," Willow said in a lovesick tone as she wrapped an arm around Tara's waist and pulled her close and they kissed quickly.

"Congratulations Tara," said Fred as she hugged the blonde.

"Thanks Fred. It means a lot to have all your and well everyone's support."

"I can only speak for myself, but all we have ever wanted was for Willow to be happy and you definitely make her happy."

"Thank you," said Tara.

"Slow song...will you excuse us?" said Willow pulling Tara towards the upstairs dance area.

The couple danced together and were joined by several others. The night went by in a blur. Willow and Tara said goodbye to everyone. Her dad gave them a ride home and told them that he was happy to have them home.

"Tonight was fun," said Willow as she and Tara entered the apartment.

"That was really nice of Buffy," said Tara as they entered the bedroom and she pulled Willow's body to her own and kissed the redhead passionately. As Willow wrapped her arms around Tara's neck the blonde's arms went around Willow's waist and her hands landed on Willow's ass. "You promised my hands could be back here when we got home."

"I did, but I was also thinking that maybe we might make one little change."

"What's that?"

"I thought we might lose all of our clothes and maybe take this to the bed," Willow said while nipping at Tara's neck.

"Oh god yes...that is a MUCH better idea," Tara said tilting her head allowing Willow more access to her neck. The redhead continued to nip at Tara's neck for several minutes before they pulled apart and stripped one another and moved to the bed.

"I can't seem to get enough of you today," said Willow covering the blonde with her own body.

"Oh Willow," moaned Tara arching into the redhead's body. "I need you."

Willow decided to respond with actions rather than words. She slowly kissed along Tara's jawline and then down Tara's neck nipping and sucking. Tara was moaning as she felt her lovers ministrations. Each moan turned Willow on more and found it harder and harder to take her time making her way down the blondes body. Willow licked the valley between Tara's breasts before running her tongue around Tara's now very erect nipples.

"Suck...hard…" panted Tara as she arched into Willow's mouth. The redhead smiled to herself loving the effect she was having on her lover. As she sucked on the left nipple hard she heard Tara's breath catch and they both let out a groan of satisfaction. Willow brought her hand up and started rolling the right nipple between her fingers. Tara arched into the touches.

"Ohhhh, I love you so much," said Willow as she moved her lips to the right nipple.

"I love you too," said Tara as she moved her hand to the back of Willow's head pressing her tighter to her breast.

Willow took turns sucking on each nipple and rolling them between her fingers. She could tell that Tara needed more as the blonde started to rock her hips into Willow's body. Slowly the redhead ran her tongue down the blondes stomach and when she reached the blonde mound she could smell the arousal. Willow couldn't contain the desire and need any longer. Willow lowered her head and thrust her tongue inside the blondes folds and moaned as she tasted her lovers essence.

"You...taste...mmmm," said Willow as she was overcome with need and started to lick and suck Tara's already quivering center.

"," panted Tara.

Willow locked eyes with Tara and watched as Tara's eyes closed and her head arched back as Willow slowly entered the blonde.

"Oooohhhhh," moaned the blonde as she felt herself entered and Willow started to move in and out of her at a slow steady pace. "Sweetie that feel so good."

Willow groaned the vibrations sending a shiver through Tara's spine. Tara moved closer and closer to ecstasy. She reached down and put her hand on the back of Willow's head and pulled her as tight against her sex as she could.

"Oh...yes...faster...harder…" commanded Tara.

Willow loved it when Tara told her what she needed. She found herself moving faster and sucking harder as Tara's breathing became more labored. Willow knew that Tara's orgasm was near. She couldn't help but smile as the grunts and moans from Tara were getting louder with every thrust.

"Oh...Willlllow," moaned Tara as she tried to hold on longer.

"Come for me Baby...explode on my hand and in my mouth," Willow said as Tara moved to pull her tighter to her body.

"WILLOW...OH...WILLOW," screamed Tara as the orgasm ripped through her body.

"Mmmmm," moaned Willow as she lapped up the juices as Tara shook in her arms.

As the tremors eased Willow kissed her way up Tara's body dipping her tongue in the blondes belly button before making her way back up to Tara's nipples. As Willow sucked on each one Tara felt another orgasm building as she rocked her hips into Willow's hips. Willow felt her head being pulled upwards and as she moved up she found her lips pressed against Tara's and the blondes tongue thrust into her mouth.

Tara rocked her hips in time with Willow's as they both came. After riding out the orgasm as long as they could Willow collapsed to Tara's side.

"I love you," said Willow kissing the side of Tara's head.

"I love you too," Tara said tiredly.

"Sleep my love," said Willow as she wrapped Tara into her arms.

The two women drifted off to sleep both exhausted from their lovemaking.

"I can't believe we have to go back to work in two days," said Willow as she and Tara cuddled on the couch watching a movie.

"I know. I don't know how I am going to handle not being able to kiss you for 8 hours, or even wrap my arms around you," said Tara squeezing the redhead closer.

"Oh god, we're not going to be able to kiss and touch...I don't wanna go back to work," whined and pouted the redhead.

"Oh Sweetie."

"Can we sneak away for lunch some days?"

"Mmmm, I like that idea," said Tara rolling Willow onto her back and then kissing her soundly.

"So, I'm thinking if we sneak away for lunches Monday through Friday we might make it through the week," said Willow.

"What about Saturday and Sunday?"

"Oh yeah...hmmm...maybe those days we can stay in bed most of the day."

Both women laughed and then continued to enjoy the last of their time together.