Sherlock Holmes has been called away to a high-profile, high-danger case in the States, pulling him away from his wife for at least a week or two. Molly is used to it, knowing who her husband is and what he does. As long as he texts her that both he and John are alive, daily, then it's all good. She expects him to have a lot on his plate especially during cases, so she never nags him to call or contact her or anything more than said text message requirement.

What she didn't expect was Mycroft Holmes at their door, in person and without his assistant or any bodyguards, two days after Sherlock and John left for Los Angeles. With a rather large paper bag with one of those high-end supermarket logos. "Good afternoon, Molly. Sherlock tells me you are a proficient baker."

She blinks. "Uhm… I guess...?"

Mycroft almost gives her a gleeful grin. "Fantastic. I, as it so happens, find myself with nothing to do for the rest of the afternoon. Let's test your baking skills, shall we?" He lifts the bag slightly as if to accentuate the ingredients inside, before walking into the flat with as much confidence as he would if he owned the place.

"These smell glorious, Dr. Holmes."

She blushes at the compliment from the usually sarcastic government employee, and she can't help but turn the stove top on to whip up some salted caramel for him as a reward. "Thanks… Top it with the vanilla ice cream before you dig in. Or wait just five minutes for this caramel and it'll be even better."

Mycroft's face lights up even more. He feels incredibly comfortable with the pathologist, and somehow he finds that calling her his sister-in-law isn't as unsettling as he once thought it would be. "If ever you think of switching careers, you could give some pastry chefs a run for their money, given a bit more training."

"Oh, I don't know about that…" she says, finishing up the caramel with a bit of butter before pouring it into a serving bowl and placing it on the table beside the mini walnut cakes they've made.

Mycroft merely smiles. He places a cake on a plate for each of them, adding a scoop of ice cream onto each and passing one to Molly. He takes a spoonful of caramel and drizzles it onto his awaiting dessert, sighing happily at the sight.

How was afternoon tea with Molly? –SH

It went swimmingly. –MH

I'll pay you when I get home. -SH

No need. I already got compensation. Your wife's walnut cakes are priceless. –MH

Does this mean I don't have to persuade you to keep her company from time to time while I'm away? –SH

I am a busy man, brother. –MH

Have you tasted her white chocolate raspberry crumble yet? –SH

Touché. –MH

Note: The thought of Mycroft and Molly bonding as in-laws makes the author happy. Hopefully, the reader too.