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I did my best it wasn't much,
I couldn't feel so I tried to touch,
I told the truth I didn't come to fool you.
And even though it all went wrong,
I stand before The Lord of Song,
With nothing on my tongue but, Hallelujah.

From the moment she had lost the battle of exhaustion and her green eyes had fallen shut, ebony lashes resting lightly on the highest curve of her cheekbones, she had known that what awaited her would offer no comfort. Still, she hadn't quite predicted something like this.

It was a hallway.

White floors, white walls, white ceilings. Sterile, uncluttered, unassuming.

But the pristine color was bathed in an eerie yellow shade; not the sunny, bright kind but a dull hue that reminded her of yellowing fangs, setting her teeth on edge and delivering a chill of awareness down her spine. Every fifteen feet or so stood a doorway, shut tight, with a single square window cut out in each for passerby to take a glimpse of what lay in wait behind. They went on that way, seemingly endlessly, the hallway carrying on further than the eye could see, no matter how many times she squinted to make them out.

Cautious glances both left and right proved useless, there didn't seem to be a single sign of activity from either direction. A light gust, like the forceful blast of an air conditioning unit, disturbed the long locks that tumbled down past her shoulder blades, sending the colors of warm honey, butterscotch, and toffee swirling together on the unnatural breeze. Her feet were bare, the ivory skin tone taking on the same eerie hue of the walls surrounding her, and she shifted in place, denying herself the urge to take steps in either direction as she listened for even the faintest sounds around her.

There was nothing.

She moved forward then, taking a chance on which direction to go, ignoring the chill the seeped into her bones from the freezing floor and the distinct feeling that something was utterly, terribly wrong. Door after door she passed, not always giving into the temptation to peek at what might be hidden away within. Some were labeled with dusty, dingy placards, and held exactly what it said. Others seemed to be junk rooms, filled to the brim with ratty furniture and discarded items, like a stash of people's worldly possessions that had been hoarded and forgotten, left behind to rot. Still others gave a more sinister sensation, whatever lurked within was shadowed completely, unable to fully be seen without cracking the seal and stepping into the darkness.

On and on she went, her pace transforming from a stealthy prowl to a near jog, tinged with a side of light panic. There had yet to be something akin to an exit from the endless hallway, much less a simple turn left or right, and the doors just kept on coming, ever present and never changing.

Until they did.

It was a simple door, just like all the others she had hurried to pass by; same dingy paint, same eerie yellow glow, same tiny square window. Only this time, this door, was open.


The space couldn't even amount to half an inch, it was more like someone had rushed through the entrance and simply forgotten to pull the door shut behind them, leaving it to rest against the door frame without latching into place, she mused. Her fingers twitched at her side as she stared, emerald orbs burning into the minuscule space, as if she could somehow perceive what waited behind the thick, heavy steel. Temptation to reach out and pull the door wider coursed through her bloodstream, making her inch forward half a step in that direction. But if there was one thing she had learned in her years of the family business, it was that caution was key, and nothing was ever what it seemed. With every single door she had passed remaining locked and shut tight (she had tried the first fifty or so), finding one that had not been secured was an unlikely occurrence. Now this one seemingly innocent doorway stood unlocked, begging to be walked through.

No, it had been left that way for a reason.

For her.

And she wasn't about to play into the game she had unwittingly entered.

Spinning around on her heel to venture back the way she came, a soft cry of surprise escaped her silent lips, and she nearly stumbled in place before throwing out a single hand, bracing herself on wall. Her eyes swung wildly back and forth, searching desperately, but still what she looked for did not appear.

The doors…they were gone.

Each and every doorway she had passed, melted away from sight, faded into the walls until there was only the endless hallway left to see. It didn't matter how many times she whipped her head from side to side, how many times she blinked and rubbed at her eyes; they never reappeared.

An ominous feeling settled in the pit of her stomach, telling her that no good could come from whatever lay behind the only doorway left for her to walk through. It was the kind of anticipation equivalent to the one she felt any time she watched a scary movie, yelling in vain at the dimwitted girl who ran straight into the arms of some psychopathic serial killer. But what choice did she really have? She could be stubborn, sit her ass down in the hallway of doom (because that's what it must be!) and attempt to wait it out, but it had been hours of exploring without a single exit or soul to see.

Her fingers trembled around the icy knob as she hovered there, fighting her own inner battle over the decision, before finally giving it a turn and a yank. The creaking noise made her physically cringe and seemed to echo down the vast corridor, letting anything and everything that might be hidden in the shadows know of her position, and she cursed lowly under her breath. She pushed onward after a few moments of paused stillness, one carefully measured step at a time, her movements nearly silent as she widened her eyes, hoping to use any extra light that she could to see through the looming darkness ahead. Straining her hearing, she picked up very little sound as she continued on, the light from the hallway dimming before slowly ebbing into shadow. It wasn't until the light was barely a sliver left upon the floor that she froze in place, eyes flying wide open and heart thudding rapidly in her chest as faint sounds reached her ears.

Strange creaking, almost like something swinging back and forth without rhythm, and the dull screech and rattle of chains.

Breathing; labored, raspy.

And soft cries, like the sound of someone who wished not to but found all hope to be lost and couldn't seem to help themselves anyway.

The blood ran cold in her veins, and the heavy door slammed somewhere behind her, pitching the corridor into darkness and leaving her blind to a sight unseen. The rattling sound grew with the sudden noise, the faint breathing quickened as the cries seemed to choke off into a grunting noise. Dread pooled in her stomach, and somehow her hand had found a way to her mouth, pushing against it there with an almost bruising strength, desperately holding back the noises of distress that threatened to escape. She had known, known from the second they had slipped those sleeping pills into her drink so that she would finally get some rest.


She had known even before her eyes had drooped, before those large hands had hoisted her up in sturdy arms to be carried away to bed.

"Please…please h-help me-"

She had tried to tell them that sleeping wasn't an option, that only nightmares and visions of terror awaited her there.


She knew, she already knew…


Without Dean, she would find no peace.