It's not that easy, to leave North Kingston. Saskia wants to say goodbye to everyone. She wants to explain what she was doing, but she can't.

That was really complicated. She loves this place, her house, her shop. It is her home. But with the wedding cancelled, she doesn't feel like it's going be easy to come back. She doesn't know how long she'll be gone, she doesn't know what she's going to learn. But something inside her tells her that she has just reached another part of her life which North Kingston is not a part. Moving on. Like they say.

She has always hated this "move on" motto that everyone say whenever you lose someone, or something. She's always thought you have the right to be sad and depressed when something sad and depressing happens. You have the right to linger over things you should let go. People would not be people if they were that rationnal. When Nan died, people told her to "move on", maybe a month after her funeral. She was still adjusting so she didn't tell them to fuck off, insensitive pricks. But she thought it. She really, strongly did.

So maybe she can just close the house, close the shop, and say she's taking a vacation. Everybody will understand. But before she leaves, she has to do something.

Mike's house is a few minutes walking away. She's not very proud of what she's going to do, but she needs to do it. She can't leave him with everything she told him, and she doesn't want him telling everyone she's crazy. Erasing and replacing memories is dark magic, but hey, maybe she's a demon so, she certainly plays with a different set of rules.

When Mike opens the door, he seems relieved to see her looking so normal, smiling, the girls she usually is. He invites her in, she asks for a cup of coffee. Blushes, say "I hope you didn't talk about what I told you earlier to anyone", he says he didn't, he lies. He always frowns a little when he does. Nicole is probably freaking out right now.

She catches his hand, and pronounce the spell. His eyes become blurry.

- Do you hear me?

- Yes...

- Listen carefully, I want you to forget everything I told you this morning. Everything I told you about my life, about hunters.

- Allright...

- And I want you to remember this instead. You came to me this morning because you want to call off the wedding.

- Why? I love you...

She feels tears in her eyes. Be strong.

- I know. But you're not sure anymore, you want some time to think. So this morning we had a fight.

- A fight...

- Yes. And in 1 hour, you will come to my house, to apologize.

- Yes.

- Before you go, you will call your mother and tell her you lied.

- I lied...

- You didn't dare to tell her you didn't want to get married.

- She's gonna be mad...

- Yes, and she will tell you to go and apologize.

- Ok...

- But i'll be gone.

- Gone?

- Yes. You will be sad, for a few days, because I won't answer my phone. But in 2 weeks, you will see Jessie Carpenter.

- Jessie...

- And you will remember how much you loved her. You will think that actually, you still do. That she's a healthy, down to earth, nice girl.

- She is...

- And you will date her.

- I will.

- Good. Now i'm leaving. If anyone asks you, I came to ask for my house's keys.

- Ok.

Saskia feels a little bad. She make him the bad guy, only to be able to come back. But he'll get through it. And Jessie is indeed a good girl who will be more than happy to be his new fiancée.

Back to her house, her first move is to call that Garth dude. A not very manly voice answers the phone

- This is Garth!

- Uh...Hi Garth this is Saskia Jager.
- ...

- Has Dean Winchester called you?

- Yes...yes he...did. I'm uh...

- I'm not angry at you Garth. You did what you thought was right to protect a friend. I'm not mad, I sware.

Suddenly Garth's voice sounds relieved.

- Oh! Good then! Yeah i was a little worried you know with...what you can do, and all...But Dean told me you were a nice girl so, hum...You want Pivnik's phone number right?

- Not exactly, I want to know where he is. Have you ever seen him?

- No, not in person. Actually he called me when I was investigating about you, you know, I called a few people who called other people, who called...Anyway, in the end that Pivnik called me, and told me he knew you.

- So?

- So he said he doesn't hunt anymore, he's a cab driver, in New York.

- New York is a big city.

- I think he mentionned having a website.

- With his real name?

- I guess.

- Stupid as ever...Ok, thank you Garth.

- Uh...Saskia?

- Dean told me you had your reason to find that guy, that he...wronged you, that's what he said. So...i don't know exactly what you intend to do but...

- I won't kill him.

- Ah ok good!

He is nice that Garth. A little childish though. It's suprising he's still alive. Did the hunter's world changed that much in ten years?

The drive to New York was nice, pleasant. It had been a very long time since she last drove so long. Pivnik's website was a real joke. She hadn't seen such an ugly website in years. But it was quite convenient, since she was able to book his taxi for getting her at the airport, under the name Ellen Hunt. Hahaha.

She parked at the airport and now she's waiting outside. She wears sunglasses and her brown halloween wig. When Pivnik parks, she feels suddenly a little...afraid? As if Logan was going to pop out of the car. Breathe. He hasn't changed. He's still fat, maybe a little fatter, he still looks like a coward. He's sweating.

He comes to her, running on his little fat legs.

- Ms Hunt? Hi! Franck Pivnik, sorry I'm late, you know the traffic...

She doesn't answer, she hands him her bag over and sits in the car. Pivnik comes back and ask where he's supposed to bring her. Suddenly, he feels a gun on the side of his belly. He hears

- Somewhere private. Where we can talk.

That voice. He would recognize it anywhere.

- S..Sss...Saskia?

She takes of her wig and glasses. He looks miserable.

- Hi Franck. Now drive.