Edward POV.

"It wasn't us!" Carlisle shouted. My family stood at the treaty line waiting for the Fight that would ultimately come about.

"I don't believe you" Sam snarled. And with those words he lunged at Alice transforming as he leaped. But he stopped. In midair. The quilete packed looked up at their leader in horror. A jet of blue light came from behind my family, hit the floating wolf, and sent him flying deep into the woods.

It is fairly obvious to anyone who cared to look that fear didn't come easy to these shape shifters. But they felt fear at this. But not human fear. They felt an animal fear so deep it shook their very cores. I looked a over to my right to ask Carlisle what was going on. But he wasn't there.

Carlisle stood a few yards behind us, face to face with a boy. The teen had untamed black hair, with leaves and twigs thrown into the mix. His clothes were tattered and torn. But that was not the strangest thing about him. In his hand was a stick of dark wood giving off an unbelievably bright light.

"Hello child, my name is Carlisle Cullen and this is my family. Who are you?"

"I know who you are. And I need you help." The boy's voice was weak and he was very visibly swaying back and forth.

"Honey he is going to-" Esme started. But she never finished her sentence. The collapsed and the bright light went out.

Alice turned to Carlisle. "What are we going to do?"

Carlisle inhaled deeply. "We are going to take him home. Emmett and Jasper are going to bathe him. Edward you and Alice are going to go shopping for clothes for him. Rosalie follow his scent. He may have a camp somewhere. Is he does bring his stuff to the house. Esme and Me are going to check him over." There was a brief silence following his words. Rosalie ran at lightning speed into the woods and Alice and I went shopping. Oh Lord.

Jasper POV

The curiosity radiating from my family was unsettling at the most. Emmett picked him up and together we ran to the house. In my hands I held the stick. In the child's hand it radiated with power. But in Mine it was merely a stick. Normal inanimate feel flimsy I out hands. But this object felt like unyielding titanium.

Rosalie POV

As Carlisle suggested there was a camp. At first I could not not enter. But then I noticed something. Little silver diamonds hung in a circle around the campsite. They would have been invisible to a human. But not to me. Carefully I plucked them from the branches. But when I looked down at my hand they were dust. Oops. I carefully collected of his things and ran back to the house.