AN: Decided to participate in the Twilight 25 this time. Hoping it will rev up my creative juices and help me finish The Meeting and Pieces of Me. Enjoy!

The Twilight Twenty-Five

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Prompt: # 1

Pen Name: JustForkIt

Pairing/Character(s): Edward/Bella

Rating: M

Word Count: 478


"It is fucking freezing!"

In the sleeping bag next to mine, Edward quietly laughed before whispering, "I told you it would be cold out here."

Pulling the flannel lined blanket up to my chin, I pretended to ignore him. "It is July, Edward. JULY! In Arizona I would sweating my ass off, pulling off as much clothing as possible, and-"

An arm snaked around my waist, pulling me closer against Edward's body. I smiled mischievously at the fact that even two sleeping bags and all of our clothes couldn't hide his want for me. Through the nylon, flannel, fleece, and denim- I could feel him pushing his hips against mine, could feel how hard he was. Anticipation made my stomach tighten and my body instinctively sought out more of his.

"You know," he whispered against the back of my neck. "It is a scientific fact that if you wear fewer clothes while using a sleeping bag you'll stay warmer."

"Is that so?" I asked, turning my head to find his lips.

"Sleeping bags work with your body heat." Edward continued speaking between each of the small kisses he left on my mouth. "So technically, kiss, you could climb in here with me, kiss, naked, kiss, and be just fine. Our combined body heat would-"

My hands pulled at the zipper to his bag and he stopped talking. "Move over, Cullen."

I didn't have to ask twice.

Once I was out of my sleeping bag and into his, Edward's talent for making my clothes disappear commandeered our actions. I'd barely had a chance to pull his shirt off in the time that he'd skillfully managed to remove my fleece pants and panties. When his hands moved from my hips to in between my thighs, I gave up on doing anything other than pressing my lips against his neck and then gently biting at his skin.

What had to be hours later, Edward leaned forward and kiss my forehead. "Better?"

He brushed away a few pieces of my hair that a fine sheen of sweat had left plastered to my cheek and even though it was dark, I knew a smug smile was covering Edward's face.


"Everyone in the car! We've got a three hour drive back home."

I had beat out the rest of my friends and had already staked out my spot in the back of Emmett's SUV. I had a pillow propped up against the window, blankets pulled up to my chin, and the sleeves of my sweater pulled over my hands.

As Alice climbed in the car, she asked, "You slept till ten, Bella. How can you be tired?"

The car shifted as Edward sat beside me, rearranging the blankets so he could be closer. I kept my eyes closed but smiled when he leaned against me. "I didn't get any sleep because Edward kept me up all night with a science lesson."

Alice laughed. "About?"

Edward answered before I had a chance to."Kinetic heat."