AN: Just a warning that this is a sad submission for the prompt given.

The Twilight Twenty-Five

thetwilight25 dot com

Prompt: # 2

Pen Name: JustForkIt

Pairing/Character(s): Edward/Bella

Rating: T

Word Count: 500


"How do I do this?" I'd asked the question, but that didn't mean I wanted an answer. I didn't want anyone's voice invading the silent solitude I'd cocooned myself in for the past month. No amount of sympathy, or hugs, or reassuring words could make any of this okay.

"One step at a time, right? Isn't that what the doctor said?"

"Fuck what the doctor said, Emmett!" I screamed at him, throwing the box I'd been holding onto the floor. "Has she ever had to do this? Has she ever mourned like this?" A year's worth of pictures littered the wooden floors that we stood on. I looked down at them, seeing the familiar smiles that stared up at me, and shook my head. "It wasn't supposed to be this way. It isn'tever supposed to be this way."

My knees buckled under the tremendous emotional weight that sat on my shoulders and in my heart, but before I could join the pictures on the floor, Emmett's arms wrapped around me.

"Whoa, Bella. Shh. Just take a deep breath, okay? Breathe."

I tried to do what he asked, but instead of breathing, all I could do was cry in agony. "He has no idea who I am, Emmett! He doesn't remember anything! He looks at me, at us, and has no clue who we are!"

"I know." He rubbed my back. "I know, Bella. But we have to stay positive. We have to keep believing that Edward will make it out of this. That he will come back and…"


That was what we had to build our faith on; the small chance that he would suddenly remember who all of us were, that there might be a continuation to this depressing story we'd found ourselves lost in.

Shaking my head, I pushed away from my brother and started picking up the mess I'd left on the floor. "We're lucky he survived the accident at all." I wiped away the tears on my face. "It would be selfish to wish for anything more. He's here, at least. He's with us."

My fingers ran over the pictures I held, tracing the lines of Edward's smile, and I suddenly felt guilt stabbing my stomach. I was mad because he didn't remember me, or us, but I had ayear's worth of memories to look back on. I knew our history. I remembered our first date, first kiss, first… everything. I could look back at these pictures, a box full of memories, and recall every single moment that had been captured. But Edward couldn't.

I heard my brother leave the room, saying something about giving me a minute, and I reached for my cell phone. My fingers trembled as I navigated my way to the voicemail I'd had saved for a month and they didn't stop as I listened.

"Hey, Babe." Edward's voice came through the speaker. "I'm on my way home and…"

Tires squealing. Metal crunching. Glass breaking. And then… nothing. We were left with nothing.