The ABC's of Montessa

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Chapter 14: Nervous

Her knees started to shake constantly. Her nerves started to take hold, along with her already churning stomach. For reasons unknown, Vanessa Doofenshmirtz was nervous.

"Monty... I'm not very sure if this is such a good idea..." She spoke at an unknown person's voice.

"Vanessa, I know it's dangerous. But you gotta try something once in a while."

The voice that spoke to Vanessa happened to be her secret boyfriend, Monty Monogram. By the scenery they were in, the duo was at the Danville Bridge. Surrounded by the scouring raging waters that held this bridge together.

Vanessa looked down and felt her knees shake a little. Monty never realized that Vanessa had a total fear of heights.

This was quite surprising since Vanessa lived in a very tall building through these last 17 years. Yet, the only times she would look down from Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated is if she saw Monty. That was it and nothing else.

"Are you sure nothing bad's gonna happen to me?" Vanessa said, gulping her heart out.

"Relax... bungee jumping is completely safe." Monty chuckled, "It's only safe if you use precautions."

"I don't know how you call this safe." Vanessa said, feeling dizzy from having to look down. "I mean, this is like way down."

"It's only 70 feet with water surrounding the whole place. You'll be okay, I promise!" Monty replied.

For preparation, Monty grabbed on to the straps used to hold a body tightly before jumping. Wearing this huge strap around someone's waist would reduce the chances of falling. Vanessa's nerves was getting to her again, being afraid that the cord attached to that black strap would make her fall.

Monty managed to wrap the whole strap around her girlfriend. He attached the cord around her back for safety. But yet, it wasn't doing anything to get rid of her nervousness.

"You gonna be okay?" Monty said, feeling an ounce of concern.

"Ohhhhh, I hope so..." Vanessa responded with a nervous chuckle.

Trying to get over her nervousness herself, Vanessa climbed up the steps and looked down at the torrential ocean. Feeling a gulp inside, Vanessa was about to brace for the worst.

"Well... here goes nothing..."

With a deep breath, Vanessa raised his arms up in a crucifix position. She steadied herself over and over again, hoping to get a very good jump.

But before she could scream her heart out, Monty stopped her just in time.

"Vanessa, wait!" he shouted.

"Monty, what is it?" She said to him.

Something was clearly on Monty's mind. He decided to unhook her, only to wrap the strap around him. To put it nicely, both Monty and Vanessa were trapped all around the black strap.

"What are you doing?" Vanessa said to his boyfriend, raising her eyebrow questionably.

"I'm gonna help you not get nervous." Monty winked at her.

Together they managed to climb the stairs, but Vanessa was still shaking inside. It was quite interesting that Monty got a sensation from the nervous, yet vibrating Vanessa. She looked warm like a kitty purring in somebody's lap.

Vanessa raised her arms in crucifix position, while Monty wrapped his arms behind you. She felt a little blush from his warm hugging. For words of luck, Monty whispered to her ear.

"I promise, I won't let nothing bad happen to you..."

Taking his word for advice, both Vanessa and Monty leaped into the air...

...and started to plummet off the bridge in full force. They were nearly dropping like a boulder with the force of an atomic bomb. Maybe Monty lied a bit. Maybe that wire was gonna cut right off and send them six feet under through a watery grave. She didn't want her life to end like this, but at least shw would die with the one person she loved most than her father!

But to her surprise...

...Vanessa and Monty flung right back into the air and bounced all across the bridge.

Vanessa fully opened her eyes, only to breathe a sigh of total relief. Although she was still nervous, she was happy to still be alive from that traumatic experience. She was majorly lucky that Vanessa didn't scream all the way down!

"Whoa, that was fun... and scary!" Vanessa said, still breathing in and out through hesistation, "I'm still scared now, but I'm just so glad to-"

Vanessa on the other hand, never finished what she said...

...all because of Monty, who cut her off by a total kiss of comfort. It looked pretty much more like a passionate kiss, but it was still comforting to know that Vanessa was no longer afraid of heights, thanks to his advice. Interesting that they would be kissing upside down in a position like this!

Monty broke off the kiss and saw that wonderful, un-nervous smile of Vanessa yet again.

"So... feeling nervous now?" Monty said in a sly mood.

Despite feeling a bit upside down, Vanessa responded without any worry at all.

"Not anymore..." she smiled. From the look of her comforting face, it seems that bungee-jumping didn't seem too bad after all...

...if it meant not having to try it again.

Well, that really felt good. Although I would never try to bungee-jump at all. It's not that it's scary, but it's because I'm a little gentle when it comes to heights.

What shall I have planned for the letter "O"? Make sure you keep on reading and find out. (;D)