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McGonagall POV

Minerva frowned as she looked towards the Gryffindor table and found the three student she had sent to detention last night still absent. Her nostrils flared at their lateness. Did they think that their late detention made them entitled to skip classes and two meals? She could forgive them skipping breakfast, but lunch as well? Potter had even seemed to have gotten Weasley to join them. She guessed Severus was right and Mr. Potter was like his father. Well she would just have to be extra hard on him to make him more humble. She had promised after Black's arrest that she wouldn't allow this arrogant behavior in her house anymore. Where was Severus anyway, and why did he cancel his classes for the day? She would have to have a word with him.

Suddenly the Great Hall doors were thrown open. Raising quickly wand in hand she allowed herself a little smirk at the fact that only Dumbledore had beaten her reflexes; though she was worried at the confusion on his face. Seeing Madam Bones Minerva immediately relaxed; though the woman's stony expression made her wary. She stiffened when ten Aurors walked past Madam Bones and towards the teacher's table. Opening her mouth to demand what was going on; she was shocked when a magical suppressant cuff latched on not only her wrist but Dumbledore's as well.

"Minerva Olivia McGonagall, you are hereby charged with the following: failing to report a kidnapping, failing to report a case of child abuse, aiding and abetting to keep mandatory magical knowledge from a muggle raised magical, failing to report fifteen counts of attempted theft, failing to report twenty-six counts of assault on a minor, aiding and abetting twenty-six counts of assault on a minor, failing to report two counts of attempted murder, four counts of child endangerment, and failing to report five missing children. " Amelia's words were clipped and cold.

Minerva had never felt more humiliated in her life. Some students stared at her shell-shocked; while others whispered to each other. Infuriated she opened her mouth to remind Amelia just why no student ever messed with her only to find herself interrupted before she even started. Amelia was now looking towards Dumbledore. If Minerva had thought Amelia's voice was cold before it was nothing compared to the pure iciness of it now, "Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore, you are hereby charged with the following: willfully ignoring your duties as an executor of an Ancient and Noble Family's will, one count of kidnapping, illegally becoming a magical guardian, ignoring duties as a magical guardian, child neglect, aiding and abetting child abuse, illegal use of guardian duties in accordance with vault withdrawals, theft of vault funds from a Ancient and Noble Family, making an illegal marriage contract, making a false marriage contract, conspiracy of line theft from an Ancient and Noble Family, Keeping mandatory knowledge from a muggle raised magical, Willfully hiding the heritage of an heir to an Ancient and Noble Family, ignoring duties as the Head of the Wizgomet, giving a false testimony, one count of illegal incarceration, one count of mass child endangerment, eight counts of child endangerment, failing to report two counts of attempted murder, failing to report twenty-six counts of assault on a minor, aiding and abetting twenty-six counts of assault on a minor, and failing to report five missing children. "

Minerva looked towards Dumbledore confused at why he wasn't denying the slanderous allegations against them only to see that the cuffs used on him also kept unable to move his mouth or arms. She was startled at the lengths they had gone to keep him from doing any magic. Shaking herself out of her reverie she addressed Amelia, "I understand the charges even if I don't understand why I'm being charged with them, but there is one that completely baffles me. Who are these missing children?"

Minerva winced when the auror behind her hand tightened on her shoulder in what she assumed was anger. She shrugged off the lackey's hand and tried to ignore how Amelia's stare went from icy to murderous as the woman answered, "For some imbecilic reason you thought it was okay to send four first year students into the Forbidden Forest. If that wasn't enough you sent them after something powerful enough to kill unicorns. Last night Hagrid in his great wisdom sent two out alone and had the other two stay with him. Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy were alone when they came upon the creature. Malfoy managed to escape, but Potter was unable and was attacked. Luckily Mr. Malfoy was able to find Hagrid and a centaur was able to drive off the creature soon after it attacked him. Mr. Longbottom was quickly able to talk Hagrid out of taking Mr. Potter to MedWitch Pomphrey to Healers at St. Mungos. Mr. Malfoy contacted me and I decided an investigation was in order. So as not to alert you I asked Ronald Weasley to come with me. These children have been not been seen for hours and yet only Mr. Snape has reported one of his missing. Apparently he thought you would not care and went to me directly after looking for him for two hours. "

Minerva barely breath through the guilt going through her. This wasn't supposed to happen. The detention was only supposed to teach him a lesson about how dangerous it was to be out at night and trick others into it. She was knocked out of her reverie, when she was guided from her seat and towards the Entrance Hall. She was startled when Dumbledore all of a sudden started struggling and tried to to force himself to speak. Suddenly she realized what had him so bothered, "Madam Bones the headmaster can't leave. He is needed here to protect-"

"I don't care what you think the Headmaster can't do. He is held to the same laws as everyone else and I will not give him any special treatment," Amelia spoke over her shoulder as she walked out the of the Great Hall.

Minerva was nearly growling trying to get Amelia to listen to her,"You don't understand! He is needed here to-"

"Silenco! You will stop the excuses!" Amelia hissed.

Minerva sighed soundlessly. At least the stone was protected. There was no way someone could get through their traps. Especially hers. Not many people would become apart of a chest set. Even if they did they wouldn't beat it. She imbued it with her skill and there wasn't many that could beat her so the stone was safe enough till Dumbledore sorted out this mess.

Six Hours Earlier

Amelia Bones POV

Amelia sighed as she rubbed her eyes tiredly. What she had found so far made her blood boil. The Goblins had seemed only too glad to help. Apparently they like the fact that Mr. Potter treated them like equals when he visited them. Though at the moment she was having problems finding Mr. Potter's address without drawing any attention. Now she only needed to see if Healer Snyder had finished all the scans on the Potter child and check to see if Potter was awake to answer some questions. Walking into Snyder's office she was pleasantly surprised to see him waiting for her. Snyder was a tall pale blonde haired man with shadows under his blue eyes.

She waited as he drug a hand down his face and sipped from a steaming cup of tea. Rubbing his temples Snyder sighed and handed over a file before speaking, "The first page of that file will give his specs with a comparison of what it supposed to be based on what his DNA reads. For example he should have 18/20 eyesight, but in reality he only has half of that. The second page will give a list of injuries and and index telling which page more information of the injury can be found. I also included future treatment plans to heal the damage since you named yourself his temporary guardian; while he is in protective custody. He should be waking up in a few minutes-" The whistling of an instrument in his office cut him off. Abruptly he put his tea down and got up heading towards the door.

Looking over his shoulder he answered her unasked question as she followed him out. "That is one of my other patients. Your victim has been moved to room 206. He might not be awake much longer so I suggest you make your business quick." With that he quickly entered another room out of sight.

Sighing she entered Harry's room quietly so as not to immediately disturb the children inside. She nodded towards Arthur Weasley who had consented to Ronald coming with as long as he was with him. It also gave plus of adult supervision; while she handled the investigation. She smiled as she watched Harry Potter lean against Ron Weasley as he watched Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger compare muggle beverages with wizarding. Neville Longbottom seemed to be blushing as he hugged Harry Potter.

Clearing her throat she interrupted, " Mr. Potter, I am Madam Bones, Head of the Magical Law Enforcement. I don't know how much your friends were able to tell you once you woke up. So I'll start at the beginning. Last night you and three other student had a detention in the Forbidden Forest. During this Mr. Hagrid sent two of you without adult supervision to find something dangerous evil enough to kill a level five protected animal. Even after being shown that sending kids alone was inadvisable he sent yourself with Mr. Malfoy. You two then came upon the creature in mid-kill. Young Mr. Malfoy escaped, but you didn't. A centaur chased the creature off after it attacked you and Hagrid then showed up just as the centaur left. You were then taken hear for near fatal wounds. Now can you explain to me child in your own words what happened?"

She watched as the child looked at his friends before Miss Granger nodded her head. He seemed to accept as confirmation and immediately straighten his shoulders before answering, "A few weeks ago Ron, Hermione, and I walked in on Hagrid taking care of a dragon's egg that he won in a poker game. We were eventually able to talk him into getting rid of it so it didn't hurt students and get him arrested. He insisted that he would only do it if we helped. Ron got hurt and was unable to come with us so only Hermione and me got caught. Neville was caught trying to warn us and Draco was punished for telling on us after hours. She decided that I came up with some story to get Draco in trouble, which made no since 'cause why would we be out to instead of in our beds. Then she suggested that we got a kick out Neville getting in trouble to. So she took thirty more points than Draco's twenty from each of us and gave us all detention in the forest. The forest happened just as you said. Draco and me found the unicorn being drunk from. Then it felt like someone had set my forehead on fire and I was unable to move while Draco got away. Next thing I know the creature stuck out a wand and sent some kind of spells at me. The pain was terrible. I felt my skin separate like I was being sliced by a sword, but there was nothing cutting it. Then I felt the pain and blood. Then it was like someone was taking a sledgehammer to my bones. I.. just can't describe it. Then I heard hoof beats and saw the centaur kick the monster. The centaur told me that the creature was some form of Voldemort and then I blacked out."

Amelia paled at the last sentence. Deciding not to question the truth of the centaur's statement she decided to change the path of her interview. "I know that this may be difficult for you to answer. Healer Snyder found some suspicious scars on you and did a full diagnostic check on you. I don't need much from you child as the report tells me enough. I just need to know who and were you live?"

Harry seemed to shrink into himself before whispering out, "4 Privet Drive, Little Whinging, Surrey. I live with my Aunt Petunia Primrose Dursley nee Evans, My Uncle Vernon John Dursley, and my cousin Dudley Vernon Dursley."

Wincing at the Harry's nearly mechanical voice she wrote down the information. "Do you know someone named Arrabella Figg?"