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"We're starting over to head back in. There's a time and a place to die, but this ain't it. If there's a future we want it now."

Chapter Eight…

It had been surprisingly easily to slip from the mansion grounds undetected. May had almost found it a bit too easy for Jason to snatch up a set of keys from one of the many cars Darren had collected and speed through the gates of their private home with upstate New York as their destination. They said nothing to one another. Jason had his eyes trained on the road, but May could feel the tension rolling off him in waves. He was anxious; about what, she wasn't sure.

She was a bit on the nervous side too and not just because she was breaking every rule in the book, but because she had never been in a Metahuman Detainment facility. Some of her friends had not been so lucky but it was one thing to get caught and taken there, but she was going willingly and was dragging a slightly less than willing Jason along with her. She tried her best to stamp down her fears of what could happen if they were to get caught. She had to stay focused so that wouldn't happen.

Meditating on her objective and keeping her powers in check killed enough time that it seemed like it took mere minutes to reach the facility while in actuality Jason had been driving for hours. When he did finally stop the car on the side of what appeared to be an abandoned road and got out, May's brow furrowed in confusion.

He came up on her side of the car and rapped his knuckles on her window. "We have to go on foot from here. No unregistered vehicles can get past the check point up ahead. My contact said she'd meet us there." May nodded in understanding as she quickly unbuckled herself and opened her door. "Once we meet up with my contact, she'll get us inside and from there we are on our own."

"Max hacked into the mainframe of the facility so I have a map of the compounds layout. I think if we want to figure out anything about Project Genesis, we should go to the archives since all the actual hardware has already been stolen by the Pack." May said as she pulled her communicator out of the holster strapped to her upper thigh. When she was explaining to Max why she needed a layout of the entire facility, she hadn't exactly been truthful, claiming it was for research. In way she hadn't been lying, but she still left out major information.

"Okay, once we're in we have at least twenty minutes tops." Jason said as he gestured for her to follow him. "I don't want to be in there any longer than I have to and that place is crawling with sensors. And as soon as we set foot in there, they will all be honed on us unless my contact pulls through and shuts them down, but they'll only stay offline for twenty minutes at most."

"Understood." May murmured.

"Are you sure you want to do this, May?" Jason murmured as they approached a high fence. A little ways off was a checkpoint. At the checkpoint was a MCF tanker and with May's telekinesis she could sense that it wasn't empty. There were four metahumans in the back two were adults and the other two were children who could not be more than ten years old. The brunette thought she was going to be sick. "This could really be nothing."

"If the MCF have been so adamant about keeping this project a secret and Richard wants it, I know it isn't nothing." May said firmly as she pulled her attention away from the tanker that had cleared through the checkpoint and was on its way into the compound to deliver that nights catch of unlucky metahumans. "I believe we have to do this."

Jason took in a deep breath but nodded in understanding. He gestured for May to continue following him along the fence, in the opposite way of the checkpoint until it was out of sight. The black and white image of the four captured metahumans stuck in the brunette's mind though. She swallowed back the sickness she felt in her stomach knowing what awaited them in this facility.


"Anais." Jason said in greeting.

The woman donned in an MCF uniform cracked a nervous smile before she reached forward and pulled Jason into a tense hug. May allowed her telekinesis to slide over the woman, taking in all her features. Her hair was short and choppy and she had three raised scars that ran right across her face. She was tall ad lithe, but she was built with compact muscle.

"It's good to see you're doing well." Anais breathed when she pulled away. "I never thought I'd hear from you again when they said you finally escaped."

"Yea well…" Jason trailed off with a shrug of his shoulders. "There are some things that me and my friend here have to look into…for the safety of our friends." He gestured to May as she spoke and Anais turned her eyes on May.

"Of course," she murmured. "Follow me." She added before pressing something on the side of the clunky wrist watch she was wearing. May's brow furrowed in confusion as the ground beneath their feet began to vibrate with sudden movement. May sensed the ground pulling apart, and opening up to reveal what was hidden underneath. Anais moved first, going down the concrete stairs that led into the ground. Jason was quick to follow and May hesitated before going as well.

They went deep underground, May could feel. She reached out, sliding her hand against the wall and feeling that it was paneled with cold metal. It reminded her of the training facility underneath the mansion, but she knew that the two underground areas had two very different purposes. She extended her telekinesis and almost wished she hadn't. There were examining rooms and cells all around on this basement floor. Some examining rooms were occupied by doctors and metahumans writhing in pain. All the cells were full.

May swallowed thickly as it suddenly became hard to breath. She could feel the despair in the air from all the metahumans and the disdain from their jailers. It overwhelmed her; the pain and hatred and the suffering that permeated every hall and every room.

"May…" Jason said, almost in a warning tone. May took in a sharp breath as she was brought back. She pulled her hand away from the wall, only to sense the metal crumpled in on itself where her hand once was. "You need to relax."

"I feel them all…Jason I can feel all of them." May whispered shakily.

"I know…" Jason breathed placing a consoling hand on top of her head. "I know…just stay focused on the objective. We can't save them all…not right now." he murmured. May nodded quickly, taking in a few deep breaths to calm herself down.

"You're on your own from here." Anais inserted. "I have to get back to my post. I'll try to pull the sensors off line, but I can't guarantee it'll offer you an open window for long."

"Thank you, Anais." Jason murmured.

"It's the least I can do." she said just as quietly as she placed a hand on Jason's shoulder. "I hope you find whatever you're looking for and be safe…okay?"

Jason nodded before he turned towards May. The brunette was still breathing deeply, trying to focus less on the emotions that were bombarding her and more on the task at hand. She pulled out her communicator and turned it on, immediately going into the blueprint program Max had sent her. She turned on her tracking device in the communicator and a blinking red dot in the layout of the facility indicated where they were.

"Jason, I'm going to need you to be my eyes." May said as she handed the communicator over to him. "Max already figured out where the archives are. You just need to follow the directions on the communicator. Where we are now is indicated on the screen." she said firmly.

"Gotcha," Jason murmured. "Let's go."

Rolyn took in a sharp breath as she bolted upright in bed. She always had nightmares, but they had been becoming less consistent since she moved into the mansion along with the others. For the longest time, May was the only one who knew about the nightmares that were really just buried memories that haunted her at night. It wasn't until recently when Rolyn had crawled into Jason's bed and held onto him tightly to ground herself that he was clued in as well.

She threw back her covers and rushed towards the door. As soon as she swung the door open, she was greeted by a sight she had not been expecting.

Her heart rate spiked as she took in the stranger. "Who are you?"

The boy who looked no older than her sized her up, his lip curling back into a wolfish smirk as he leaned against the doorframe. "Babe, I can be anyone you want me to be." he murmured.

Rolyn did hesitate to lift her leg to kick where the sun didn't shine. She didn't know who he was or how got even close to the property but that didn't change the fact that he was there and he had no business being there. She was caught by surprise when he caught her leg with excellent reflexes before flipping her effortlessly by the captured leg. She yelped as she hit the floor with a thud.

The nameless guy chuckled darkly as he stared down at her. Her annoyance skyrocketed and her eyes flashed a dangerous white before she took him by the ankles and tugged him to the floor with surprisingly little effort. He guessed that she had to have some super strength based powers, either that or she was stronger than she looked. He had no time to dwindle on the matter as she quickly jumped to her feet and bolted down the hallway and around the corner, out of sight, at an inhuman speed.

"Mmm, I always liked a good hunt." he mused as he licked his lips in anticipation.

"Bryant…" Richard sighed rounding the corner. Bryant blinked in surprise as he noticed the girl he had just been trying to incapacitate being dragged behind him unconscious. "You must learn how to quickly and efficiently take out your targets. We have no time for your nonsense." he rebuked as he dropped Rolyn's unconscious form with an unceremonious thud in the middle of the hall.

"I was just having a little fun." Bryan argued. "I wasn't expecting her to be awake. Plus, she's hot." He nodded towards the unconscious girl with the ivory hair, his smirk returning. Richard rolled his eyes at his protégé's excuses.

"Well can I trust you to continue with the mission or should I just handle things from here on my own?" Richard sighed, sounding bored.

"I'll focus sir, promise." Bryant said firmly as he stood to his feet. Richard eyed him warily before nodding.

"Well, due to your blunder, I believe we will soon have more company." the older man murmured. "I can feel that kids mind probing around. That girl probably tipped him off vie telepathic connection. We'll have to work quickly." Richard was on the move again and Bryant was close on his heels, leaving her unconscious Rolyn behind.

"Why didn't you bring back up?" Bryant all but whined. "The Pack were willing and yet we waltz in here unknowing of anything these guys could be capable of minus for this kid you keep talking about that has telepathy and telekinesis. That in and of itself could mean death for us both instantly."

"Relax you sniveling child," Richard hissed. Bryant recoiled like he had been slapped. "I couldn't entrust those morons with a mission of this magnitude. Breaking into the MCF facility had been mere child's play than this."

"And yet here we are." Bryant muttered.

"Why Bryant, my boy, are you scared?"

Bryant didn't respond.

"If he is afraid, he certainly has reason to be."

Richard paused, his thin lips pulling into a tight, amused smile. "Why, Andrew. It's been so long." Bryant gave him a strange look as he spoke into the air. "We have so much catching up to do."

"Do we now? I'm giving you thirty seconds to rethink your next move and vacate this house."

"Now Andrew, let's not be so hasty. You were so much more agreeable as a child."

"Twenty seconds."

"Besides, I haven't even gotten the chance to offer my condolences for your loss."

A beat passed and everything seemed to go eerily quiet.

"Times up."

They heard the roar of the tiger before they saw it barreling down the hallway towards them. Richard blew out an impressed whistle before his amber eyes narrowed and his nails extended dramatically, resembling claws more than anything else. His canines lengthened to the point that the hung past hi top lip and he bared these suddenly acquired fangs as he braced himself.

Alex charged at the man at top speed, her jaw thrown open with the intention to snap on whatever body part was closest to her muzzle. What she didn't count on was for this man to obtain claws of his own and dig them into her blanks once she got in range. She howled in pain and yelped as she was hauled over the man's head and thrown behind him without a care. She hit the wall hard enough that she heard a crack. Suddenly overtaken by pain and unable to maintain her tigress form, she shifted back into a human.

"A shapeshifter?" Richard chuckled. "That's all you have to offer me?"

"One last chance, Richard."

Richard laughed once behind closed lips. "That sounds like a challenge, little Andrew. You know I've always loved a challenge." he murmured crossing his arms over his chest.

"I can smell others approaching." Bryant inserted into the seemingly one sided conversation. Richard knew that they were sending others. The shapeshifter just happened to be the closest but there were others. All of them smelling heavily of the altered scent of a metahuman. Richard had to give his late companion proper accolades. When Darren had said he was going to build a team, he didn't think it would be one so large.

"Find her." Richard said simply. "I'll meet you at the gate."

Bryant nodded before going down on all fours and taking off like a massive animal in the way they had come. Richard sighed deeply before cracking his neck. He hasn't had a good fight in a while. He just hoped that in Darren's absence, his little team hasn't become complacent.

"I'm sensing only two people in the archives." May murmured as she and Jason remained pressed up against the wall, right by the door to the archives. It was protected by locks that if broken, would surely set off an alarm so she and Jason would have to work fast. "I can disengage the lock, but you have to go in quickly and take out the two people in there. They are most likely guards, but I didn't sense any weapons on them."

Jason nodded in understanding.

"On my mark…" May muttered lifting her fist. Jason watched as she raised her index finger. He immediately shifted into his metal form just as she raised her middle finger as well. By the time she had raised her ring finger, she already had her free had raised towards the lock, using her telekinesis to disengage the electronic locks before pulling the door to the side. Jason flew into action, rushing into the archives and knocking out the two people present.

The appeared to be scientists, what with them dresses in lab coats. "All clear," Jason called out.

"Good." May breathed. "I'm going to need you to be my eyes Jason. We're looking for information on project Genesis, okay?"

Jason resisted the urge to roll his eyes. "I got it." He murmured before he went down the first row of filing cabinets, all filled with information that was deemed too important to be kept on a digital file that could be corrupted. May stayed in her place. Keeping her senses open just in case she stumbled upon something herself or in case someone came by. She knew that some alert had to have gone off by now and security was on its way. She just hoped that all this wouldn't be in vain and they would find something that could clarify exactly what the Pack was up to.

May's telekinesis picked up a flurry of movement coming their way fast and she swallowed thickly as her heart dropped. "Jason!" she called out just as her communicator went off. Her brow furrowed in confusion as she unlatched the device from her waist band. It was her emergency alert that went off and in one of the aisles she could hear Jason's communicator chiming the same alert tone. "What…?"

"May!" Jason called back. He had paused and had his communicator in hand. "May, something's wrong. We have to go."

May knew just as well as Jason did that if the emergency alert was going off that it had to be important, but she couldn't let this go. "Did you find anything?"

"May…" Jason began in protest, but she quickly cut him off.

"We can't leave until we get the information, Jason." May argued. "We're hours away from the mansion. If something is happening, we'd never get back in time."

"If!?" Jason retorted. "May, something is happening and we're too busy sneaking behind our entire teams back breaking into a MCF facility, the worst place for our kind, to be there to help!" May knew Jason wasn't exactly all for this little outing from the get go, but now that it meant they were miles away while the rest of their friends was in danger made his anger unrestrained.

May could sense the guards coming now. Their incapacitating guns were charged and she could sense the collars May had heard so much about. Her blind eyes widened. "Jason! Please!"

There was silence from the boy for a moment and all May could hear was the shuffling of his footsteps and the hiss of the filing cabinets opening and closing. The guards had to have been thirty seconds off at this point.

"Project Genesis!" Jason called out triumphantly. May released a breath she wasn't even aware she was holding as Jason approached her with a metal encased file. May took the file and quickly tucked it away in the backpack she had taken with her. By the time she had gotten the backpack slung over her shoulders, the guards were flooding in. "MAY!"

May cringed, expecting the charge of one of the MCF issue laser guns, but what she got instead was Jason's shout of pain before he crashed to his knees. Somehow between the guards arriving and then, Jason had shifted back into his metal form and last time May had checked, metal wasn't the best defense against electrical attacks.

"They're metahumans!" someone called out.

May didn't think. There was no time to think. She enveloped her and Jason in a barrier of telekinetic energy, her eyes glowing a faint white. With a push from her hand, the guards were thrown back by an invisible force, making a clear way for her to make her exit. May swallowed thickly as she focused all her energy on supporting Jason and keeping her shield up because that was the only way they were getting out of there.

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