Hey guys and gals, I am currently re-writing all the chapters and re-uploading them as I wasn't very happy with some of the earlier chapters. Not much will change, but I will try and make it better.

"Catch ya at school, Pyrrha!" Shouted an over excited, orange haired girl.

The red headed girl nodded "Yes, see you then." She waved her friend goodbye with a smile.

Pyrrha Nikos let out a sigh as she parted ways with her friends Lie Ren and Nora Valkyrie. "When will I be invited to hang out after school?" She frowned while running a hand through her long, red pony tail. She turned around and made her way home. Her head down.

"This place is huge!" Shouted the blonde teen who was busy gawking at the school. "This is Beacon High?" Jaune Arc was not easily impressed, but the sight of the highschool he would be attending for the next few years really got to him.

A boy with a lime green mohawk barged passed the blonde teen, causing him to stumble back.

"Hey!" The blonde said frowning "Watch where you're going."

The boy stopped walking and turned to face him. "Do you know who the hell I am?" He asked.

"Not a clue." Jaune replied nonchalantly.

The mohawk boy stepped towards the blonde "Russel Thrush and I am second in command for gang CRDL." He stated as if everyone should know of him.

'Who are CRDL?' Jaune thought, not recognising the name.

"So next time you talk to me you better talk with respect!" Russel shouted, pushing Jaune to the floor before walking away.

"Jerk…" Jaune muttered, standing up and dusting himself off "I just got here and already I've shown how weak I am…" He clenched his fist and walked in to the emerald forest to the side of the school. 'Hopefully a walk would clear my mind.'

"Hurry up Pyrrha!" Nora shouted from a distance, her orange hair dissapearing in the deep ocean of trees.

"Slow down guys!" She shouted back "Honestly, whose grand idea was it to come to the forest for lunch?" She asked herself. Realisation struck Pyrrha as she could no longer hear Ren's or Nora's voice. "Just great… Nora! Ren! Where are you guys?" She started to panic, she did not like being alone in an unfamiliar place.

"What have we here?" Came an unfamiliar yet amused voice.

Jaune shot up upon hearing a girls scream "What's going on?" He wondered aloud before jumping out of the tree he was laying in. He dived into a roll and started running when he got to his feet. He quickly made his way towards the source of the cry and burst into an opening.

A red haired girl with bright emerald eyes was being pulled along by a brutish looking teen with short brown hair. The girls shirt was torn and now stained in mud and her hair was long and messy.

The girls eyes widened at the sight of Jaune "Please help me..." She pleaded weakly.

"Oh." The large boy turned to Jaune "You gonna act like a hero?"

Jaune weighed out his options on one hand, he is definately going to get his ass kicked, but on the other hand, he has to help this girl. "I am going to try!" The blonde teen answered, jumping towards the larger boy.

The larger boy let go of the girl and swung his arm at Jaune, knocking him into a tree. "You are so dumb." The boy laughed, tightening his grip on the blondes neck "Thinking you could take on the leader of CRDL."

"CRDL…" Jaune growled as memories of Russel returned to his mind.

"Get off of him, Cardin!" The red head screamed while punching him in the back.

"Piss off!" He released Jaune and pushed her onto the ground, a cry of pain shot through the air.

Jaune moved fast and punched Cardin in the face. "How dare you hurt a girl!" The larger boy fell back and put a hand to his face.

"Next time I see you, you won't get so lucky." He informed while holding his nose "I can't wait till we meet again, blondie." Cardin turned tail and left.

Jaune ran over to the unconscious girl and knelt down. He noticed she wore a pained expression so he picked her up and started walking out of the forest.

Pyrrha put a hand on the back of her head "What happened?" She muttered. Sitting up and getting out of the bed. Instantly she knew that she had no clue where she was "When did my room have carpet?"

A gentle knock came from the door "Hey, you awake?" Came a boy's voice.

"Yeah…" She replied "You can come in."

The door opened slowly and revealed a blonde teenager with messy hair and deep blue eyes. He was wearing a blue onesie and looked kind of cute.

"Umm, my name is Jaune Arc. It's nice to meet you." Jaune introduced himself.

"Pyrrha Nikos…" She gave a small smile and brushed a strand of hair behind her ear.

"You feeling okay?" He asked, concern in his voice.

Pyrrha shook her head "I have a headache…" She replied quietly.

"I'll go fetch you some pills and water." Jaune said leaving the room.

Pyrrha looked around the room. 'Jaune seems like a nice guy.' She smiled. Noticing a small bookcase next to the bed she walked over to it.

Jaune came back holding a glass of water and a packet of pills. "Here you go." He said, presenting the medicine to her.

She smiled and accepted the medicine "Why did you help me earlier?" She asked curiously "Not many people would go up against Cardin Winchester."

The blonde boy shrugged his shoulders "Eh, why not, my mother always said strangers are just friends you haven't met yet."

Pyrrha eyed the boy "Were your parents not confused to why you brought an unconscious girl home?" She questioned.

The smile dropped from his face and he grew quiet "I…I don't live with my parents…" He answered.

She knew this was obviously a sensitive topic and dropped the subject "Well, thank you for all your help, but I best be going now." She said walking towards the bedroom door.

"I don't think that's a good idea, you hit your head pretty hard." Jaune explained.

"I'm fi…" She moved a hand to her head a sense of dizzyness overcame her and the next thing she knew was that she was falling.

"Pyrrha!" She heard Jaune shout as everything went black.

Nora paced back and forth in Ren's bedroom "What if she's hurt?!" She exploded.

"Nora…" Ren began.

"She has been gone since lunch. She could be in a ditch somewhere, she could need us."

"Nora, I'm sure she is fine." Ren assured "Why not try phoning her?" He suggested.

Nora's eyes sparkled "Good idea Ren!" She said, fishing out her phone and dialling Pyrrha's number.

"Did she answer?" The black haired boy asked.

"Shh!" Nora shushed him.

"Hello?" Came an unfamiliar voice from the phone.

"Who is this?" Nora asked with a mixture of concern and curiosity.

"My name is Jaune Arc, I found Pyrrha unconscious in the woods and took her to mine." The boy explained.

"What did you do to her!" Nora demanded.

"N.. Nothing! I swear!" Jaune replied "She has a concussion and is currently sleeping."

"Give me your address, I wanna see her." Nora ordered Jaune.

"Okay okay, Jeez." Jaune replied "12 Signal Road. I think it would be best if you come by tomorrow though, like I said, she is asleep."

"Okay. Thanks!" Nora laughed "But if she tells me you did anything to harm her," Her voice becames sharp and menacing "I will kill you."

"Got it." Jaune gulped before hanging up.

"Happy now?" Ren smiled.

Nora jumped on his bed and put her arms around him "I'll be happier once I have some Renny hugs." She smiled cutely and wrapped her arms around the Raven haired teen.