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Jaune sighed and slid his back down the wall "Way to go moron..." He groaned, raising a hand to his head. He let out a groan as his vision blurred. He loosened his tie and unbuttoned he top of his shirt.

"Are you okay?" Weiss asked, slight concern in her voice.

The blonde boy blinked and focused his sight "Weiss?" He spoke in disbelief "Why would she be worried?"

Weiss put her hands on her hips and glared "Well sorry for being worried about a friend." He ice blue dress spun as she turned to walk away.

"Hold on!" Jaune groaned at the volume of his own voice "I'm sorry." He apologised "I'm fine, thanks for your concern." He smiled.

Weiss gave a soft smile and sat next to the boy "If you are fine, why are you sat over here on your own? What happened?"

"You ready Pyrrha?" Jaune shouted from the living room. He tied up his tie and threw on the black blazer.

"Almost!" Came her reply.

Jaune frowned as he remembered the deal he made with Sun and Ren. "I need to drink but i can't let it show." He planned in his head.

"How do I look?" Pyrrha leaned against the door frame, a grin plastered across her face "You like?"

"Like? You look amazing!" Jaune stared in amazement, eyes glued to his girlfriend.

She was wearing the black and red dress that she brought the other day. Her long red hair had been curled and was over hung over her shoulders.

The red head giggled and spun over to the blonde boy "You don't look bad either." She gave her boyfriend a peck on the lips.

Jaune smiled "Shall we go?"

Pyrrha nodded and walked towards the door and opened it up "Jaune?..." She asked in a confused tone "Why is there a limo outside?"

"That is our ride." He smiled and shut the door behind him "C'mon, Ren and Nora are waiting."

As the couple got closer to the limo Nora rolled down the window "We have been expecting you two." She grinned while wearing a black pair of sunglasses.

"Hello Nora, Ren." Pyrrha smiled as she got in the limo.

Ren gave a simple nod and smiled.

"Oh my god Pyrrha! You look awesome!" Nora bounced.

"You look better!" Pyrrha complimented the bubbly girl.

"Oh stop lying!"

As the girls conversed Ren smiled at Jaune "You going through with it?" He asked.

Jaune shrugged "I cant back out now. Besides it can't be that bad..."

Ren studied the boy "Have you ever drunk alcohol before?"

"Pfft, ofcourse I have." Jaune laughed nervously "All the time actually..."

Ren pulled out a flask from his pocket and chucked it over to the blonde.

Jaune eyed the flask "What's in it?" He asked curiously.


"Oh. Is this is what most people drink?" Jaune asked, clueless.

Ren shook his head in amazement "So you have never actually drunk before..."

Jaune unscrewed the flask "I have!" He put the container to his mouth and drunk some. The liquid burnt his throat and he started to cough "That's good." He said inbetween coughs.

Ren laughed and took back his flask "You win."

"What are you guys talking about?" Pyrrha asked.

"Jaune has never drunk alcohol." Ren grinned teasingly.

Nora turned her attention to the blonde "Really?"

Jaune fidgeted as all eyes were now on him "So... why does it matter?"

"It doesn't." Pyrrha assured him.

"You want some Pyrrha?" Ren offered the girl the flask.

Pyrrha thought for a moment and smirked "Everyone has got to let loose sometime, right?" She grabbed the flask and drunk some whiskey "That's good stuff." She laughed.

"How did she do that?" Jaune asked.

"Look what I found!" Nora emerged with two bottles of wine and a giggle "Let's drink some!" She opened up one of the bottles and started to guzzle it down.

"Save some for the rest of us." Pyrrha laughed, snatching the other bottle from the orange haired girls hand "This one can be for me and Jaune."

"Say what now?" Jaune stared at his girlfriend as she held the bottle out to him.

"Don't worry, it's different from what Ren gave you." She smiled.

"There are different kinds?"

"Oh how little you know." Nora burped.

The group sat down at the table and picked up the menus.

"This is a nice place you chose, Jaune." Ren nodded in appreciation as his eyes scanned the long list of food.

"Ooohhh, Chocolate fudge cake!" Nora squealed "Cookie dough! Oh my god! Ren can we live here?" She asked excitedly.

"I don't think they would appreciate that, Nora." Pyrrha giggled at her friend.

"Aww man..." She whined.

Jaune felt a little light headed as he read through the menu. He put it down and decided on his meal.

"How ya feeling Buddy?" Ren asked.

"I'm fine." Jaune shook his head "What are you guys getting?"

"Y...Yang?" Velvet stuttered shyly "Wh...Why did you ask me to the dance?"

Yang smiled "Well we are going out now, right?"

Velvet blushed violently "Well... Yeah but...Why pick me?"

Yang stopped walking and thought for a moment "I guess it's because you're so darn cute." She winked at the shy bunny girl.

The blushing girl smiled softly "Thank you, Yang."

The group arrived at the dance and entered the hall. The room was dark but colourful lights shone around the dance floor. Decorations hung from the ceiling and the walls. Students were all about the place, some dancing and others getting food.

"Hey Pyrrha!" Nora called "Let's dance!" She grinned competitively.

"Think you can win?" Pyrrha laughed and ran to the dance floor.

"You get back here Nikos!"

Jaune turned to Ren, a look of confusion on his face.

Ren shrugged "Don't worry about them. Let's go find Sun."

Sun was sat at a table with Blake, Velvet and Yang.

"What a drag..." Blake and Sun shared a sigh of disappointment "When are Jaune and Ren getting here?" Blake asked.

"We're right here."Ren spoke, face expressionless "Sun, come with us."

Sun jumped up and smirked "Got it." He gave Blake a quick kiss and ran after the two boys.

"You didn't actually sneak alcohol in here did you?" Jaune panicked as the trio walked to Rens locker.

"Of course he did." Sun laughed "Stop being a wimp."

"Hey, fuck you!" Jaune retaliated, the alcohol making him become more confident.

"Oohhh, kitty's got claws." Sun smirked, he reached into Ren's locker and pulled out a bottle of vodka "If you aren't a wimp, then drink this." He presented the clear liquid to the blonde boy.

Jaune grabbed the bottle and uncapped it. He threw his head back and poured the alcohol down his throat. The horrible taste made him want to stop, but his pride kept him going.

Ren grabbed the bottle from Jaunes grasp "Idiot, you drunk more than half."

"So what?" Sun laughed "He can handle his drink. Good work there buddy, I never would have thought you could drink it straight."

"You do know that today was the first time he had any alcohol?" Ren frowned.

Jaune hiccuped and grinned madly "Sun! Ren!" He pulled his friends into a hug "You guys are the best!"

"Okay." Sun wriggled out of Jaunes hold "This is weird."

Pyrrha and Nora broke away from the dancing to have a break "I wonder what Jaune and Ren are up to." Pyrrha smiled.

"Probably getting food." Nora drooled "I'm hungry!"

"Let's go get something to eat." The red head agreed.

"Nora!" Ren called after the girls "Have you seen Jaune?"

"We thought he was with you." Pyrrha began to worry "What happened?"

They all turned around as they heard cheering erupt. The students on the dancefloor had formed a circle and were applauding the person in the middle.

"It can't be..." Ren groaned, making his way to the middle.

When the group got to the middle they held back their laughter. Jaune was dancing with a lampshade on top of his head.

Pyrrha pulled out her phone and started to record the scene "Oh this will be funny in the morning."

"Is someone giving out lampshades? If so I want one!" Nora cried out.

"I hate to disappoint you Miss Valkyrie, but that is the lampshade from my office."

"Professor Ozpin!" Pyrrha jumped in surprise.

"Hello Miss Nikos. Lovely night we are having." Ozpin smiled.

"Is he in trouble?" Ren asked.

Ozpin gave the boy a knowing smile "Not at all. But next time, please be sure not to bring alcohol on to school grounds." He chuckled.

Nora noticed the cheering had stopped "Hey look, it's Cardin!"

All eyes focused on the middle.

"What did you say?" Cardin scowled at the smiley blonde.

"I said leave her alone!" Jaune stumbled.

"That whore deserved it." Cardin laughed and raised his foot to kick the girl.

"Doth thou villainous swine not learn!" Jaune pushed the larger boy away and jumped towards him.

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