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Their shared apartment was smoky, and the air was thick with the smell of pot and the heady aroma of sex. Cas reached over Dean to grab one the bottles of beer on the nightstand and took a long swing. As Cas straddled him to grab for the lighter, Dean let out a low groan. Cas fumbled with the cigarette and lit it. The smoke was sharp against his tongue. It was better than the mellow flavor of the pot.

"Give me a drag," Dean purred out.

"Open up."

Cas took a deep drag and fit their mouths together blowing the smoke into Dean's mouth. He chased it with a swipe of his tongue against Dean's lower teeth. He pulled back brushing his lips against Dean's soft ones. He rolled his hips into Dean's, as Dean let the smoke out with a groan. Cas wondered why they had even bothered putting underwear back on.

"What happened to the joint?" Dean didn't appreciate the acidic quality of cigarette smoke quite as much as Cas did. Not that it stopped him from smoking three packs a day.Dean apparently didn't have it in him to look towards the ash tray, perched in front of the beer bottles. Then again, it could have also been that Cas had him pinned to the bed with his hips.

"In the ash tray."

"Give it." Dean's fingers fumbled for the beer bottle first.

Cas grabbed it for him and poured some into his mouth. He lapped at the corners of Dean's mouth where a few drops made their way out. Dean tilted his head as he swallowed to bring their lips together. His hands went to the back of Cas' neck, holding him into the kiss. He lapped into Cas' mouth, carefully rediscovering familiar territory. Cas leaned into the kiss, pressing his torso against Dean's, settling between his lover's spread legs. He pulled back from the kiss when the need for air became too much.

"Want the joint?"

"Want you," Dean hesitated. "And the joint." Cas buried himself in Dean's neck, sucking a bruise into the junction between neck and shoulder. Dean groaned.

"So decadent, baby," Cas breathed into his ear.

Cas snatched the joint from the ash tray. They had only taken a few hits before letting it die, otherwise occupied a few hours previously. He lit it and took a drag before holding it to Dean's spit slick lips. Dean took a drag and pulled Cas back down for another kiss, blowing the smoke into his mouth. Cas inhaled automatically, surprised. The smoke felt good, though.

"Love this, love you." Cas took another hit. A few minutes later he was definitely feeling the effects of the drug, though he couldn't say how much of the floating feeling was that and how much was the man beneath him, mouthing wantonly at his shoulder.

Dean took the last hit a few minutes later, pulling it deep and holding it. He was normally pliant when they were like this- fucked out and high, so Cas was taken a little off guard when he was pulled down by the nape of the neck, and Dean let the smoke go. As he was coughing he found himself pressed against the mattress.

"God, Cas, want to ride you."

Cas grinned up at him. It didn't happen often, but once in a while Dean would get totally wasted and remain almost uncomfortably aware of his surroundings. Cas lived for those nights; Dean always got incredibly toppy and all Cas had to do was lie there. Not that he ever minded fucking a pliant, responsive Dean into the mattress, but this was pure bliss.

Cas' train of thought, which he had barely been following to begin with was derailed when Dean groped him through his boxers. "Fuck, Dean."

"Off," he said. He divested himself of his boxers, and hooked his fingers into Cas'. Cas obliged, lifting his hips and Dean tugged them down his legs. He hissed when the cool air of the room hit his dick.

He bucked up on instinct when a wet heat enveloped him. He propped himself up on a shaky elbow to see Dean's mouth stretched around him. Dean's cheeks hollowed out as he pulled Cas deeper into his throat. He pulled up, swirling his tongue around the head, lapping at the salty-sweet pre-come gathered there.

"Like that, don't you baby? Sucking me down, choking on my cock? Getting me all nice and wet to fuck you?"

Dean's resulting moan sent shivers up Cas' spine and a hand went to tangle in the short strands on the back of Dean's head. He pulled Dean into a steady rhythm. Dean stilled his head, letting Cas fuck his mouth, running his tongue along the underside when he could.

"God, your mouth is so perfect for this." Cas felt his hips stutter, as he felt heat begin to coil in his stomach.

Dean pulled off, kissing his way back up Cas' body. "Want you to come inside me."

Cas fumbled for the bottle of lube. He barely got the cap flipped open before it was snatched out of his hand. Between the pot and arousal for it to register and by the time Cas figured out Dean had taken it, the man in question was already scissoring two fingers inside himself.

"Eager?" Cas drawled.

"Want you."

"Such a slut for my cock, aren't you?"

"Always want you inside me. Splitting me open."

"Come here. Turn around, I want to watch."

Dean pulled his fingers out with a squelch, and drizzled more lube onto his hand. He gave Cas a few solid strokes, twisting his wrist before turning around and sinking onto his dick.

Cas sunk his fingers into Dean's hips, not bothering to guide his sloppy rhythm. Dead pulled himself up, and circled his hips on the way back down. Dean found his rhythm leaning forward to brace himself on Cas' thighs. Cas let out a low groan as he watched himself slide out of Dean.

"God, baby, look so good, stretched out around my dick."

Dean moaned in response and picked up speed. Cas realized this was nearly over and reached around, grabbing onto Dean, jacking him in time with his thrusts. Dean snapped his hips forward and spilled over Cas' hand.

A handful of thrusts later Cas came with a grunt. Dean stroked his thighs through the aftershocks, and pulled off. Cas brought his come covered hand up to Dean's mouth as he settled next to him and Dean automatically sucked the fingers into his mouth, cleaning them off. Cas was feeling sober enough to walk.

"Gonna go get a washcloth, baby."

Dean let out a contented little grunt. Cas ran his hand up Dean's side and into his hair as he went to the bathroom. He cleaned himself off, before rising off the cloth and making sure it was warm. He slid back into bed and carefully wiped down Dean's body, laying kisses down as he went. He finished and rested his head on Dean's shoulder, burying his face in his chest. He felt Dean softly card through his hair. Dean reached to the nightstand, pulling out two cigarettes. He lit one, passing it to Cas who took it gratefully, before lighting his own.

"What do you want to do tomorrow?"

"This," was Dean's response.

"Seriously, we should actually do something tomorrow."

"Kevin mentioned this new Asian fusion place."

"Sure. Sounds like a date."

"Definitely going then." Dean pressed a kiss to the top of Cas' head.

Their cigarettes were eventually exhausted. As Cas put his head back down he began drawing aimless designs along Dean's chest.

"I'm thinking I might get a tattoo," Dean said. Cas' fingers stilled.


"Not sure yet. Just sorta thought of it."

"What about the protection symbol Meg showed you the other day. The demon one, that looks like a sun?"

"I guess I do need protection from my demons," Dean said with a laugh.

"We all do," Cas replied, resuming drawing on Dean's chest.


"One more cigarette."

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