The Masked Bull Strikes Again

It was probably more than 100 degrees in Moo Mesa, and it was no surprise that the summer time was when the Masked Bull struck the most. It also was no surprise the cowboys were always hot on his trail in the summer time. 50% of the time when it rained, the Masked Bull didn't bother with crime, but considering his reputation, everyone had come to expect him to be the one to strike whenever it was necessary.

Where was the Masked Bull on this day? He was way out in the desert. He and his two henchmen, Saddlesore and Boot Hill Buzzard, decided to rest from the crime wave he had just finished. Miss Lily had much testimony to give to the people after the wave.

"It's no surprise it was the Masked Bull who done robbed me of the jewelry I bought from J.R.," she said to the press. "Do you suppose the Masked Bull has been using me as bait to possibly murder the cowboys?"

"I wouldn't be surprised," said one of the reporters. "He's made the headlines 96% of the time in the last two months and it's driving us just as nuts as it is you."

Just then, Puma caught sight of the Masked Bull riding by with all the loot. "It's the Masked Bull! It's the Masked Bull! Run for your life! Run for your life!" Puma screamed. The crowds fled to safety after seeing Puma wasn't just seeing hallucinations.

"Yup. There he goes again," Dakota reported to Moo.

"Looks like we got another crime on our hands," Moo replied. "Come on, boys! Let's rodeo!" The cowboys saddled up and chased after the Masked Bull.

When the cowboys reached J.R.'s teepee, the Masked Bull had taken J.R. hostage. Under normal circumstances, he took Lily hostage, but he decided a change of gender was in order. "Let me go!" J.R. had been shouting. "Umph! Oof! Ow! This is a game I hate playing!"

"Let him go, Masked Bull!" Cowlorado called. "We're the ones you want!"

"I want you all!" the Masked Bull shot back. "I don't take no prisoners until I've taken all the hostages, and I'm gonna snatch Lily!"

"Oh, no, you don't!" Moo replied. "I've got you right where I want you!" Gunfire (or in Moo's case, starfire) emerged from the two rivals. Dakota assisted with his brute strength while Cowlorado helped out with his lariat.

"When I get done with you, I'm gonna hog-tie Miss Lily and that little brat they call Cody," the Masked Bull continued. "Nothing can stop me now…well, except for that." His last remark was directed towards the fact Cowlorado had lassoed him successfully. "I always forget about the ropes," he said.

"Like it says in the Code," Moo commented, "nothing stops a law enforcer from getting his bull, depending on who the bull is." The trio headed back to Cowtown to throw him in jail, return the jewelry to Lily, and help J.R. recover from the stress.


Wild West C.O.W.-Boys of Moo Mesa © Ryan Brown