From The Other Side

It will repeat. It always repeats. It is the world's fate to continue the monotonous cycles, as Takamagahara sees fit. The people in the world are nothing but actors for a play, the environment nothing but a stage, the entire planet nothing but an experimental plaything. Timelines will repeat, characters will be reunited, and conflict will ensue as it always does, for it is the way of the continuum shift. However, a revelation is forming inside a realm exempt from the time shifts.

The Boundary….


Residing deep down, in the lower levels of the NOL branch of the 13th Hierarchical City of Kagutsuchi, lies a dark ominous lab. Away from prying eyes and ears, the sounds of electrical beepings could be heard, along with several holographic recordings. In the luminescence from the bright recordings stands a man in magenta cloak and clothing with a golden opera mask hiding his visage, stroking his chin thoughtfully. He was so engrossed in the captured images in front of him, that the sound of the door opening and closing behind did little to interrupt his concentration.

"Is the Izayoi currently in effect?" He said, with his back facing the man entering the lab. The sound of a sigh could be heard behind him.

"Yes yes, as per your instruction."

"Good, now we may continue…"

Stepping into the light was a green haired man, dressed in a long black coat, covering his dark waistcoat over a white shirt, a black tie around his neck, matching slacks and dress shoes, and topping it off with a dark fedora resting on his head.

"God dammit Relius, when are you going to tell me what's going on already? You've been ordering me around the whole damn city, making sure to take needless precautions and systematic checks, and you even had the nerve to pull rank! Plus, you asked me to activate the Izayoi way ahead of schedule! Do you realize the consequences of prematurely activating the Izayoi compared to the other timelines? Takamagahara might judge such an act as suspicious, and you know what that means. I don't know about you Colonel, but I'd rather not experience another time loop all over again."

The Mad Puppeteer inched his head towards the intelligence officer, but still kept his eyes glued on the holographic screens.

"That is a risk I am most willing to gamble." He said, his voice betraying what little hesitation he was hinting.

"Couldn't you at least tell me what you were planning before making me go on a wild goose chase?"

"I could not. That would mean risking a potential observation by Takamagahara. And I am extremely confident that if they were to hear what I have discovered, they would have no hesitations in initiating another time loop."

The green haired intelligence official, known professionally as Hazama, stepped up next to his friend as he observed the glowing projections.

"So? What did you want to tell me? Why were you taking different routes in this timeline?"

A few seconds of silence passed between the two as they watched a glimpse of the screenshots and of the recordings.

"An outlier has formed…" he said vaguely

"Easy there colonel. Not everyone has an un-healthy obsession with math as you do" Hazama scoffed.


Relius was not amused with his friend's attitude. He waited for him to get the memo, for he knew that Hazama was no fool when it comes to observations with the time loops.

After a few seconds of contemplation, he finally got the hint.

"You don't mean…" Hazama seemed visibly surprised. His eyes opening at the words he was hearing, mouth agape.

"A revelation has been formed"

"But for one to come up so sudden…after so many loops…what's changed?"

At the question, Relius went up to the terminal and changed the images in the holographic projections to what looked to be a schematic of-

"A Prime field device?"

"The prime field device, my friend."

Hazama leaned in closer to the blueprints, scrutinizing over the mechanical layouts through near closed lidded eyes.

"The ⑨ th subject…Iota"

"The strongest excavation unit so far, at least durability-wise. During the previous timelines, she was unable to find anything useful within the boundary. However, this timeline is a different story. This time she was able to venture deeper within boundary than previously recorded, farther than any other prime field devices, and what she discovered there was something absolutely extraordinary."

"Well don't leave me out here, what did she find?"

The scientist turned his head towards him.

"Another boundary."

"What?!" Hazama gasped, completely in shock at the information that he was getting.

"This one however, appears to be of mystical origin, and acts as a sort of force field to outsiders." Relius explained.

"Wow, never had I thought of finding such a thing in that place." He said in astonishment as he shook his head at the discovery.

"Well, it was located a lot farther in than the area we found you floating in." Relius grinned at the image of the green haired man slightly shivering. But then again, even he would shake in his boots if he had to wander in such a dimension for so long. He turned his attention back to the screen.

"Anyways, using advanced Ars Magus technology, she was able to break through the 'border', not without sustaining heavy injury in the process however. What she found beyond the border, is truly a spectacle."

At the word, the screen reverted back to the screenshots captured by the unit. The screens showed what appeared to be a vast area of lush green land, with large mountains in the background, along with several lakes and a river. Hazama whistled at the sight of the beauty of the land.

"So? What happened to her?"


Near a pond next to a mountain, a young mechanical girl could be seen laying down on her back in the water, with empty red eyes staring up into the air. Around her, two kappas could be seen. One with short black hair was hammering away at the slouched girl's head with a wrench, hoping to elicit some sort of reaction. After a good three minute of constant banging, she gave up with a sigh, and looked at the other Kappa with blue pig tails.

"I think she's broken Nitori…"


"We lost contact after two minutes in the realm. I suspect she gave in to her damage sustained in the boundary and perished soon after. No matter. What's done is done, and her death has brought something that we haven't seen before in all of the continuum shift."

"I'll break out the cake and eggs" Hazama said in mock celebration.

"Later. Right now we need to contact the Imperator and tell her about the discovery." He said with a slight tone of urgency mixed in with his monotone voice.

"Aye-aye colonel," The captain raised up his hand in a mock salute.

Turning his back towards the puppeteer, he walked out of the lab to leave the scientist to his business. On his way back to the elevator, he had an ominous smile on his face.

"What an interesting turn of events we have here."

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