(BGM: Blazblue: Blue beating)

Reimu Hakurei

Drive: Yin Yang Orb

Age: 17

Height: 5'5 ft

Weight: 47 kg

Blood type: B

Affiliation: Hakurei Shrine

Position: Shrine Maiden

Relatives: Miko Hakurei (Mother), Genji (Caretaker, trainer)

Hobbies: Hanging around the shrine, Danmaku Duels.

Values: Gensokyo, Friends

Likes: Donations

Dislikes: Cheapskates

Natural Enemy: Yūki Terumi

Theme: HM Reimu's Theme: Spring Lane ~ Colorful Path

Unlimited Theme: 博麗 霊夢/少女綺想曲 〜Dream Battle (Maiden's capriccio by CarrotWine)

Power: ****

Defense: ****

Speed: ****

The current shrine maiden of the Hakurei lineage. Not much is known of her past, but what is known is that her duty is to keep and maintain balance in Gensokyo. When the seithr corruption spread across the land, she was tasked to lead a small strike force to the source of the distortion. However, she was separated from her group along the way to the mysterious world. Not long after waking up in her new environment, she got into a fight with a purple clad bounty hunter, and easily finished him off. Now lost and confused, Reimu is determined to solve this incident as quickly as possible and rendezvous with the rest of her group, wherever they are..

Risk Rating: S


Lost Faith


"Stupid Cops!"

Not even a full hour into this new world, and she already had trouble with the authority. After her little "scuffle" with the purple puppeteer, if one could even call it that, she found a more populated section of the city across a large bascule bridge. It looked like a market place; everywhere she looked, she saw stands that sold something. Fruits, Weapons, Clothes, even Dogs. Did she say dogs? Because there was one dog in particular that kept barking nonstop in the background. The "arf's" were literally ingrained in her entire being, and will probably plague her mind for days to come.

She did feel a little out of place being the only one flying in the sky, and apparently for good reason. One minute she was just minding her own business, floating above all the citizens, then the next thing she knew, a voice echoed throughout the air as some jackass in blue started to yell at her through a microphone. Something about "Use of levitation Ars being restricted" and "Level D alert" or some crap like that. As one would expect, this irritated Reimu a little. She got into a straight yelling match with the blue uniform, so much so that he had to call reinforcements to get her to come down. On several occasions, Reimu had to quell the urge to pull out her charms and blow them up. She decided that getting the official authority's attention would cause her more delay and troubles, and would have preferred a more discrete way of solving this incident. So here she was, grudgingly walking on the ground, pushing through crowds of pedestrians. What caught her off guard while walking around was the number of non-humans walking around with her. There were lots of humanoids, but some with animal parts here and there. Examples she found included one person with a human body, but had the head and neck of a giraffe. Another was from a slouched figure with a mask on, but had the tail of a monkey hanging behind him. Were they some form of Youkai? No, she felt no magic coming from them. It almost felt more...scientific more than spiritual.

"Now that's strange. Youkais bred from science and experimentation?" she closed her eyes and sighed loudly, "Man, do I hate science". She suddenly bumped into something, something...hard.

"Ah, sorry about tha-" her jaw dropped when she looked up at the thing she suddenly walked into. "That….whoa"

BGM: Motor Head

In front of her was a bulky red giant towering over her. The thing had black spiky hair with white streaks running through it and had on a huge red sleeveless top, wearing massive black iron like gauntlets, and had a pair of little orange glasses hanging from his face. Overall, this...whatever it was, looked intimidating.

"Hm?" he looked around before looking down at her, almost like he was analyzing her. "You're...a shrine maiden. I didn't even know there was a shrine located in Kagutsuchi. Forgive me, but I have no donations that I can offer to you at the moment."

Reimu felt her vein pop at that. "Who said I even asked?!"

Why does everyone think that shrine maidens are just people begging for donations? Granted, maybe she wouldn't be the best person to use as an example, but it's still messed up. While she was stuck in her thoughts, she overheard some of the pedestrians walking by saying something.

"Hey, isn't that Sector Seven's Red Devil?" one onlooker said.

"Yeah, it is! It's him! It's the Red Devil!" another one whispered in awe.

Red Devil? Oni? Granted, he sure looked like one, but he definitely didn't feel like one. Reimu took a good look at him, analyzing the giant for herself. It was massive, but it didn't feel organic. He felt more like a machine then a man.

"My apologies, I meant no disrespect to a lady of faith. Well then, I'll be on my way….hm?" The giant suddenly pressed his giant fingers to his ear, as if someone was relaying a message to him. "What's wrong Kokonoe?" he asked in a confused voice.

"Uh, everything ok?"

"Calm down Kokonoe, you're not making any sense to me here."

"Who the hell is she?! What is she doing here?! This isn't supposed to happen!" A static laced voice screamed into Tager's communicator. "Is this some sort of Phenomena Intervention?!"


"Uh…" sweat drops started to form on Reimu's head. Currently from her viewpoint, it looked like the red giant was screaming to himself in a startled and confused manner. "I'll be going now then…" With that, Reimu turned away from the so called "Red Devil" and started to walk in the other direction.

"Tager, listen to me. New objective; apprehend and detain the phenomenon. Eliminate her if you must!"

"Kokonoe...I don't know-"

"The freaking Shrine Maiden! Pursue her!"

Tager growled in frustration at the current situation.

"Tager, repeat the order…." the voice all but growled.

"Roger, pursuing target"

Why is everyone in this world either really annoying or really weird? She was starting to wonder that a lot in the short amount of time she was here. That wasn't a good sign. You want to know what else isn't a good sign? The creeping sensation of your instincts telling you that a big metal black hand was inching towards your body to grab you.


Reimu quickly ducked underneath the massive black hands, and backflip kicked them away, jumping back a few feet to see the same Red Devil she ran into.

"What the hell was that for?!"

"Ugh." He wished he could answer her, but even he didn't know why he was pursuing her. Blast it all, Kokonoe..

"Forgive me, but I must ask you to comply and come with me to Sector Seven."

Reimu scoffed. "Yeah right!" Not even fifty minutes in this new world, and apparently some unknown faction wants her? Has she been figured out that quickly?

" And let me guess…" she raised her Gohei in a defensive stance. "You're going to use force if I don't comply, right?"

Tager also raised his gauntlets in a fighting position. "I would rather avoid bloodshed, especially against a shrine maiden of all people…"

"Oh?" Reimu smiled at the irony of his statement. "Lucky for you, I'm no ordinary Shrine Maiden."

"I had hoped it wouldn't come to this…" Tager then prepared himself for the coming battle.

Once her inner battle clock started ticking, Reimu sped forward in a blur towards the red giant. The collision of those two colliding was enough to cause a visible shockwave through the air. At the first signs of combat, most of the pedestrians cleared away from the area, aside for a few individuals crazy enough to watch the battle, including that damn dog too.

The shrine maiden sped towards him at such an extraordinary speed, that Tager almost didn't have enough time to react. Before the blow, he managed to raise both of his hands to where the girl was aiming, and blocked her hyper accelerated punch with both of his gauntlets in front of his chest.

"A-amazing." he said while struggling with holding back her punch.

Reimu brought up her other arm to grab one of the Red Devil's arms. She managed to get a good grip with both of her hands quickly enough before the giant could react, and used her unusual strength to throw the entire massive cyborg over her shoulder into the air. The giant screamed in alarm as he flew in the air. After throwing the mechanical monster up, Reimu quickly flew to where he was, and delivered a swift kick into his abdomen, launching him into several nearby buildings. Upon collision, the buildings crumbled like sand castles as he flew through each of them, until he finally crashed with a resounding boom.

Reimu flew towards where he landed, but still remained in the air. When she got near enough, she could see the giant getting up from the pile of rubble. Upon closer inspection, she could also make out that even after such heavy abuse, other than a slight daze he doesn't seem to have suffered that much damage.

"What's wrong 'Red Devil'? Is this really the true extent of an Oni's strength?" Reimu goaded in the air.

Tager ignored the girl's taunts as he ran through his systematic scan.

Sensory units, functioning...

Self Repair function, still intact..

Motor functions, undamaged…

"It's kinda weird" Reimu smiled as her thoughts drifted to Suika. "I know a little girl who's more of a Oni." she laughed to herself as she whispered the last part. Tager's advanced auditory senses picked up the insult though.


It's not like he was getting angry or anything like that from something so juvenile. He didn't even have any intimate feelings for his title that people branded him with. But there was a level of tolerance one person can take.

So with a hint of prejudice, Tager brought both of his arms close to his chest, and started to gather yellow electrical energy in between the palms of his hand. Once he charged enough for a shot, he looked up and took aim at the red and white shrine maiden.

"Spark Bolt!", he brought forth both of his arms and shot the ball of energy he collected at Reimu.

Reimu raised her eyebrow in amusement at the incoming yellow sphere flying towards her. Such a thing was laughable compared to what she had witnessed in her rounds of Danmaku battles back in Gensokyo. The thing was slow, large, bland, unstylish, predictable, and worst of all, there was only one of it.

"Childsplay." she thought to herself.

So as soon as the blast of charged electricity was about to hit her, she skillfully and elegantly dodged it, allowing a bit of a graze against it for style points. However something weird started to happen. Once the spark bolt touched the area where it grazed past her, her entire being started to feel all tingly, like she was somehow magnetically charged.

"What in the world?"

Once he confirmed that the attack landed, Tager raised one of his arms in the air as yellow colored energy started to gather towards his palm. Reimu started to feel her body being pulled towards the glowing black gauntlet of the giant unwillingly. She tried to stay stationary to where she was, but it was in vain, as she was still moving closer and closer to the cyborg.

"Wha-what magic is this?"

"This is no magic, this is the power..." Once the shrine maiden got close enough, he managed to grab her entire body in his cold and black fingers.

"Of Science!" He then slammed his adversary into the ground with enough strength to cause the shrine maiden to bounce off the ground upon impact.


Which allowed Tager a window of opportunity to land one more attack. The Red Devil crouched down low, and started to charge magnetic energy into his body, which started to emit a yellow color. Once a sufficient amount of force was packed, he rammed his entire being against the shrine maiden as she was falling down from the ground bounce. Reimu flew a couple of feet away, but she again started to feel the strange sensation of her body being pulled towards her opponent.


She quickly got to her feet and rushed at the devil in hopes of suffocating him with a constant barrage of attacks until he submits. She threw a few powered up charms in order to keep the giant blocking so she can get in to continue the pressure.

Tager indeed blocked all of the charms with little to no damage taken, but soon found the shrine maiden floating in front of him. He brought both of his arms up in front of his face to block the overhead swipe of the shrine maiden's gohei wand. The brunette then launched a flurry of swipes and kicks at the cyborg, in hopes of pressuring him into submission. However, she found that all of her attacks that were aimed for the vital spots were all met with Tager's colossal arms. She continued her assault anyways. He was bound to tire himself out sooner or later. It seems not to be the case however, as the cyborg was proving himself adept at defensive play by keeping the priestess at bay for such a long time. In fact, Reimu found her attacks to be more reckless as time passed on. Her strikes with the gohei wand were more frustrated, and her kicks were more careless. Tager capitalized on this and soon saw an opening in her offense. In that split second, he raised both his arms in a mighty uppercut to her chin, managing to knock Reimu up in into the air. As she was falling down back to his height, Tager raised back his arm, and began charging up more magnetic electrical energy. Once his gauge reached full, Tager then slammed his giant fist against the priestess with a heavy punch.

The force of the attack was enough to send the Hakurei maiden flying across to the other end of the city block, where levels of hard concrete were waiting for her. The impact sent fresh cracks rippling into the side of the building.

No groan or pained moans escaped her lips as she rose from the rubble. The only emotions that could be easily conveyed are the look of annoyance and conviction that was now etched on her face. She slowly and calmly placed her hand against her out of shape back, and proceeded to push it back into place until she heard a resounding crack.

Gonna feel that in the morning…

Alright, no more playing around. Her enemy appears to be the more intelligent type of person. Yet he had done one of the dumbest moves a person could make. He pissed her off. Such an action warrants a rough and painful consequence.

So far a change of approach needs to happen, as sheer aggressive force wasn't exactly tipping the scales of battle into her favor. She can't get in properly, as her foe's martial arts defense was on par with the likes of Meiling and Byakuren. She can't exactly fly away either at the moment. Already she could feel the strange pulling sensation of her electrons moving towards the hulky crimson goliath.

The aggressive approach is out of the question. The range game is no longer viable now. Fine then, no problem. She'll use the underhanded approach.

Reimu crouched to the ground on one knee to feign fatigue, but she sneakily brought down one hand to the ground and chanted something under her breath.

Once Tager saw his opponent on her knee in exhaustion, he decided to end this pointless battle with one strike. He raised one hand forward, and started to channel magnetic energy from his palm. Reimu started to feel a large current throughout her body, her being already being pulled without her consent. Perfect.

Reimu had a glimmer in her eye as she sped forward along with the magnetic current pushing her, making her move at a frightening speed. Tager was startled at this unexpectedly brash approach. Does she have a death wish? Nevertheless, he still continued with his course of action. He held up his hand and continued to pull her in. If she wanted to make his job easier, who was he to complain?

The distance between the two combatants were diminishing at an alarming rate. To the normal human eye, one could even barely see the outline of the shrine maiden as she was homing in on the giant. Tager's advanced optical sensor is well built so that wasn't a problem. The battle was about to end. All probabilities favored his victory. He was ready.

And so was she.

"All right, just a little…" Tager thought.

"Bit more…" Reimu thought.

The girl finally got close enough for Tager to grab her.

"Got you!"

But before his fingers could close around her…

"What the...?!"

In the blink of an eye, Reimu phased out of existence at that very instance, leaving nothing but thin air for Tager to grab.

HM Reimu's Theme: Spring Lane ~ Colorful Path

"You dodged?!" Tager said astonishly.

"Uhh, duh?" he heard the girl's voice behind his head. When he turned around, he was met with a swift and fierce kick in the face, launching him to where Reimu was lying moments ago. Where she left a hidden surprise for him.

"Got you" Reimu said with a smug grin.

Once Tager flew near the area where she crouched down before, he was immediately stopped by some unknown force in the air as he felt energy rising from where his feet was. He looked down and saw what looked to be a red and white slip of paper.

"Duplex Barrier" Reimu whispered as she held up a green skill card between her index finger and her middle finger.

Immediately, glass like glowing walls erected itself on all sides of Tager, leaving him stuck in a glowing cage. Tager tried to punch one wall in front of him, but when his hand got into contact with the barrier, he got flung back painfully into the wall behind him, causing more pain upon impact.

"Gah! What is this?!"

Energy started to surround him once again, as blinding light started to shine from the red and white amulet on the ground. A powerful torrent of white energy then erupted inside the barrier, creating a pillar of light that reached the clouds. Reimu turned around, and with a snap of her finger, the barrier exploded in an even brighter, louder and more devastating explosion.

Reimu looked around to see the result of her destruction. When the smoke cleared, all she saw was the Red Devil lying face down on the ground, barely moving.

"Ugh..." Tager tried to stand, but only had enough energy to get on one knee. He looked like a wreck, his red attire had rips and tears. The metal armor pieces he had were either cracked or heavily dented. Electrical fissures were sprouting out of various parts of his body. His glasses were cracked too, and his gauntlets were heavily damaged.

"Tager! What happened? What's your status?" The familiar buzzing voice rang in his ear.

"Ugh! Ah, Damage levels have reached critical limits...Damn, I've never seen this kind of power before…"

Reimu looked at the mechanical beast on his knees. She could not feel the distortion she felt back at Gensokyo coming from the man. This "Red Devil" seemed to have nothing to do with the incident. Still though, he was an obstacle on her quest that attacked first.

"Red Devil. Let this be a warning to you and your organization. Stay out of my way." She warned.

"You bitch...Who the hell are you?!" a static laced voice rang in her ears.

A telepathy spell? No this felt more…mechanical. "I'm guessing you're the dude's boss? No matter, I have a question for you."

"Why the hell would I answer to you?! What are you anyway? Your presence here does not seem to be compatible with my data"

"Oh, that probably would be because I'm not from your world or universe, or whatever." Reimu shrugged.


"But more importantly, I want to know...Do you know anything about Gensokyo?"

"What in the world is a gensokyo?" the voice answered back. Drat, she doesn't seem to have anything important to tell her. This whole battle had been one giant waste of time then.

"Oh well…"Reimu sighed. "Whatever, just stay out of my way. I don't need any more of your soldiers following me around. Now I don't know what your deal with me is, but I-"

"Hey, you!" an authoritative voice said.

When Tager and Reimu looked around, they soon spotted a band of blue colored soldiers coming at them, and in front of the platoon was a person in white robes with a white mask that had a huge eyeball on the front under the hood.

"Shit…" Reimu cursed, and ran away from the scene before the guards could recognize her.

"Wait!" Tager shouted at her, but was too late. The red and white shrine maiden was no where to be found, already lost in the crowd somewhere.

"Grr...I'm sorry Kokonoe." he lamented to his superior.

"Save it, you have more problems to worry about.."

Tager's internal repair system restored enough of his motor functions to allow him to stand up straight, as the white robed official came up to him.

"Are you... the Red Devil of Sector Seven?" A female voice came from behind the mask.

"I guess you could say that. And judging from your uniform, you're part of the NOL Zero Squadron, are you not?"

The masked person pulled back her mask, revealing a beautiful red haired girl. "Indeed I am." She then got out her weapon, a crimson short broadsword and what looked like a shield in a fashion of a book with an eye on the cover.

Tager tried his best to get into a defensive stance, but he knows too well that he was in no condition to fight…

Reimu slowed down to a stop in a dark alleyway when she realized that no one was chasing her. They probably lost sight of her in favor of pursuing the red giant. Whatever, they are his problem now.

"Well, that was a disaster…" Another pointless battle, only this one had a little effect on her. Minor stiff joints here and there, but nothing a little healing spell won't fix. Now time to get back on track. She really needs to find the rest of her party soon. Reimu could feel the other's presence in this world. Albeit only some, and the signals were very faint and fading. It wouldn't be much of a problem for her pinpointing their locations, if this world wasn't so damn distorted. She could barely sense anything in this world. It all feels like static. Whatever this distortion was, she could feel that it's the same one that was causing this incident, and it was coming from primarily one point.

She looked up at the sky at the ivory tower in the higher elevations of the city. All of the negative energy was all pointing towards that one spot. She found her destination.


While she was walking down the dark alleyway path, she stumbled upon what looked to be a wanted poster hanging from a wall. The picture of the wanted criminal was of a person wearing a red jacket, having spiky white hair, and having two different colored eyes.

"Ragna...the….Bloodedge?" What a weird name. Wanted for the destruction of numerous Novus Orbis Librarium branches across the world. Well, that sounded like quite an infamous track recor-

"Whoa….." What caught her eye immediately after looking at the poster was the ridiculously large amount of money being offered for tracking down this man.

"N-ninety Billion P$?!"Who knows what kind of conversion rate this supply may yield. It could very well be in the trillions in yen. Her mouth started drool, and huge dollar signs started to shine from her pupils. How could one man have such a cartoonishly large bounty on his head? Maybe having a little side quest wouldn't be too bad…

"Hello? Anyone here?" A voice rang out from the other side of the alleyway.

"Shit…" Reimu quickly tore the wanted poster off the wall, and ran the other direction, away from the voice.

A hooded individual waltzed around the now empty alley way. Its glowing red eyes looked around in confusion.


"Whew, Finally here…" she said as she descended down in front of the huge colossal doors.

She looked up and took in the sheer size of the white cathedral like building with her eyes. It was very regal looking, with lots of blue banners of what she guessed was of the military insignia. She concluded that this must be the headquarters of the area for the army. But if it was…

"Where are the guards?"

The place was deader than Hakugyokurou, and that wasn't even an exaggeration. Not a single soul was present near this cathedral. Everything was empty and quiet. Even as her occupation as a shrine maiden, she could not sense a single spirit nearby. The one thing she felt clearly though, was the overwhelmingly dark aura coming from inside the cathedral. The malicious and evil presence beyond those gates were so palpable, that she was able to sense it when she first landed in this strange city.

"It's here."

The source of the distortion was lying on ahead. So without a shred of hesitation, she walked forward and pried open the huge metal doors.

When she waltzed inside, the only thing that welcomed her was a dark and eerie hallway. It looked like a classic scene of a hallway that appears in evil castles in fiction that the outside world so loves to see. At the other side of the hallway lied another door, but she spotted some light through the crack. Curious, she opened the door, and was immediately blinded by the change of tone. Instead of a bleak and desolate area like the hallway, what lied behind the door was a beautiful and spacious place brimmed with a bunch of richly decorated furniture. Fancy candles and chandeliers littered the ceiling, with the candles emitting blue flames, while the back had a large balcony overseeing the rest of the building. In the background featured a gigantic statue holding a spear and a set of scales. Not too far away from it was also an enormous Hologram of the entire globe.

The entire place was simply breath taking. She could've admired the architecture of the entire area for a little longer, but surprisingly, she sensed the presence of another person nearby.

"Who's there?" she said, her sight not fully adjusted to the light. What she saw was a silhouette of a man standing a couple of feet away.

Once her sight fully adjusted to the light, she saw what kind of person she was looking at.

BGM: Blazblue Saika no Sasoi (Rebellion)

The figure was a man wearing a blood red coat. His hair was spiked up and was devoid of any color. He had two different colored eyes and on the back of his body was a gigantic slab of metal of what looked to be a sword strapped to his hip. He raised an eyebrow after seeing what kind of newcomer came in.

"A shrine maiden? There are still some around now a days?"

Hold on a second. Reimu quickly got out the crumbled up poster out of her sleeves and took another look at it.

Red coat, check.

Stupid looking hair, check.

Heterochromia, check.

The only thing different to her was that the person in front of her wasn't as ugly as the drawing on the poster.

Well, not by much, she thought to herself sardonically. But there was something else that raised her suspicion by an incredible amount.

The man shrugged and turned his back to her. "If you are looking for donations, you're out of luck. The whole place seems to be barren, and I don't have any change to give you." He started to walk towards a set of stairs nearby. Until.

"Are you...Ragna The Bloodedge?" He heard her ask behind him. He paused for a second before replying, which was a second too late for Reimu. He turned his head over his shoulder to look at her to answer her question.

"No, you must have mistaken me for someone else" he dismissed her quickly and turned his back to her again.

Except before taking another step, an abrupt explosion appeared at the spot he was about to walk towards. He turned around in alarm, and saw the shrine maiden holding a couple of amulets between her fingers.

"Nice try, but did you really expect me not to notice that suffocatingly dark aura that surrounds you?"

"Shit!" He gripped the hilt of his sword behind him in defense, preparing himself for whatever this girl was about to do.

His aura...that presence….that dark and malicious energy that was emanating from the man. Already she could feel a small amount of her soul being pulled away from her and towards the white haired man. It's similar to the one she felt in Gensokyo. It felt a little different, but the sensation felt the same too much for her to care. This was the man that was responsible for destroying Gensokyo. This man was the one that destroyed her home.

To Be Continued

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