AN: This is going to start off a series of different versions of this chapter. I don't know about you but I was always shocked that Harry didn't stand up for Sirius. Not to mention I was disgusted by Molly's lack of manners in this book.

Harry, on the other hand‐'

'It's not down to you to decide what's good for Harry!' said Mrs. Weasley sharply. The expression on her normally kind face looked dangerous. 'You-"

"Interesting that you should say that Mrs. Weasley. I mean why would the person my parents wanted to have guardianship over me have any say on what's good for me?" Harry questioned, archly.

Everyone was staring at him shocked that he had dared to interrupt Molly, while she was now looking both startled and angry. She then seemed to gather herself and spoke, "Harry he has been in Azkaban and not taking care of you. Not to mention your parents probably didn't think they would die so his position as your godfather was more of sweet gesture. He-"

"Mrs. Weasley I never thought I would say this but will you please stop talking. My parents knew very well they could die or they would never have went into hiding in the first place. Second if you ever indicate that Sirius chose to be in Azkaban instead of performing his duty as my parents chosen guardian I'll proudly let myself be expelled to hex you. And don't you ever insult my parents again. They chose him not you or anyone else here. You have no right telling anyone what they would have preferred or what they should have done. Sirius has done his best for me. He sends me a letter every other week asking about my well being and to ask about what kind of person I am. He tells me stories about my parents and grandparents. He tells me things I should have grown up knowing. So as my godfather and the only adult here who truly knows me and really acts as my parent; he definitely has a right to decide what is good for me." Harry spoke furiously.

Molly looked as if she was about to go into a tirade when Arthur put a hand on her shoulder. Arthur looked at him smiling, "He's right Molly. James and Lily chose Sirius to raise and protect him if they ever became unable. While Harry has visited us quite a few times; I really don't know much about him. I don't know if he is interested in dating. I don't know what his hobbies are other than quidditch. I don't even know if he is okay. I know that Ron had a concussion and fractured ribs at the end of his first year and that he had nightmares for a week. I have no clue what condition Harry was in nor do I know if anyone ever bothered to ask if he needed someone to talk to. I only know his state at the end of his second year because he had to explain to Dumbledore. Last year he was forced into a dangerous tournament and watched a friend die. I don't know how he handled it or if he even has. But I do know that Sirius does and that more than proves to me that if anyone has a right to decide what is good for Harry it is Sirius. Not you, not me, and not even Dumbledore. It's about time you respect that Molly."

Molly looked at Arthur confused before suddenly she gave a sad smile and nodded.