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Chapter one

It was lifetimes ago that the wizarding world fell. No one really knew when it had started, or who had revealed them to the major players in the muggle world. After only a few short years every magical settlement had been found and raided. Those that weren't killed hid the only way they knew how. They joined the muggles leaving the earth for the stars.

Leading the wizards off planet was the Savior of the Wizarding World. Harry Potter. The wizards had long since given up on trying to figure out how he managed to stay young and live for so long. For the first few years they had tried to take him in to the ministry to figure out how he did it. Harry didn't hesitate to make his opinion of that plan known to all.

The ministry never bothered to try to repair the damage. Nothing they tried ever worked anyway.

Harry led what was left of His people to new planets, each one leaving some behind. But Harry kept going, even when the last of His people had found a place to belong, he continued on. Something inside him just wouldn't let him rest.

Over time his name became known through stories and legends as the name of the last great sorcerer. The Wizards he had saved spreading his story to any who would hear. Years passed and the story of Harry Potter soon faded from fact to fiction then slowly into myth and mystery.

Wanting to be forgotten, Harry stopped using his earth name and simply went by the name Jay. A name that many had and none would remember when he finally left. He became a shadow, just what he wanted.

He watched from the shadows as the magic he had saved was bred out into the people of the new worlds, only manifesting in small ways. The seers and elementals having more than the rest, he always made sure to avoid them at all cost, never finding any reason to risk them sensing his power.

Time eventually found Jay boarding a vessel called the Hunter-Gratzner with his prospecting friends, Shazza and her husband Zeke. He had met them a few years previous and had struck up an unlikely friendship. They didn't seem to mind that their friend never seemed to age.

Jay curiously watched as a blond haired man marched a cuffed man onboard the ship. The black haired man couldn't stop the shiver that passed through his body when the dangerous man walked passed him into a nearby Cry-pod. 'I do like the dangerous type.'

His fascinated eyes met the goggled covered mans as the blue eyed man pushed a bit into the man's mouth and chained him in. Jay sighed softly in disappointment. He would have liked to hear the other man's voice.

He knew who this was; he had seen a reward posted for him. Richard B. Riddick. One of the most deadly men alive, and one Jay would love to have a tumble with.

Jay shook himself out of his thoughts as the blue eyed man moved to the cryo-pod across from him. The man smirked at him in a way that Jay supposed was supposed to be flirty, but just made him look like a conceited ass. Jay rolled his eyes and closed his pod. He would much rather be asleep for this trip, if only so he didn't have to deal with a man who's whole stature spoke of a self-righteous attitude.

The posture and feel of a mercenary who just landed a big score.

Jay relaxed as the feel of muffled sleep over took him. His sleepy thoughts moving to the man with the goggles, Jay really wished he could see the deadly man's eyes.


They say most of your brain shuts down in cryosleep. All but the primitive side...the animal side.

No wonder I'm still awake.

Transporting me with civilians, sounded like 40, 40 -plus.

Heard an Arab voice, some hoodoo holy man probably on his way to New Mecca.

But what route? What route?

Smelled a woman, sweat, boots, tool belt, leather prospector type, free settler, and they only take the back roads.

A Man who smelled of leather and rain, a storm about to hit, he smelt dangerous and innocent at the same time. An interesting combination that has my interests peaked. I want Him.

And here's my real problem: Mr. Johns, blue-eyed devil.

Planning on taking me back to slam...only this time he picked a ghost lane.

A long time between stop, a long time for something to go wrong.

I can hear the alarms blaring, something has gone wrong. It sounds bad. I could feel my smirk forming around the bit in my mouth. This was going to be interesting.


Jay gasped as he was jerked out of Cryosleep by the loud alarm that spoke of trouble. 'Great, my luck crashes in again.' The sarcastic thoughts where cut off when he heard a second alarm. The alarm he knew from his time training how to fly space ships warned the pilots about a purge. The jerk that followed only confirmed his fears. Someone was purging the ship, and they were getting closer and closer to the main passenger cabin.