My Dark Master.

My Dark Lord, the very site of you inflames me.

I gaze at your body, and passion fills my being.

I love being your slave, don't set me free.

I feel your breath as it moves over my skin.

You torture me, making me wait.

I beg you for your touch. You look in my eyes.

"Patience" you whisper. You run your finger down my cheek.

I moan "Take me my dark love, My Master."

You smile down at me, knowing I'm yours.

You lower your mouth to mine.

I lose all control as your mouth plunders mine.

You pull back, "who am I, little one?"

"My Love, my Master." I say.

You finally give me what I have been begging for.

You make us one together.

You gaze down at me as you move slowly over me.

I feel like I'm drowning in your eyes.

"Faster" My Master I beg. I grab your arms.

You keep moving slowly your gaze locked to mine.

My sanity is spinning out of control.

You suddenly pick up speed, slamming into me.

Hard and fast. I can't breathe. My world is going out of focus.

I grab your neck and bring your mouth to mine.

I lose control as you plunder my mouth and body at the same time.

I scream out. "My Master, My dark Lover."

You roll me over on top of you and hold me to your chest.

You stoke me as my body trembles from the passion we have spent.

I gaze into your eyes. "I love you My Master." I say

You smile at me. Your eyes lock with mine.

"I love you too, little one."