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"Tired?" Danny mumbled in question to Sam.

She yawned, "yup, you?"

"Yup," Danny sighed, rubbing his eyes in an, almost, childish way. "How 'bout you, Tucker?" Danny turned his attention to his techno-geek best friend, who was easily snoring as they walked down the halls of Casper High.

"What's he listening to?" Sam asked, curious, depite her growing hunger for sleep. Danny pulled the ear-bud out and was rudely re-awoken by a blast of hard, metal rock.

"He was really trying to stay awake, wasn't he?" Danny half-chuckled, half-groaned. He smirked, and turned off his friend's music to wake him.

"Wha-?" Tucker questioned, dumbly, as he awoke from a walking-sleep, "Did we send Skulker back into the ghost-zone, dude?" Tucker mumbled finally jutting awake.

The Halfa in question couldn't help but chuckle, "Yup. Took seven hours, but no one was hurt- and our favorite hunter became the hunted." He threw in a short glow of green in his eyes just to pry his pals awake even further.

"I thought Cujo was your favorite hunter, Danny," Sam teased the teenager about his ghostly canine.

"Well, I- uh- he; you know what I meant, Sam," Danny replied after seeing the smug smile she wore.

"Yeah, I know, but still," Sam smirked, and Tucker couldn't help but give his gothic friend a slight laugh in admiration.

"Yeah, well-" Danny was cut off by an all too farmiliar taunt:

"Hey, Fenturd!" Danny groaned, and looked up to his towering bully.

"Yeah, Dash?" the halfa was not in the mood to make a light joke. He was sick and tired enough of being picked on as it was.

"I heard you and your freak-friends got Ecto-slimed 'cuz of your lame-o parents yesterday," he snickered, "Thought I'd remake the moment so I could see the looks on your faces!" He pulled out a thermos with a football on it, and dumped it's contents all over Danny's head.

Instantly disgusted, Danny questioned as calmly as he could, "What is this junk?" He pulled his hand from the smelly stubstance on his head and it snapped back into place on his hair.

This was no ecto-plasm; had it been he'd feel more energized than ever.

"Just a little something me and the boys whipped up last night," Dash said smuggly.

"Made of?" Sam questioned, observing the monstrosity that was the halfa's raven locks.

"You know; pea soup, some playdough, bit of mud, guacamole, green food coloring..." He leaned down and glared into the puny freshman's eyes, "we put some other stuff in there, but mainly tons and tons of snot."

The young ghost fighter threw-up in his mouth, while Sam and Tucker turned a sick shade of green. Dash stalked off, laughing at his own cleverness, while Danny gagged again when a bit of the gross mixture fell on his nose.

Then the bell rung.

"We're gonna be late- cummon, guys!" Tucker shouted, his voice finally reflecting some conciousness. Danny was still shell-shocked, so Sam and Tucker had to nearly drag him to class.


Nothin' classy 'bout it, I'll tell you.

As soon as Danny was dragged in, the room errupted in a disgusted laughter.

There simply was no pity for Fenton; at least by his classmates, Lancer was completely grossed and saddened by the horrific display.

The youngest of Amity Park's ghost-hunters sat down in the back of the classroom, a mixture of green and red shining across his face.

"Class!" Lancer called the deprive Daniel of the negative attention his run-in with Dash had earned him. "Let's begin our lesson for today," Lancer began to drone, but the trio's attention was elsewhere.

Sam was scared lightly by the thundestorm outside; she tried to focus on not allowing her fear to show, although her two best friends had probably already noticed.

Tucker was lightly doodling in his sketch-book: for Danny's birthday he was trying to design his own PC game based on Danny Phantom's real fights, so those designs had to be perfect for his buddy.

Danny was starting back and forth between Lancer and the raging storm outside. No thunder yet...


Danny quickly raised his hand, and Lancer gave the teen a pitied look, "Yes, Daniel?"

"Mr. Lancer can I please go outside for a minute?" Danny asked a pitch of urgency in his voice. Lancer looked outside and noticed the rain; soon he understood Fenton's idea.

"Yes, take all the time you need, Daniel. Miss Manson, Mr. Foley- I assume you'd like to go with him?" The pair had been jostled into focus by Danny's sudden request and they nodded quickly, though not knowing his plan.

Lancer stopped Samantha and tossed her a key ring. "There's an industrial sized soap in the teacher's restroom, and a towel underneath it."

Sam smirked, finally getting it, and thanked him quietly.

The trio stood out in the rain, Sam trying to stay as close to the building as possible. Danny scrubbed ferociously at his scalp, and Tucker continuously applied more soap to his head. Sam helped to scrub his head.

It didn't take long for the ghost-child with super hearing to realize that they were right outside their classroom's window. Everyone was laughing at them from the classroom. His face grew a hot pink, and he scrubbed his hair even more viciously.

As soon as they finished cleaning his snotty hair, they rushed under the roof's side. Danny grabbed the towel from Sam's bag and he roughly dried his raven-black folicles.

Dripping wet but clean, they all walked into their homeroom; and were greeted with a bitter, cruel laughter.

Dash's, by far, was the loudest, bitterest, and cruelest.


"Mr. Baxter!" Lancer yelled, "You know that the pipes aren't functioning properly; it was an excellent water-conserving idea to use the clean rain-water to clean his... hair." This only increased their laughter, and Danny blushed a deep cherry-red.

Danny gasped, a blue swirl escaping his lips. He raised his hand, "May I go to the restroom, Mr. Lancer?" Danny questioned.

"Of course," Lancer nodded, and motioned to Tucker and Sam to go to comfort him.

He had no idea.

"BEWARE!" the Box Ghost yelled, attempting to sound vicious.

"Thank god, it's only you," Danny sighed, and took his time to capture the one-track-minded spectre.

Sam gave him a small smile, and kiss on the cheek when he floated back down. Tucker mumbled 'lovebirds' under his breath. Danny smiled, beating the annoyance that was the box ghost always brightened his mood.

The class was ended by the time they went back, and Lancer easily gave them a class excuse.

He really was a sympathetic man.

"Thanks again, Mr. Lancer," the Halfa smiled, and nodded his head in recongnition.

"Anytime, Daniel," Lancer replied as the trio walked out of their classroom.

Young Mr. Fenton stopped, causing Sam and Tucker to do the same. "And, Mr. Lancer- please call me Danny," the half-specter smiled at his favorite teacher.

"And me, Tuck," Tucker added a small smirk on his face- if Danny could be as open and trusting to ask a teacher to call him by his nick-name.

"And me, Sam," the ultra-recyclo vegitarian/goth requested polietly.

"Of course, Danny, Tuck, and Sam," Mr. Lancer smirked as they walked easily out of his classroom.

Up until lunch, they were only taunted lightly with terms like 'freak' and 'literal booger-head'. At lunch they sat outside at their, now dried, normal spot: a small bench that sat under a tree on the side of the courtyard, surrounded with shrubs.

Danny smiled, finally being ignored under the hustle of lunch. Sam and Tucker sat still, watching Danny make a small ice-figure.

"What is it?" Tucker asked as he saw the form become a bit clearer.

"It's the doe's waterfall," Danny smiled, careful to shape the ice perfectly.

"From that sketch you made last month?" Sam asked, looking carefully at the sculpture.

"What other?" Danny questioned sarcastically.

Sam rolled her eyes and kissed his cheek, "It's gogeous!" Danny blushed lightly, and kissed her cheek back.

"Lovebirds," Tucker rolled his eyes. The pair had secretly been sweet on eachother for a month, now. Only Tucker and Jazz knew.

And that's how they liked it.

"Yeah, and you know it," Sam mumbled looking sweetly into her boyfriend's eyes.

"And thankfully we both know it, too," Danny smirked, laying a soft peck on Sam's lips.

"Sick!" Tucker teased quietly.

They chuckled lightly and finished lunch quickly.

The day went by quickly, and only three ghost attacks called the trio away from their classes. Those were potentially small threats, and they were back in reasonable time.

The taunting continued all day long; it was generally pretty rough- but they had handled just as much, and worse before.

On parole, only one major threat besides the four smaller threats. That one major threat- Young Blood, and he brought his parrot's oh-so-wonderful big cousin.

It was the size of the late Prince Araon. No kiding.

"Yo-ho-ho!" Young Blood laughed. "'Tis always a jolly time to go mono-a-mono with ye land-lover!"

Danny blasted the dragon-sized parrot, "I'm sure, especially with this beast to do your dirty work!"

"Yeah, the big guy's pretty cool," Young Blood agreed. The feathered ghost gave a huge growl, and attacked the halfa again.

"I have to admit, squirt," Danny teased, "You really have big friends in high places!"

It took Young Blood a moment, then he barked out a laugh, "HA! because he's a huge bird, and he can fly, right?" The childish pirate snickered again, "You really are good at those puns, Phantom!"

Danny smirked and shot the bird with a final, huge blast; he looked up at the half-pint spirit, "yeah, but next time you want some jokes, check the comedy club! Tons more laughs than you'll ever get here in Amity."

Young Blood laughed his apologize as he and his ship 'n' crew were sucked into the Fenton Thermos.

"That little punk really likes you, dude," Tucker smiled at the Thermos in his halfa-friend's hands. Danny smirked, and scanned the area with his hieghtened hearing and sight.

"I like him alright, too." Danny gave a smile and tested his ghost sense again, "No more ghosts!" He stood tall and proud of the work they had all done.

"And we all finished most of our homework in study hall, right?" Sam asked, happy for the trio.

"Yeah, I even double-checked it with the internet!" Tucker exclaimed feeling smug, himself.

Danny gave them all a smile, and kissed Sam's cheek lightly, "I'll just get Jazz's help on the last page of homework and I'll be done!"

Sam sent a huge smile when she looked down at her watch, "Can you put a lock on the ghost zone?"

"Of course, Miss Manson," Danny smirked with a fake British accent.

"Then we just got done at 8 o'clock!" Sam laugh joyously. They all high-fived and rejoiced as Danny transformed back into his human form.

"I'll have time to finish the Doe's Waterfall sculpture by 8:45, at least!"

"That's another twenty in your pocket, man," Tucker smiled.

"And a nice birthday present for my two best pals," Danny wrapped his arms around his friends.

"You know we'd prefer a Danny Fenton original anyday," Sam smirked, wrapping her hand over his.

"Yeah, but then what would I get you for Hanukkah?" Danny smirked proudly. "Besides, I want to get you something really nice for your birthday."

"Feelin' the love over here, dudes," Tucker smirked.

"You know her birthday is closer- and I already have something planned for your birthday, anyway." Danny thought a moment, and mumbled, "Technus really can be a good pal, when you need him."

"What the heck did you do, man?" Tucker asked, suddenly fearful of the prank hex he might recieve on his computer.

"I'm kinding, loosen up," Danny sighed peacefully and it seemed that all was really right in the world.

It was just a normal day, anyway.

"Danny!" Jack Fenton called from the kitchen, "look, we made this great-thingy that can knock out and then extract ghost DNA in fifty seconds flat!"

"That's great, Dad," Danny lied (if you could hardly call it that- Danny was a horrible liar). "Any specific plans?" came out the nervous question- Jack's inventions had been improving greatly the past few months. At first Danny thought he was possessed; but then he realized his dad was just getting better at his career.

"Of course, m'boy! That ghost-kid's gonna get ripped apart molecule by molecule as soon as we painfully extract his DNA with this baby!"

"Great! I'm so proud of you dad!" Danny faked a smile, and rushed up to his room. Jazz met him at the base of the stairs.

"Proud? of the machine he built to destroy you?" Jazz asked, a bit of bitterness in her voice.

"Actually, I am proud of him- I just hope I'm not around for when he actually gets that thing to work."

The pair eagerly and quickly worked on the halfa's homework. By 8:30, Danny was proudly showing Jazz his finished sculpture.

"It's beautiful," the red-head complimented. The small ice figure would last forever with Phantom ice, and it was really a blessing. The icey doe's neck had a gentle curve, as she dipped down to sip the calm water. Behind her, a waterfall splashed against the river's base. Next to her trees lined the front of the forest.

"it looks like glass," Jazz marveled.

"I think this is my best yet," Danny said, proud of himself.

"Definetly," Jazz mumbled. She kissed her forehead, and gave him a gentle goodnight.

And at 8:45, Danny fell into a deep and well needed slumber.