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Kaname lead the way back up to his room, with Yuki's hand in his until the door closed behind them. He spun around and pressed his lips to hers cupping her small face gently to pull her closer.

She didn't argue in falling against him, her hands trailing up his back to wrap around his neck as he picked her up. Backing up upon the love seat for her to sit in his lap. Her small hands fiddled with the buttons of his shirt while grinding against him. He moaned with pleasure, while running his fingers through her hair to pull out her headband for it to fall loosely.

A knock of the door interrupted them, as Kaname breathed deeply with frustration before glaring at the door.

"Come in." The door slightly opened for Aidou to enter in.

"We retrieved what you asked for Kaname-s…!" He paused looking at the intimate position the pureblood's were in.

"Thank you Aidou. Will you kindly wait outside for a few minutes? Aidou nodded though his face was a tomato red.

"Oh no," She murmured. Removing herself. "The whole house will know now."

"It shouldn't be anything to be ashamed of. They've known what they may see upon serving me. But if you're embarrassed, I'll take off for a few weeks for you to recover your pride."

He removed himself from the seat, as she clung to his hand.

"I have some business with the hunter association. If I'm the only male pureblood left and without a council, I must take the throne. It shouldn't take long, but I also have personal matters to deal with." His hand gently caressing her cheek. "But there is something I want you to think about while I'm gone."

He walked over to his chessboard and picked up a small box before returning over to her.

"I want you to consider…if you would spend eternity with me." He murmured spanning the back to reveal a large ring, exploiting the wealth she was aware they possessed.

"I don't want to hear an answer until I return." He replied, placing it in her hands. "Stay in the house Love."

He placed a kiss on her forehead before picking up his jacket and tie off the back of a chair, walking away.

Aidou waited outside the room though bowed in acknowledgement while Kaname walked out, firing his tie.

"You, Ruka, and Seiren will stay here to watch over her. I trust you to make sure she doesn't wander where she'll recall anything. Ruka should continue tutoring her in etiquette along with you in her studies. Lastly, make sure she drinks the wine. It'll calm her and help settle her emotions."

He slid on his jacket while taking his trench coat and gloves from Seiren.

"What did the Hunters Association have to say?"

"They're as rude as ever, even with Cross as a president."

"And….have you heard of Kiryu's whereabouts?"

"It seems he hasn't returned, but only receives his missions through letters."

"So they know the location. Interesting." He replied. "Perhaps I'll have to learn of his location and write to him and arrange for him to encounter with Yuki."

"If you don't mind my asking, why would you allow Yuki to go near the one person you want to keep her away from?" Aidou inquired. The wind blew harshly through Kaname's hair with his coat flapping in the wind, in which Aidou had no clue if it was his powers or not. Kaname glanced to him before entering the car with a wicked smile.

"To see how he'll react, knowing Yuki can't remember him and to hear she accepted engagement to me."

Yuki's finger pressed against the key of the piano. Only the same key that was written as the latest note of the piece Kaname had composed. She couldn't think of anything else to distract her other than facing the topic with her pureblood pride.

It was decided since my birth. She reasoned, closing her eyes for a moment.

"Yuki-sama?" Aidou asked, entering the room and stumbled a bow. She found it odd how it seemed that he caught himself every time he didn't treat her as a pureblood. As if he forgot she was a pureblood. "Dinner is served."

"I'm really not hungry Aidou." She muttered, before glancing back down at the piano.

"Yuki-sama, it isn't healthy for you to deny your body nutrients."

"Kaname-san does it all the time." She sighed.

"Kaname-sama…can handle himself." Aidou replied when all the glass in the room cracked.

"Am I that different from my proclaimed fiancée?" She growled looking over to him with deep red eyes. It was obvious to him she was starved, but not from food.

"Kaname-sama has spent years of practice Yuki-sama. Not to be disrespectful, but he has always allowed you to feed from him at his own expense."

Yuki's eyes calmed, as she stood from the stool and wobbled a moment.

"Eat without me…I'm going to go rest." She replied and ran from the room before he could intercept her. She had been avoiding contact with Aidou to hide her embarrassment of being caught so vulnerable with Kaname. Though her embarrassment felt unnatural to how she was to be raised to hide any and all emotions.

Opening the door to her room, she tore the ribbon tied at the back of her head down, and kicked off her own heels.

"I'm nothing but a weak fool." She whispered, before falling face first upon the soft bed. "Without my memories I'm nothing but an infant, relying on others to protect me and tell me what to do."

She turned her head to look over at her desk, where she had placed the open ring box. The diamond brightening up the dark room. She narrowed her eyes and the box flew from the table and hit the wall. Lying back down upon the bed, she curled into a defensive ball and tried to focus her mind away from the scorching blood lust in her throat.

I won't be weak. She thought. I won't…be weak. Her nostrils flared at the scent of what awaited outside her door. She could smell the sweetness of fermented grapes mixed with an even sweeter scent. She threw open the door to see Aidou standing there with a bottle of wine. And had no glasses on hand.

"Yuki-sama!" He gasped in alarm before clearing his throat. "Wine is very relaxing and soothing, and I was wondering if you would join us for a drink."

Yuki's eyes only focused on the bottle as she nodded and followed him down the steps into the parlor. Ruka was sitting there already heavily drinking from a thick glass.

"Please have a seat, I'll pour the wine." Aidou offered. Yuki reluctantly went and sat at one of the large chairs and watched eagerly as Aidou poured her large glass nearly to the brim.

After pouring himself a small glass of another bottle to go with the desert he was having. Yuki didn't even bother to taste it before taking a large gulp. She knew it was laced with blood and something far sweeter than of a human collection that blended well to the alcohol. It calmed her; she licked her lips before pulling the rim from her mouth she looked around at the other two. Aidou observed her before taking a sip of his own beverage, while Ruka was pouring herself another glass.

"Did Seiren not wish to join us?"

"Not unless you call for her to." Ruka replied. Yuki looked back to her contents wondering if Ruka was drinking a collection similar to hers.

"Have any of you heard when Kaname will be returning?" They looked at her strangely before

Yuki downed her glass before exiting the room. "Thank you for the company, but I don't want to talk about Kaname-san right now." She replied walking away. Aidou shrugged and picked up a book that was placed on the table beside him.

"You aren't going to wait to see how she'll react?" Ruka asked, looking out again to the surrounding forest and made out the sun rays before the sun would completely rise. "Or even go after her to see she gets her rest?"

"She drank the wine, that's all my part is other than teaching and protecting her from going outside. That and making an impression about Kaname-sama." He took a sip of his wine and then casted a knowing glance over to her. "Though you know why he insists on her to drink that. How in vampire society, it isn't uncommon that wines are laced with human blood"

"Yes, it would cause an up roar to hear a pureblood did so." Ruka nodded.

"He did it to calm her."

"You really are a fool Hanabusa." Ruka sighed turning to him. "There's a reason mates only drink each other's blood. Or in some cases, where females are forced to drink only of the male's blood. And by how she nearly drank the entire bottle, she'll become infatuated with him.

Yuki returned back up to her room and closed the door softly behind her.

"That was nice." She though aloud to herself. Removing her shoes and left them beside the door for the maids to put in their proper organization. She walked past and retrieved her night gown from the end of her bed and replaced it for her wrinkled dress. The comfortable cotton was more pleasant than the itchy lace, as she pulled her hair out over her shoulder as it brushed against the back of her knees. Somehow having grown longer than it was that morning at her thighs. She sat on the bed and lay back upon it with a low sigh.

Something isn't right. She thought glumly. She rolled along her side to attempt to be in a comfortable position but only continued to toss and turn. I need to sleep but can't seem to get comfortable in here. I'm no longer thirsty. She placed her hand over her throat at the recollection of how horrible it felt less than an hour ago. Yet didn't explain the discomfort she felt in a bed that had always felt soft and inviting before.

Or is it not blood that I thirst for?

She rolled again thinking over the idea, as her eyes caught the sight of the ring upon the floor. She looked over it from afar, taking in the beauty it captured in the moonlight.

Perhaps I was a little too over reactant. She rose from her bed and walked over to pick up the ring and hold it in her palm. Providing her a comforting feeling. Kaname-san has been patient with me. Though he never holds back to what he wants…with what happened a few nights ago…it has to be true that at one point I wanted him in my life. If not in my past, then in my future. I want him right now!

She thought looking around frantically as if he would appear in the room. Still holding the ring along with the box, she fled from her room, not caring a wit if anyone saw her in such a state. She ran farther down the hall until she came across the large stair case that led upward to the west wing. Stumbling along the steps she caught sight of the double doors, of the place she had last been with them and swung into his large suite.

His study was left the same, other than the clothes that were probably taken to have been washed. She ignored the study and walked past into the bed room, where his scent had been left the strongest. Though it had been over a week since he last slept amongst the sheets, she could pick up the scent he had left. She flung herself upon the bed, clenching the sheets in her hand as she inhaled it deeply. It was much more comforting here, in the dark room than in hers. She could feel her drowsiness returning upon her.

Her eyes grew heavy as she snuggled closer into the pillows and drifted to sleep, wishing him to return to her once again.

Kaname stared out the tinted window of the car as it was driving down the long drive towards the mansion. He had been driving all day in the annoying sunlight that he was looking forward to hide away from again, though maintained a rush to return back to the mansion. The car came to a stop as he didn't wait for the driver to come about and open the door for him but instead intruded inside.

"Kaname-sama," Akatsuki said, the sunlight not really paying much bother to him, or that he had hidden it as well as Kaname could. "What you said at the meeting, the only pureblood family left is the Hirabuki clan."

"I'm aware Akatsuki…not many people even know, and I'm surprised you do."

"Do you intend to do to them, as you have done to the rest?"

"I mean what I said, when we are the only purebloods Kain, I will take care of them to obtain my goal." Kaname dismissed before entering inside. Already a maid waited by the door for him and offered to take his coat and gloves before bowing to him. A yawn escaped his lips as he walked up the stairs and headed towards the west wing.

To get a few hours of sleep, he smirked at the idea of surprising Yuki first thing in the morning. And wondered how if she saw him, she would beg to stay by his side. Though the effects of the wine would wear off once again, she would see satisfaction in being with him, and the feelings she had gained with him from Cross Academy would occur, without the hesitation of Zero Kiryu.

Kaname opened the door to his bedroom, stepping out of his shoes the moment he was there. A heavy sigh escaped his lips from the exhaustion he had and how in a few hours it would be evening for him to see his precious Yuki. Walking in from the sitting room he paused at the doorway and couldn't help but smile. The figure that was buried in his bed was one with long dark hair surrounding her small frame.

Walking closer, his hand gently picked up a strand of the soft lock. He brought it past his nose to catch the scent.

"Finally." He sighed crawling in beside her and holding her closely. To feel her roll over to better snuggle up to him, her eyes opened and were ignited with a different passion with a color that now matched identically to his.

"Kaname," She whispered before pulling his head down to kiss her. He gently ran his fingers through her hair and moaned against her lips.

"Were you lonely?" He asked with a teasing smile. She nodded and clung closer to him.

"Horribly." She replied, he placed a kiss upon her forehead and rubbed his hand along her back.

"I'm sorry, I'm here now." He whispered and noticed the box she was clenching in her hand. "Have you decided?"

She looked up to him with a smile and placed the box in his hand.

"I don't think I could want anything more. Even if my past is unknown to me anymore, I want to spend forever with you. The past should mean nothing."

"I couldn't agree more." He whispered, and opened the box to pull out the ring and gently held her hand before slipping the ring onto her third finger. "My official fiancee."

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