"Hi Harry, It's Hermione. I haven't talked to you in a while, but I think you need to maybe come back to the Wizarding World."

Harry Potter, the boy who lived was sitting on a Muggle couch, in a Muggle room, in a Muggle neighborhood, listening to Hermione's message on a Muggle phone.

Since the war, he had refused to return to the Wizarding world. He gave Ron his Firebolt and took some of his few possessions he had from Grimmauld place and left. He didn't even leave a note.

In the wake of their devastation, Hermione and Ron had taken it upon themselves to track him down. Six months later, they found his number on some Muggle website called Yellow Pages.

Harry refused to accept that he'd saved the entire Wizarding World. In fact, he completely denied it. He had tried to erase the entire memory from his brain, but it wouldn't work. With no other choices left, Harry conformed to Muggle life.

Harry worked as an attorney. To be more specific, he was a defense attorney and was paid rather well. He was currently in a relationship with a girl named Cynthia and planned to propose to her soon.

Harry had loosened his tie when the phone rang again. It was a blocked caller. Hermione's caller id was GRANGER so he picked up the phone, expecting it to be the office or something. Instead it was Ginny.

"Hello, this is Mr. Potter speaking. Who is this?"

"This is your freaking girlfriend! Harry, where have you been? How could you just leave?"

Harry moved the phone away from the side of his head. He didn't end it, so he heard the occasional "Hello?" until the line clicked off and the flat tone beep sounded.

The phone dropped from his hand and he sat back down. Ginny had called him. Ginny, Ginny, Ginny, Ginny had called him. He hadn't thought about Ginny in a very long time. He had forgotten about her until that very moment.

Ginny, with her red hair and Gryffindor robes, the Quidditch team's best girl player in ages…

Except now he had Cynthia and couldn't afford to think about Ginny. The phone rang again and he let it ring. He was called four more times and four more times he ignored the phone.

It kept ringing until the answering machine played one solitary message.

"I thought you loved me."