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Pairing: Rose x Tentoo.

Today is 10-2 so in honor of my favorite part-human Doctor I came up with this at the spur of the moment.

Pregnancy fic.


Bun in the Oven

Rose Tyler was never late. Every 28 days like clockwork her monthly visitor would appear leaving her very uncomfortable for the first few days and then disappearing several days later only to come again the following month. It had always been that way, even when she was travelling in time and space. As long as she knew the date on Earth, she knew when to expect it. Until now.

Now it had been 33 days. Rose had a very good idea what this might mean and it had brought her out of a fitful sleep. They had been very careful, she and the Doctor, wanting to put off starting a family for a while as they travelled in the TARDIS once more. After she'd had some bad reactions to the chemicals in birth control they had opted to use condoms faithfully. Although there had been that one time recently after he surprised her with a picnic in the apple grass on this universe's New Earth and neither of them had been able to wait until they made it back to their ship.

Rose looked at the Doctor, sleeping beside her in their bed, snoring softly. The TARDIS was currently parked outside the Tyler mansion and she was very thankful for the fact at the moment. She hastily wrote a note to let him know she had run to the store and raced outside.

Upon returning to the TARDIS, Rose found the Doctor was still asleep. They'd been together going on 3 years now but sometimes it still surprised her how much he slept as it wasn't something he did frequently before. Then again, they had arrived back in London late the previous evening and Jackie had rushed out, swept them both up in a hug, and then dragged them back to the mansion for a cuppa. It had been after 1:00 am when they'd finally made their way back to the ship.

Rose entered the en suite and quietly closed the door. She did her business and then paced back and forth while she waited. Then the result appeared. Two pink lines. She exhaled deeply and sank down to the floor, momentarily overwhelmed.

Six months. The Doctor had completed his new TARDIS and they had only started travelling time and space again half a year ago. They had wanted to wait at least another year before they started trying to have a baby. Taking a deep breath, she shook her head to clear it. Planned or not, she felt a burst of joy inside her. Leave it to the Doctor's son or daughter not to be conceived according to plan!

Rose hurried to the med bay and quickly did a blood test as she wanted to confirm the results before she told the Doctor. The TARDIS hummed happily in the background as the test results scrolled across the screen. She was thankful he had made sure that the computer displayed all information in both Gallifreyan and English. They were having a baby!

Rose went into the galley and took out the banana sweet roll dough she had purchased at the store when she grabbed the pregnancy test. If the results had been negative she knew he still would've appreciated the treat. She set the timer on the oven and went back to the bedroom to rouse her husband.

The Doctor was still sound asleep in their bed. She slipped in beside him and cupped his cheek. "Time to get up."

"Noooo," he whined and turned over on his side but as he often he did this during visits home, she was undeterred. She knew he loved her family too and his apparent disinterest was an act for old time's sake.

Rose wrapped her arms around him and whispered into his ear. "I've made coffee. C'mon. The sooner we get up and visit my family, the sooner we can get back out there."

"Oh, alright." He turned over and smiled at her. She slipped her hand in his and led him from their bedroom.

The scent of bananas filled the hallway and the Doctor gave Rose a delighted grin. "What's that I smell?"

"I have a bun in the oven." She pulled her hand away and placed it on her belly as smiled at him intently, waiting for him to get the double entendre.

"It smells delicious." He grinned at her as they entered the galley and went to pour himself a cup of coffee.

Rose sighed to herself. The Doctor might be human now but he was still half Time Lord and sometimes Earth customs and sayings escaped him.

She took the sweet rolls out of the oven, separated them with a knife and put one on a plate for him. "Doctor, remember those chick flicks I like?"

Around a mouth full of roll he nodded and his nose wrinkled although she knew he secretly liked them too.

"You know when the woman says she has a bun in the oven?" Rose looked at him pointedly.

The fork fell from the Doctor's hand and he stared at her dumbfounded. "You're not…"

Rose grinned and nodded. "Yeah."

"We're having a baby!" His food apparently forgotten, he pulled her into his arms. "You're a mummy!"

Rose nodded. "And you're a daddy again."

With a look of wonder on his face he dropped to his knees and nuzzled her belly with his face. "Oh, Rose." He glanced back up and there were tears in his eyes.

"I know. We didn't plan for this so soon," she began but the Doctor rose to his feet as he interrupted her.

"Pfff." He waved his hand dismissively. "I think we're about to have our greatest adventure yet." He grinned at her.

"Without a doubt," Rose agreed with a smile.