Title: Message Received

Author: Emmyjean

Rating: T

Summary: A series of text conversations between Molly and Sherlock as their relationship grows over the months after Sherlock's official re-entry into the land of the living.

Author's Note: Just a note about format – conversations are contained between line breaks. Apostrophes ('''') indicate a shorter time lapse in the conversation (minutes to hours, depending on how you choose to read it). Also, Sherlock's texts end in an "SH". But I'm sure that would have been clear without me saying it – just in case!

I need feet from a male corpse. These are too small to conduct the tests properly. SH

I don't have any feet I can give you right now at all, male or female – maybe next week.

Shame. I suppose we'll have to hope for an accident. SH

Right. Very sensitive.

Not sensitive, rarely try to be, and don't apologize for it. How long have you known me? SH

Long enough.

Six years, two months. And one week. In case you truly couldn't remember. SH

Seems like that plus another twenty.

Twenty what? SH


Funny. Seems much shorter than that to me. SH

Because I'm better company than you, apparently. LOL.

LOL? Remind me again how old you are? SH

WTF. Women don't talk about their age. OMG. Goodnight Sherlock.

Utterly ridiculous. Goodnight. SH

Bored. SH

Can't help you, sorry! Making dinner.

What are you making? SH

Lamb and potato curry. Have company coming so wanted to do something nice.

Who? SH


What company? SH

Sorry had to stir. Just some friends from uni days. Nothing formal.

Boring. Cancel and come to Baker St. We can start that research on postmortem bone marrow degeneration. I have that femur. SH

Bring the curry. SH

Not a chance. But I'll save some for you. See you Monday.

Not Monday. Tomorrow. That research is important. Be here by six. Bring the curry. SH

Tomorrow is Sunday.

Very astute of you. SH

Fine. But you better have cleaned out your fridge.

I plan to eat it. Not store it. Fridge space is irrelevant. SH

Your appetite has improved since you've been back.

So has your culinary skill. SH


Yes. Six. Be on time. SH

See you then.

Come to Baker St. As soon as possible. SH

Please. SH

What's wrong?

Case. East End. Wear heavy footwear. SH

Where's John?

John is married. Come quickly. SH


Are you on the way? Hurry up. SH

In the cab. So – basically I'm just a stand-in for John? :P

Yes. But he was only a stand-in for my skull anyway. And emoticons are beneath you. Stop. SH

Your skull?

Where are you? I need to get us a cab to the location. SH

If it's such a rush I could have just met you there.

No. Don't want you going to that area alone and unarmed. SH

Thanks. About a block away.

This is ridiculous. SH

Give it a couple of episodes. You'll be hooked!

Why waste my time? SH

You're always saying how bored you are. New interests are good!

Unless they're bad. As is this show. SH

Shut up and watch.


Perhaps the worst villain in the history of television. Or any medium. SH

Which? Which one are you on?

They look like kitchen appliances. SH

Oh Daleks. Just remember they're EVIL.

Ridiculous. SH

Well if you'd watched the show as a child like everyone else did you'd have an ingrained fear.

I was not, as you might imagine, a normal child. SH

No excuses. Now shh and watch.


I missed something. He's married? SH

Who is? It's 2:54am by the way.

I told you I should have started at the beginning. Now I'm lost. SH

I knew it. You're hooked. And it started in the 60s. That would take you forever.

You said you'd told me everything vital. Disappointing lack of meticulousness for a scientist. SH

Only you would take the time to text the word 'meticulousness' at 2am just to insult someone!

You just did. SH


Xxxx? SH

Sorry. I meant zzzz.

Of course. SH

Molly don't be childish. If you're angry with me just say so. SH

why would you think I was angry

You never use proper punctuation or grammar in your texts when you're angry. For a start. SH

I'm not angry. Just tired.

You left the lab without a word. SH

I told you, just tired. You were busy.

I was finishing up. You left before I could give you your gift. SH


Ah. You thought I forgot your birthday. SH

No. Actually thought you never knew it in the first place.

I always knew the date. This is just the first year I've acknowledged it. SH

Thanks? Anyway, you didn't acknowledge it.

I told you. You left before I had a chance. SH

Sorry, I didn't realize. Can't blame me, you just said you've never acknowledged it before!

I should have done it when I arrived. I am sorry. SH

Don't, it's fine. Thanks for the thought.

Tomorrow. Dinner. We'll go to Angelo's. SH



You know you really dont have to go to any trouble, Sherrlock. Im not angry with you. :)

I know I don't. And you know how I feel about emoticons, Molllly. SH

Right sorry. Just a bit tipsy. And you spelled my name wrong. LOL

Ah, emoticons AND overused chat acronyms. Brilliant. Also, tipsy as in pissed? SH

YEs. My jugment is clouded.

As is your ability to spell. Where? SH

Where what?

Where are you overindulging? At home? SH

No. A pub.

Alone? SH

Yes. Sadly. UNless you count ye olde man who has been talking my ear off for an hour.

Which? SH

I don't know his name. Micheal? Or MIchael? (sp?)

No. Which pub, Molly. SH

Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese.

Rather gloomy. SH

Matched my mood. Well, 3 hrs ago. Until Ye Olde Michal showed up.

I'm on my way. SH


Is that a question? SH

No. It's an 'okay!'. :)

You're doing it again. SH


Emoticons. SH

Sorry. LOL.

Ridiculous. I'll see you shortly. SH

Get down to Bart's. I need your help. SH

I can't. Sick as a dog.

You can make hot tea when you get here. Hurry. SH

Seriously, Sherlock, I think it's strep or something. I'm this close to calling and asking the doctor for some form of penetration.

Is that appropriate to do over the phone? SH

He'll give it to me, he usually trusts me when I say I really need it.

I'm going to assume you meant 'penicillin'.

OH MY GOD. Oh my god. Yes, some form of penicillin. Oh god, my phone. Autocorrect.

Immensely relieved to hear it. SH

Why must a wedding automatically lead to people acting asinine? SH


Molly. SH


Do I have to come over there and hand you your phone so that you can answer me? SH


Sorry! I was busy acting asinine!

I noticed. SH

Since when is dancing and drinking classifiable as asinine?

Since when ARE...etc etc. Not always on their own. Done together, it's generally disastrous. SH

You know I hate it when you correct my grammar.

I know. It's why I do it. SH

You want to make me angry? I see the logic...

Yes. I make you angry so that I can watch your face flush. It's amusing. SH

Right, thanks.


You look lovely, by the way. SH

Wow. Thank you. (!)

Why are you surprised? SH

You're more of a 'I like to watch you flush in anger' than a 'you look lovely' person.

You also tend to look lovely when you're flushed. That's the point. SH

How much have YOU had to drink?

Why do you think I have to be intoxicated in order to give you a compliment? SH

Once you've ruled out the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable...etc.

And what have you deemed 'impossible' in this scenario? Do tell. SH

That you would think (or admit you thought) I was lovely without being impaired somehow, ha.

You're demonstrating an extreme lack of perception. SH


He's heavily in debt and is about three months away from finding out he has a liver problem. SH

Two dances is bad enough, but if you dance a third with him I'll have to intervene. SH

For your own good. As your friend. SH


Who are you talking about?

I sent those texts an hour ago, Molly. Do keep up. Luckily you got rid of him on your own. SH

Okay, no idea, but thanks? Also, I forgot to say, you look very handsome as well.

I don't like wearing ties. SH

Well, it suits you.

Would you like it if I wore ties more often? SH

Not sure there are many occasions for a bow tie, I'm afraid.

Your boyfriend does it. SH


The Doctor. SH

Uh-huh. I absolutely hooked you.

You have no idea. SH


Where are you? SH

Molly. SH

Sorry, should have said bye but you were talking to Greg – walking back now.

Back where? SH

The hotel, where else?

By yourself? SH

No, I invited a few men back to my room with me.

Excuse me? SH

I'm clearly joking. And they say you're brilliant...

Come back. I'll walk you. SH

Why? I'm fine.

I said I'll walk you. SH

I'm already halfway there! Anyway, you can't leave, you're the best man.

Fine. Goodnight. SH


I'm sorry I didn't say bye to you before I left.


Are you awake? SH

Yes. Couldn't sleep. Watching Dial M for Murder.

What room number? SH

Why, are you locked out of yours?

No. I have cake and fruit from the party. I'll bring it. How far into the film are you? SH

Really? Strawberries? About fifteen minutes, I can fill you in.

Yes. I made sure to take extra strawberries. Number? SH


Coming up now. SH

You left your scarf at 221B. SH

Which one?

The one that I hate. SH

Be more specific.

The hideous one. SH

More specific...

For God's sake Molly. The one with the obnoxious orange flowers. SH

That's where it went! I've been looking for ages!

You left it the night we dissected that spleen. That was only two weeks ago. SH

Can you bring it to Bart's tomorrow?

Come by tonight and get it. I'll get takeaway. SH

I can't, I've got a date. Thanks though.


A date? SH

On a Thursday evening? SH


Molly. SH

Hi. In the middle of it now actually. Talk to you later!


Definitely not worthy of a second date. That was brutal.


There's a documentary on 3 about the Mary Celeste mystery.


If you can bring my scarf to the lab tomorrow that'd be great. Nite. x

I won't be in the lab tomorrow. SH

Oh? How will I get it, then?

You've lived without it for two weeks. You should make it another day. SH

What's your problem Sherlock?

I don't have a problem. You're the one with a missing scarf. SH

It's not missing. You have it.

You're lucky I do. Its sheer offensiveness might have scared off the idiot you were out with. SH

How do you know he's an idiot?

Idiots seem to like you, Molly. You're resourceful. You work with what you can get. SH

Better an idiot than a complete and total bastard, Sherlock. I'll see you when I see you.


Are you awake? SH


I'm sorry, Molly. SH


I'll bring your scarf to the lab tomorrow. SH

Did you leave these muffins for me?

Yes. Blueberry and banana nut. SH

You didn't have to do that.

A peace offering. I apologize for my tone last night. SH

It's fine. Thanks for bringing the scarf.

Baker St. tonight. Takeaway and telly. SH

What are we watching?

Midsomer Murders. SH

You watch that show?

No. But thought I'd find it interesting. SH

You'll hate it. You'll solve all the mysteries five minutes in and be bored.

An astounding amount of faith you have in me…very moving. SH

No. It's just a fact.

Have you watched it before? SH


You enjoy it? SH


Be here by six. Chinese? SH

Sure. Works for me.

Excellent. SH

What are you doing? SH

About to get into bed. What's up?

Bored. What did you do tonight? SH

Watched a Springsteen concert on the telly. You?

Cleaned the kitchen. SH

You? Cleaned the kitchen?

Mrs. Hudson threatened to evict me after I brought in the jejunum. Apparently it has an odor. SH

Now I feel awful.

Why? SH

I gave you that jejunum!

I do admire your ease with words like 'jejunum'. SH

I did go to medical school, Sherlock.

I know. Is it rude that I don't call you Doctor? SH

Doctor what? Doctor Molly?

I'll call you whatever you want. SH

How about you call me 'too ill to work tomorrow'? I'd love a day off.

Take the day. We can go somewhere. Don't have a case at the moment. SH


Wherever you want. Kew Gardens? SH

I can't. Mike needs me to supervise interns tomorrow.

Boring. SH

Maybe. Alas, no help for it.

Take the day. Kew Gardens, and then I'll take you to the Savoy for tea. SH

What? The Savoy?

Why not? SH

For no reason? On a Tuesday afternoon?

Perfect. Why not? SH

Because I have to work. That's why.

Then you owe me a rain check. SH


Saturday. SH

LOL. Well, if you want…fine with me. Sounds great.

Good. SH

Really had a great afternoon. Thank you.

Glad you enjoyed it. SH

Did you? Enjoy it?

Of course. I thought that was clear. SH

You know me. Always second guessing.

What are you doing right now? SH

Just getting ready for bed.

Which means? SH

What? You know. The usual…brushing teeth, washing face, pajamas.

Which pajamas? SH

Are you asking me what I'm wearing? LOL.

Just answer the question. SH

Um…flannel tartan bottoms. White t-shirt.

The green and red tartan flannels you wore all the time when I stayed with you? SH

Yes. Let me guess, you hate them and they're hideous.

They are hideous. I don't hate them. SH

I'm sure other women have nicer sleepwear. I'm just simple.

Who cares what other women have? SH

All women care what other women have. It's a fact.

You shouldn't. SH

So you actually like my hideous tartan PJ bottoms? ;)

I do. I still hate your emoticons, however. SH

Ah well. Win some, lose some.

Go to sleep, Molly. SH

Goodnight Sherlock.

See you tomorrow. SH

I don't work tomorrow.

I'll still see you. SH

My coat smells like you. SH

Sorry. Think twice before letting me borrow it next time.

I wasn't complaining. SH

Awake? SH

No. Well, yes, now.

Sorry. In Harrogate on a case. Needed something to do. SH

You know what passes the time nicely at 1am? Sleeping!

Can't sleep. SH

You said you were bored.

No. I said I needed something to do. A distraction. SH

What's wrong?

Mind is racing. SH

Interesting case, then?

Nothing makes sense yet. It will, I just have to sort it out. I hate this bit. SH

What bit?

Before I've solved it, when I'm still as clueless as everyone else. SH

You're never as clueless as everyone else.

True. Not helping, though. SH

What can I do? Want to call me for a chat?

No. Better over text. I'd be curt and irritable in conversation. SH

Since when has that stopped you?

Since I started doing everything I could to avoid offending you. SH

Ah. Turning over a new leaf?

With you. Yes. SH

What do you mean, with me?

What did you do today? SH

You really want to hear about my day?

I told you. I need distraction. However mundane. SH

I'd be offended except it's true. Not one autopsy today. Mundane is right.

Well this plan is working out well. SH

Sorry! My day was boring, can't help it.

Make something up. SH

So you basically want a bedtime story?

Don't force me to end the conversation. SH

Alright. Not in the mood for teasing, got it.

No. I told you that. SH

Ok ok. Well here's something interesting – there's a new virologist upstairs.

Upstairs? SH

Basically means everywhere else in the hospital except the morgue.

And? SH

He's been down to 'use the lab equipment' five times in the past two days! LOL

I assume by your quotations that 'use the lab equipment' is some sort of euphemism? SH

No – I just don't think that's what he really wants.

Explain. SH

I think he likes me. Keeps mentioning he's single, etc. It's hilarious.

I'm not seeing the humor. If anything this is making my mood worse. SH


He's not using my microscope, is he? SH

YOUR microscope? Now I'm laughing.

I'm not. SH

Come on. I'm trying.

You can't be stupid enough to expect a story about some idiot virologist sniffing around my pathologist and using my microscope to go over well. SH

Please refrain from letting me know when the first date is. SH

Don't want to barge in and interrupt a romantic lunch in the lab over chlamydia slides and necrotic tissue samples. SH

Are you mental? He's 68 years old.


You neglected that detail, Molly. SH

I was never any good at stories. Also, your pathologist? That's friendly of you.

I meant for the emphasis to be on 'my'. MY pathologist. SH

Okay...don't know how to take that.

As a compliment. Everyone knows I won't work with anyone else. SH

Fine. When I get back we'll discuss my salary. Also I'd like a chauffeur to drive me around.




Sherlock...I know you didn't fall asleep. Are you okay?


Answer me please.


Molly, you're brilliant. Wonderful. SH

What happened to you?

I need to start bringing you with me on these cases. You can bring your tartan bottoms. SH

Did you take something? Where's John?

THE CHAUFFEUR, Molly. When you mentioned it I got to thinking back on his mustache and the way he held his cigarette and it made perfect sense. They're arresting him now. SH

Oh Christ. Don't disappear on me like that! I was afraid something horrible happened.


What are you doing tomorrow? SH


I will be back in London around 9am. Breakfast? SH

Not a chance. It's 3am now and your little stunt kept me up all night worrying. I'm sleeping in.

Sleeping is boring. SH

Maybe for geniuses, not for us common-folk.

You are anything but common, Molly Hooper. SH

Do you mean that or was that tongue in cheek?

Go to sleep. Sorry I worried you. Text me when you wake up. SH

I'm already eating my leftovers.

They probably didn't even get a chance to grow cold. SH

They didn't. Still warm. Thanks for dinner, by the way, you didn't have to treat.

I wanted to. For helping me solve the case. SH

I didn't though. You did it yourself. You're brilliant, Sherlock. So brilliant.

A bit too much wine, Molly? SH

You drank as much as I did.

Yes. I don't often drink.

I know, I was pleasantly surprised. Makes you more mellower.

More mellower? Redundant. SH

Ok, maybe not, if you still feel the need to be the grammar police!

Are you annoyed? SH


Angry? SH


Are you blushing right now? SH


Just the face, or is it one of the flushes that goes all the way past your collarbone and down your chest? SH

Didn't think you were the type to stare at chests. Too busy and all.

Answer the question. SH

Okay. Pretty sure it's stopped somewhere around my belly button.

Interesting. Pretty angry then. How can I make it up to you? SH

I'll think of something.

Let me know if you need help with that. I'm brilliant, remember? SH

You are. You know you are. You don't need me to tell you.

But I like it when you tell me. SH

Do you?

Yes. SH

You're mad, and I'm going to bed now before I say something stupid.

Such as? SH

Nevermind, LOL!


Are you asleep yet? SH

Just drifting off. Why?

Are you wearing your tartan bottoms? SH

Ha, no. Good guess though.

No? SH

No. Shorts.

Really? Interesting. Is it hot in your bedroom? SH

Sherlock...what are you doing?

Texting you at the moment. Why? SH

Because it sounds a lot like flirting.

If it were – is it working? SH


Molly? SH

What are you wearing to bed, then?

I don't normally wear anything to bed. SH


I'm serious. SH

So you're telling me that you're lying there with no clothes on, picturing me in my pajamas?

Two-thirds of that is true. SH

Do I want to know which two-thirds?

I don't know. Do you? SH

Goodnight Sherlock.

Goodnight Molly. SH

Got home alright?

Yes. Thanks. SH

You regret it, don't you?

Regret what? SH

Seriously? Kissing me, Sherlock. You kissed me.

I know. I remember it well. SH

Well? Do you regret it?

I don't do things if I know I'm going to regret them later, Molly. SH

Thought maybe it was spur of the moment.

It wasn't. Believe me. Although I had hoped it would end in some other way than you asking me to leave. SH

Sherlock, you have to understand. You know I've been mad about you for ages, so long that I can't even remember when it started, and all of a sudden a few months ago you started acting like maybe you fancied me too

And I just didn't want to face it because I was too nervous that if I did, I would turn out to be wrong and my heart would just explode. In a bad way. Then tonight, when you kissed me, I just...it was so brilliant.

And I wanted you to stay, wanted to ask you to stay so badly, but it's just so new and unexpected that I didn't know how to cope. I really hope I didn't put you off, I've just wanted this for so long and I want you to be sure of what you're doing.


So, are you? Sure, I mean, that this is what you want?



Sorry. Was hailing a cab. SH

A cab?

Yes. I'll be there in about fifteen minutes. SH

What? You just left!

I have something to say to you. For once I'd like to say it in person. SH

Is that alright? SH

God yes. I'm afraid I have my tartan bottoms on though.

Perfect. See you in a minute. SH