I remember that day, like it was yesterday.
"Saga sempai..."
It never leaves me...the passion, the pain, and most of all...the love.
"Sempai...they know."
How could they do it? Taking me away...
"My parents...they know of our relationship. They are taking me and my fiancée far away. They don't approve of us."
I said it as if I was okay with it, like I didn't care. But in reality, I didn't want to leave. I was devastated.
Saga sempai had been hurt, I could see it.
"I'll wait for you..." he had said.
How could he wait? It would be years until I could come back.
"Find happiness.." I had said. And then I left.
But now I'm back, and I'm ready to be with him again.

"We are now arriving at the station, please remember to take all of your luggage. Have a nice day."
I stepped off the train and looked around, noticing that the station hasn't changed a bit since I left. But that wasn't on my mind at the moment.
I left the station and started to walk to the apartment I had gotten a month ago. It was decent size, it was nice to have my own home instead of being with a big family.
I took a deep breath of fresh air as soon as I walked outside. It was good to be home, I had missed it. As I walked down the street, I looked around to take It all in, it all looked the same. But in a way, I was glad it was the same.

I went to my apartment and unlocked the door, seeing that all my boxes were already there waiting for me. Among them was a basket that said "Welcome to the building." on it. On the car I noticed that it was from someone named Takano next door. I set down my suitcase and left my apartment, knocking on the door next to mine.

A young man answered the door, he wasn't much older than me. He had longish black hair and brown eyes. He was wearing a button down black shirt and white pants, black slippers on his feet.
"Yes?" he asked, his voice deep.
"Hi, are you Takano-kun?" I asked, slightly shy. He was very handsome, and he seemed familiar in a weird way.
"Yes, I am." he said. "What can I help you with?"
"I just wanted to come by and thank you for the gift. I'm your knew neighbor, Onodera Ritsu." I explained. After I said my name, Takano's eyes lightened a little. He looked me over, as if in awe.
"Have you been in town before?" he asked, his tone much more gentle yet somewhat sad.
"Yes, I lived here a few years ago, but I had to move away because of some family issues. Have we met before?" I asked. A muscle in his jaw tightened.
"You don't remember?" he asked. I shook my head and he tsked. "You're welcome, I'll see you around."

He shut the door. I stood there for a moment, confused.
What the hell just happened...?