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After the first episode...

The things Lindsay said to me during our first challenge kept playing in my head. "I think Duncan wants you to yell at him, you know for old times sake." Why would he want me to yell at him. Isn't that what drove him away from me and into Gwen. Also why would Gwen give me flowers? I'm allergic to those kinds of flowers.

The next day we were on our way to the craft services tent and I bumped into someone. I landed on my back. "Sorry." The person said. I looked up and saw Duncan offering me his hand. "Are you okay?" Another person asked. I turned around and saw one of the newer competitors Scott also holding out his hand. I smiled and took Scott's hand.

"Thank you." I said. "Pappy taught me to help pretty girls in need." Scott said and I blushed at his compliment. Duncan let out an angry breath and walked away. "What's eating you?" Gwen came up behind him and asked. "Courtney won't pay attention to me and now Scott is flirting with her." Duncan said. "Why do you care? I'm your girlfriend not her." Gwen said. "Whatever." Duncan said and walked away.

After the next challenge the villainous vultures had to vote someone off. Heather Alejandro Scott Lightning and Jo all voted for Gwen. Gwen voted for Duncan cause they broke up because Gwen got jealous. Duncan voted for Scott because he was jealous of him for flirting with Courtney. In the end Gwen got the boot.

Who will be the third person to go down the flush of shame on the bonfire ceremony on total drama all stars!

Next chapter ill put more of Courtney's thoughts and feelings of the third season. And maybe a surprise encounter with Duncan in the woods or maybe Scott? Btw when you review comment if u want Courtney to be with Duncan or Scott :)