Tdas ch8

"I'm so confused. My head is telling me to date Scott because Duncan might cheat on me, but my heart is telling me to date Duncan." Courtney finally told Zoey the night after Scott kissed her. Sierra was blogging about Cody. "Scott is a mean manipulative jerk." Zoey said. "But he was so nice to me. Duncan cheated on me." Courtney said. "Don't trust Scott. Follow your heart. Trust Duncan again because I know he won't cheat on you again."

Earlier that day...

Duncan was mad. He stormed out of the woods just after he saw Scott kiss Courtney. "Wanna talk about it?" He turned around and saw Zoey. "That jerk Scott kissed Courtney." He said. "Scott is a jerk and you're mad that he kissed Courtney because you still like her." Zoey said.

Duncan nodded. "I wish I could take back everything that happened during World Tour. I hurt her so bad in World Tour and ever since season 3 ended, I wanted so badly to comfort her. I miss her bossiness. Her beautiful brown hair. Her winner attitude. I especially miss her yelling at me." Zoey smiled. "Just tell her that." Duncan looked at her. "You really think that will work?" Duncan asked her. "I'll talk to her later tonight in our cabin and you can talk to her tomorrow. Zoey said then headed to her cabin.

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