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Chapter 1

Agent Roy Mustang walked into the show room and looked around. He found an empty chair and sat, listening to the announcer on the microphone auctioning off a teen girl dancing on a pole.

A waiter walked up and offered him a try of drinks; he took one and sipped it. He knew that he could never afford drinks like that with his government employee salary.

He looked up at the girl dancing on the pole. He watched as one of his targets bidded on her. He opened his briefcase and cross checked all the names and faces in the room.

The girl was sold and she walked over to sit in his lap.

Roy checked his gun, to make sure it was still in his holister. He pressed a button on his pager. His team was ready to storm the building.

"Next, we have a rare pup, perfect for alternative guests."

A blonde walked on stage. It was a young teenage boy with two artificial limbs with a black speedo on. His blonde hair came to his midback and tangles in his blonde hair was a set of golden dog ears, he even had a matching golden tail that fluffed like a wolf's. The teen wore a red collar and walked over to the pole to dance, like he was trained to.

"He is a little banged up, but banging is his specialty." The announcer said as the teen danced.

A few men laughed.

"We will start the bidding at 300."

Roy pressed the button again, this was making him sick.

"Come on! He has a pretty face. A great little boy-toy, if you don't mind getting ruff!" He barked like a dog mocking the teen. "He's worth 600 at least."

"700!" Someone yelled.

"700 thousand, folks. Any other takers?"

Roy stood and fired a shot at the roof, silencing everyone. He couldn't take it anymore. "On the floor!" He yelled.

Everyone screamed, getting down.

"All strippers, to the wall! Everyone else, on the ground!"

They obeyed.

Roy walked over and handed his jacket to the boy stripper. "Cover up your ears and tail."

The boy did as he was ordered.

Roy's team stormed in and surrounded the building.

Agent Hawkeye walked over, her guns aimed at the men. "Sir, we will start escorting the suspects out."

"Good, I need to sneak a special case out."

Hawkeye nodded. "I will handle this here sir."

"Thank you. I may not be in the office tomorrow, but I need to sort this out first."

"Understood sir."

"Find the rest of the girls' families and cross check them, run DNA tests."

"Yes Sir."

Roy turned to the kid and snuck him out the back.