Chapter 3

Edward woke up and stretched. As strong scent hit his nose and he stood up, walking into the kitchen to see what it was.

"Morning." Roy smiled and turned over an omelet.

"Good morning, Mr. Roy."

Roy laughed and cut the omelet in two and gave half to Edward. "Enjoy."

"This is all mine?" Edward asked, tail wagging.

"Yep." Edward smiled. "Thank you."

"You're welcome."

The phone rang and Roy answered it.

"Hello Roy, this is Riza."

Roy nodded. "Hey."

"How is the special case going?"

"It is going fine. We are actually eating breakfast now."

"Good. I called to inform you that we are still searching through databases for anyone matching his description, but we are having no luck.

"Keep looking. I will keep him here until you find something."

"Yes sir. I will send an agent to help you."

"Thank you." Roy hung up the phone and looked at Edward who was standing at the window. He walked over. "Hey, what's up?"

"Do you have a cat?"

"No." Roy said, confused.

"It's teasing me then." Edward growled as he glared out the window.

Roy looked to see an orange and white cat lying on his front lawn. "Something wrong?"

"It's teasing me." Edward's tail still and his ears perked up and forward.

Roy closed the curtains. "Ignore it, okay?"

Edward sighed. "Yes, Mr. Roy."

Roy cleared his throat.

"Yes Roy." Edward said pinning his ears down and tucking his tail between his legs.

"it's okay Edward. Calm down, I am not upset. Relax. Hey, did you want to play video games?"

Edward nodded.

Roy chuckled and turned on the game system. He gave Ed a controller. "Enjoy. I need to make a call."

"I can help." Edward offered.

"No. I don't need any help. I will be very quick."

"Okay." Roy walked to his room and called Dr. Knox.


"Dr. Knox? This is Agent Roy Mustang."

"What do you want?"

Roy could practically hear the man smoking on the other end. "I have a problem."

"We all have those, Mustang, what do you want?"

Roy rolled his eyes. "I have a child here with me who has undergone human experimentation. I want you to come and give him a routine physical."

"What's special about the kid?"

"He had some features of a dog."

"A dog?"

"Yes, ears and a tail, along with a few traits."


"He was reacting to a cat lying on my lawn." Roy informed.

"Well Roy, you have a mess on your hands."

"I know that Doctor."

"I will be there in an hour."

"Yes sir." Roy hung up and Edward peeked into Roy's office. "What's up Edward?"

"Someone is at the door. Are they supposed to be here?"

Roy looked at Edward, confused, before realizing it was another trait.

The doorbell rang and Edward's ears perked and his tail stilled.

"Easy Edward, relax. I will get the door, just stay in here." Roy walked to the door and opened it.

Sheska stood with a bag in her hands. "Mr. Mustang."

"What are you doing here?" Roy asked her.

"I came to help you with the special case." She whispered the last part.

"I don't need help. I can handle a teenager with a few special traits."

"Have you ever dealt with teenager's for, Agent Mustang?"


"Then trust me, they are difficult."

Edward walked in.

"Come here." Roy smiled and called Edward over.

Edward walked over as he was called.

"Edward, this is Sheska, she will be staying with us for a while."

"Hello Edward." Sheska smiled. "I brought you some things." She handed Edward her bag. "I think these will fit."

Edward opened the bag and pulled out some clothes. He smelled the clothes and smiled. He sniffed the air before getting close to Sheska and smelling her neck and back, he paused when he noticed her pockets. His tail wagged.

Sheska giggled. "What do you want Edward?"

Edward motioned with his eyes to her pockets.

"Oh," She dug in her pocket and pulled out two bone shaped treats. "Is this what you were after?"

Edward nodded, tail wagging.

"You can have them; I guess I didn't give my dogs their treats this morning when I left." She handed them to Edward.

"I get two?" Edward marveled at the treats.

"Yes, of course. You're a good boy."

Edward smiled and left quickly.

"What is with him?" Roy asked.

"Roy, he's a dog. They tend to hide their treats or eat them hidden."


"Have you ever had a dog?"

"Once, when I was little."

Roy watched as Edward ran in and looked out the window. "Who is that? Is someone supposed to be here? He looks suspiscious."

The doorbell rang.

Roy answered it to see Dr. Knox.

"Gonna invite me in or not?"

"Of course. Come in."

The Doctor walked in. "Where's my patient?"

Roy looked at the couch, Edward wasn't there. "Give him a minute."

After a while, the teen walked out and Dr. Knox marveled. "My God…"

Edward tucked his tail and flattened his ears, scared.

"It's okay, come here Edward."

Edward slinked over.

"This man is here to help you."

"Edward, my name is Dr. Knox."

"Doctor?" Edward asked, frightened.


Edward moved to be closer to Roy.

"Easy. He is only going to do a physical. I will be right here, can you do this for me?"

Edward nodded.

Sheska walked into the kitchen to make lunch as Dr. Knox examined Edward.

Roy gave Ed some privacy, so he looked away.

Knox had Edward get dressed again after his examine. He turned to Roy. "The kid has a few problems." He whispered.

"Like what?"

"Let's step outside."

Roy followed Knox out. "What is it?"

"First off, your pup is anemic, he needs more iron in his blood. Feed him a nice steak tonight with a spinach salad or something. Secondly, his is a little on the short side. Third, he is only 100 pounds, almost 50 pounds lighter that the average. Fourth, his stumps are a bit inflamed; his prosthetics need to be cleaned. Fifth, his body temperature is 102. Sixth, he has a dog ears and a tail." She said, being sarcastic with Roy.

"Are you done?"

"Roy. I think he is sick."


"The CDC has found a rare STD that is stimulated by certain drugs. The drugs that cause it are rare, illegal, and very expensive. So cases are often unheard of. It is weird for Edward to have it. But I will give you a hypothesis. The owner of Edward took these drugs frequently and it contaminated his semen, when he, to put it blatantly, screwed the kid. The semen came in contact with Edward's fluids and infected him. It also didn't help that he possibly had frequent experiences with the contaminated semen."

"What does that mean for Edward?"

"Luckily, the STD is not fatal, nor is it contagious, but once you have it…"

"It's there for life."

Knox nodded. "Edward doesn't do the drug, but it will affect him. He will get sick constantly, which includes a fever, cold sweating, vomiting, diarrhea, coughing, and some possible pain and swelling in his genitals."

"Is there anything I can do to help him?"

"Yes. He will need lots of fluids when he has a flare-up." Knox instructed. "Also, no pain medication, it will react with the STD badly."

Roy nodded, "What do I do for his pain then?"

"Tell him to grit his teeth and bare it. He has experienced many flare-ups before, most likely. It appears that he has had this condition for a long time."

Roy nodded.

Knox shook his hand. "Thanks for calling, he needed medical advice."

"Thank you for coming Doctor."

"Call me if he has a really bad flare-up."

Roy nodded. "Have a good day."

"Don't tell me what to do." The Doctor grumbled as he lit a new smoke and walked to his car.

Roy chuckled and walked back inside to check on Edward.