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Series 01: Drops and Bruises

by Wormmonsoul

Yamato threw his head back and held his hair, his fist closed over a small medical jar. His other hand loomed threateningly over his right eye. A fearful eyedropper came into view and the blue eye shut on reflex. Damn it, it wouldn't open. Okay, try the left one first. Yamato moved to attend to the left eye but his hand slipped and he nearly drove the dropper into his eye. The boy groaned and hit his head on the wall. Somehow, it wasn't working today.. He had never done it himself - it was either his father or Sora who helped him and neither was at hand. Guess, no medicine for his eyes then.


Taichi walked in the dressing room, dripping wet in his soccer outfit and uh ohed.

"Sorry," Yamato muttered, still pissed.

"Whatcha doing?"

"I'm trying to put these fricking drops into my fricking eyes!" Yamato answered, shaking with anger.

Taichi chuckled. He snatched the small jar and the dropper from Yamato's hands and squinted at the name. "'Spersallerg - Eye drops', 'one drop two-three times a day'," he read. "Why the fuck d'you need THAT?!"

Yamato gave him a dark look. He had trouble keeping away from hysterics BECAUSE OF THE STUPID EYEDROPS! Throwing himself at Taichi to beat the hell out of him and thus give an exit to his feelings, wouldn't do, no, he replied icily, "My damned eyes hurt after all the gigs, so I have to take this."

"Why?" Taichi asked stupidly. Inwardly, he was chuckling at madness behind Yamato's eyes.

"You tried to stare down a dozen spotlights for two hours?!"

The brunette grinned, "Who won?"


"Weeell," Taichi turned the jar over in his hand. "Whatcha gonna do now?"

Yamato shoulders slumped. "I need help with this.."

"Okay." the brunette leant over. "Tell me how?"

Yamato blinked in puzzlement before understanding hit him. He chuckled. "These are MY eyes, Tai! I'm neither suicidal nor a masochist! You are NOT helping me with this!!!"

Taichi ignored him. He climbed on top of Yamato, (a/n started to have yaoi thoughts already? *giggle* ^_-) holding the dropper like a dagger. The blonde reeled back and his head hit the wall. "ITAIIII!"

"Raise your face, beautiful," the boy teased.

"No, Taichi, no wait, no you can't be serious, no, pleeeeeeeease!!!!"

"I'll be very careful.."

A struggle followed and Yamato eventually gave up. "Sure, just...be careful..."

Taichi steadied his hand - he'd rather die than hurt Yamato - and stared down at the blue eyes. He licked his lips in concentration. Yamato was patiently staring up at the ceiling. Taichi attended his right eye, Yamato winced and blinked, several tears trickled down his cheeks.

"Nothing's funny," he grumbled catching Taichi smiling.

"It's been the third time in my life I see you crying."

"I'm not!!!" The blonde tried to wipe away his tears.. But it was Taichi who smeared them over his cheek with his thumb. The whole situation was pure fun, so it was no surprise that a really strange, really alluring idea drifted into his mind. He put a drop into the left eye and when the tear rolled down, Taichi used his lips to wipe it off. Taichi backed away to check his progress. Yamato's slant eyes widened, his jaw dropped. Taichi shook in laughter. There was an adorable dumbfounded look on Yamato's face and Taichi considered him absolutely cute. The brunette leant in and caught Yamato's lips in a kiss, still giggling. He thrusted his tongue inside but the blonde bit the tip gently denying him any access. Taichi pulled back with a smile spreading all over his face.

"Oh c'mon, Yama. This is hilarious! Let me kiss you."

"Tai, dude!" The blonde boy averted Taichi's attacking mouth. "Cut it mphphphphp.."

"It's soooooo cool kissing your best friend, isn't it, Yama?" Tai said, wedging comfortably into Yamato's lap. He put his hand under the blonde head. Yamato emitted a short laugh. "Jerk."

"Oh, you like it!" Taichi protested. He kissed him once more. Miraculously, the tension that was present in his muscles since the start of the match left him and he finally relaxed. Yamato closed his eyes and kissed back.

"Open your mouth, Yama," Taichi said.

"Uhm uhm!"

"Dammit, Yama, you're sooo girlish!!!"

"I'm not uhmmmph!!....."

Seeing his chance, Taichi pulled his tongue quickly in and out of Yamato's mouth. The blonde boy gaped at him in astonishment.

"Tai..." he whispered.

Taichi stared back at him and gulped. This couldn't be happening. He had just frenched Yamato. Warmness spread through his body in circles of pleasure.. What was he, gay?.. He'd think about that later when his heart wouldn't be doing 200 miles per hour. More important was what Yamato thought about it.. The brunette brushed Yamato's lips lovingly with the tip of his index finger. "Well? Whaddaya think?" he croaked.


"Thanks." Taichi stood up, suddenly furious. He couldn't understand why he ever CARED to kiss Yamato. 'Shit' was not exactly a reaction he'd expect! The brunette knew how to kiss; at least Yamato could give him credit in that! He threw himself on the bench and bent over his knee. A huge scratch ran over it, soaking his white socks in red. Taichi winced. It looked ugly.

The boys sat in an uncomfortable silence.

"Uhmm, thanks for the help," Yamato said awkwardly and sat down on the bench across his friend.

"T's nothing," Taichi muttered. He avoided looking at Yamato; he didn't want to see the expression on his face - rejection, or worse, disgust. 'Shit' - what kind of answer was that? Stupid insensitive blonde...! "What are you doing here anyway?" Taichi asked disinterestedly, taking in the dressing room at the school soccer field.

Yamato stared at the back of his hands. "I've been waiting for your game to finish. It's no fun sitting outside in the rain. 'Sides, we were going to Tokyo Joypolis, remember?"

"Uhu. You tied Sora to a chair and put a gag in her mouth?" Taichi asked.

"Nope. She said I have the right to do what I want."

"Nice of her. Did you ask her a copy of the agreement? I would.."

"Tai, did you score? Why are you here? The game's like just started," Yamato interrupted. Naturally, he didn't like it when Taichi bashed his girlfriend.

"Some jerk of a guy kicked me instead of the football." Taichi revealed his injured leg and rolled down his sock, wincing from pain.

"Shit..." said Yamato. Taichi started. The boy reached out and touched the swollen area around the scratch.

"And the coach sent me to the nurse's office."

"It does look bad, Tai," Yamato bit his lip. "And you have so much bruises all over your legs.." Tai smirked proudly. "I sometimes wonder if you take up soccer only to get to kick somebody," Yamato commented with sarcasm.

"T's nothing. Don't make a fuss of it, YamaKO!" Yamato growled. "Or maybe, YamaMI?" Taichi held back a laugh.

Yamato drummed his fingers on Taichi's knee in a warning. "Do I look like a girl or is it your sick fantasies, Tai?!"

"What do you know about my fantasies, Yama?" Taichi asked peacefully.

"Well, I'm sure you wouldn't mind if I..," Yamato sent him a look of pure blue sky.

"What?" the teenager grew suspicious.

"Did this." Saying that Yamato bent over Tai's leg and licked his scratch up and down. Slowly. Taichi gasped. Pain shot up his leg as saliva covered his fresh cut, but the pain ceased when the moisture froze over, serving as a disinfectant and an anaesthetic. Taichi shook in bliss. "I don't wanna go to the nurse.." he whispered with his eyes closed.

"But you need to clean up your wound," Yamato answered inaudibly.

"You do it better..."

Yamato chuckled and circled his fingers around Taichi's calf. He began treating his injury with his tongue. Taichi opened his eyes and watched Yamato working on his leg. It was like... No, Tai, don't think, don't look, god, you're getting high on it... don't look, dammit! It was like porno. And you know what porno is like to a fourteen year old? Addictive.

Yamato raised his head and stared at Taichi's drooling face.

"I think I'm going to cum," his friend informed him in a hoarse whisper.

"That's the oldest line in the movie," Yamato shrugged. Hesitantly, he brushed his hair out of his eyes and assumed an indifferent look, the one saying that he didn't just do the most outrageous thing in his life.

Taichi resumed his breath. "Yama! I.. I have a bad scratch here too!" The brunette ripped his t-shirt off and pointed to his chest.

"I'm not falling for it, Tai," the blonde shook his head.

Taichi sent him a puppy look. "Puhhhhleeease, Yama?"

The blonde boy frowned. What kind of freak was Taichi anyway?! "Tai, suppose other things don't count, but I'm in a relationship."

"You're in a slavery," the teenager protested darkly.

"I thought you liked Sora..." That was how their arguments began nowadays. 'Sora's using you' countered by 'You're jealous,' or 'Sora's a devil' countered by 'You're imagining things'..

"Yamato, I've got an erection here and all you talk about is SORA?!!!" Taichi shouted impatiently.

Yamato picked up his bag and shoved his hair out of his eyes. "The shower's over there," he pointed with his thumb and walked towards the exit. Taichi fell back down on the bench with a moan and shut his eyes. He couldn't believe it that they were constantly brawling over some girl...! That was worse than brawling over climbing the Infinity Mountain or not climbing the said fucking Mountain..

Yamato stopped in the doorway, feeling bad about leaving like this. He regretted his harsh words. Taichi was an impertinent brat, all right, but he was his friend, a strange one no doubt, but a friend. There were times when Yamato wanted to stab Taichi to death with anything sharp and times when he wanted to hug him and hold him and say that he loved him. Yamato turned back. One last time ...

Taichi felt a wet hot circle land on his mouth and kissed back right away. He pulled Yamato close, brushing the blonde hair out of the way. The teenagers groaned deepening the kiss.

Sora walked into the dressing room.

(a/n: Sora in the boy's dressing-room...??? Am I that twisted? Yep. And something to clear up: I don't bash Sora... Taichi does. He's jealous, that's why. I think Sora's okay, I just don't like her in Sorato and Taiora. Admit it, she's bitchy towards Yamato if it's Taiora-oriented fanfic, or Taichi if it's Sorato-oriented one. *mutters through clenched teeth, DON'T TOUCH YAMATO, YOU..!* I'm reading bad fics again... Anyway, MY Sora will take Taito okay..Ooops, sorry... read the fic...)

"YAMATO??? TAICHI???" (a/n: then maybe she won't...)

Yamato drew away in that instant and turned his flushing face to his girlfriend. Sora was staring at them with betrayal in her eyes. She broke down and sobbed before she flung herself back through the door. The sound of her running feet echoed down the corridor.

"Shit!" Yamato dashed after her. Taichi grabbed his elbow and stopped him.

"Hold it, Yamato! Can't you tell she's acting? You can't fall for it!" the brunette shouted.

"You..!" Yamato tore his arm away from the grip of his friend. "She's my girlfriend! She's Sora! Why do you have to bitch on her all the time?! What's wrong with you? What has she done? I hate your idiotic attitude! I hate you!!!" Yamato realised he had said awful things and he backed away, panting. He turned, smacked his fist in the door, and fled. The door banged loudly against the wall, its hinges screaming in protest.

All Taichi wanted was to crouch on the floor and howl, but he only flinched. His chest seemed to crumple in leaving him without air. "Yamato..." The familiar voice sounded in the corridor as the blonde teenager was comforting the crying Sora. Taichi's eyebrow twitched. "Yamato... This is WAR..." Taichi declared.


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YamaKO, YamaMI - ko and mi are the endings of girls' names, ko means 'baby' and mi means 'beauty'. (Miyako, Mimi?)

You know that kissing helps to relieve tension?

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