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Series 14: To Love or Not To Love?

by Wormmonsoul

He remembered the storm. That night he had his first kiss... with someone he didn't love.

(flashback to chapter 6. )

The indigo-haired boy grabbed his umbrella and tiptoed down the hall. His parents' bedroom was quiet as quiet goes when it is thundering every two minutes. He was lonely, and the beating of the raindrops on the window and flashes of lighting magnified his loneliness. Ken felt as if the walls were crumbling on him. This feeling drove him out into the night to look for company. Ken crept out of his apartment and ran under the rain to the station. He wanted to see Daisuke. In the middle of the night. The last train to Odaiba would arrive in two minutes.

He was soaked through by the time he got to the station, and it was freezing in the empty car of the train. When he arrived in Odaiba, the cold and wet made him change his mind and made him run into the apartment building closest to the station.

Ishida Yamato's apartment building.

It was the night when most of the Chosen Children crashed in Yamato's apartment because of the thunderstorm. But Ken didn't yet know that.

When Ken knocked softly on the door, Yamato opened it.

"Ah... Ken."

"Hi. I was wondering if I could..."

Without letting him finish, Yamato grabbed his shoulder, drove him to the wall, and kissed him. As far as Ken knew there was no reason for this behaviour; Yamato may have taken an aphrodisiac and wanted to jump anything that moved. Ken's skin crawled. He grabbed Yamato's shirt and tried to push away, but the blond boy held him firmly against the wall. He slipped him tongue. Ken's mind went blank before he started panicking.

Finally, Yamato let go and Ken jerked away. He fell on his back and stared up at the musician in horror, without any idea of what to expect next. The blonde was standing there with an apologetic smile on his face. He heard giggling. Takeru was leaning on the door, and there were Koushirou and Iori behind him. LAUGHING at him.

"Sorry, Ichijouji," Yamato had the decency to look guilty. "Takeru dared me to kiss the first person who knocked at the door. Sorry. I told them it was a bad idea.."

Takeru clamped his hand over his mouth and giggled harder.

Yamato glared at him and said: "Beats me why people just keep showing up tonight... "

Ken didn't hear this explanation. Deep down he was mortally insulted. He wanted to give his first kiss (yes, it was his first REAL kiss, dammit!) to Daisuke. Not gonna happen now. He felt as if he had committed adultery.

He didn't even believe it could happen without his consent. Moreover, he always thought himself to be the seme type. Yamato ruined it all and Ken hated him for that.

Ken jumped to his feet and sent an evil glare to the laughing blond and the computer whiz. They had seen him sprawled on his butt on the floor in all his misery! Him! The Ichijouji genius!

"I'm alright." He turned to Yamato with a composed smile. "Though I admit you had me scared for a second here." Someday I'll get you for this, Yamato. I know your and Taichi's little secret, Yamato. I hope Taichi will rape you or something and then I'll GLOAT.

But even in his hatred he couldn't deny the fact that the blond knew how to kiss great. It made him realise why Taichi was so head over heels for him. Maybe he could try and snatch the blond from the dumbass soccer star to play with him a little. He knew he wasn't stupid enough to fall in love with Ishida, after all, he had Daisuke.

His knees still wobbly. he threw his coat on the hanger and grimly promised himself that Yamato was going to pay for his violated first kiss...


Ken crept down the hall to where Yamato was sitting on the floor of his room, his back to the doorway. Ken had a plan, which was to scare the hell out of Ishida, then tie him up with rope (he got everything ready beforehand), and mess with his mind and body. Without any warning Ken sprang down on him.

Ken was very surprised when a moment later he ended up on the floor with a bad case of headache and Yamato looking worriedly down on him. Hell, the blond was gorgeous with all those little stars around his head! Ken had to remind himself that he wasn't in love with Ishida.

"Is that you, Ken? Are you okay?" Yamato brushed his hair back and looked uncomfortable. "I didn't mean to knock you out," he apologised. "I thought it was Sensei."

Ken picked himself up off the wooden floor and rubbed the back of his head. There was bound to be a bump.


"Honda-sensei is my judo coach. Also my guard," Yamato sighed. "He doesn't let me answer the phone, go out of the house and stuff. But today he's busy in his judo school in the village so I have..." Yamato glanced at his watch. "Two more hours of freedom. You're lucky he didn't see you."

"You take judo classes because you want to kill Taichi?"

"Uhm.. no. It was my father's idea. Not killing Taichi! Just so I can... defend myself."

"Well, Taichi's in for a world of trouble I assure you," Ken grumbled. "Is that your katana?!" he asked pointing to the wall in shock.

"My grandpa's," Yamato helped him up.

"Thank god you didn't use it," Ken muttered. "Or there'll be two Ichijouji Ken lying on the floor." Yamato again looked uncomfortable.

"Want something to drink?"

"Yes please."

Ken didn't take into account that Yamato was the reincarnation of Nakago. Obviously, his plan needed instant modifications.

The old crone was still working in the garden without noticing the commotion. She was probably deaf. How convenient, Ken stored the fact for future references. Yamato came in with a tray, closed the door and shut off the cheerful singing of birds outside.

According to his new "The Confession and Capture" plan, the Tamachi genius was sheepishly smiling at him from his place on the floor and blushing like a lovesick girl. Yamato set the tray and moved the cup with the tea to him. His gestures were so refined, that Ken immediately thought of geisha. Yes... just the kind of a slave he wanted back then. He looked good in the light-blue kimono he was wearing. There was no reason to hide that he liked, right?

"You look good in a kimono," Ken whispered. It was loud enough for the blond to hear, and low enough to be a compliment.

"Ah.. well..." It made him embarrassed. Good.

"I think you're very good in judo, too," Ken sighed dreamily.

Yamato was already blushing. "So what brings you here?"

Ken lowered his eyes and muttered something. Yamato moved closer. "Ano... Yamato-san... I think... I..." Ken stammered.

"Yes? You want to use the bathroom?" Yamato asked.


"No," Ken admitted. Then he was suddenly sitting by the blond's side and hugging his arm. "Ano... that kiss.."

"Oh that," Yamato looked away. "Sorry."

SORRY! HE'S SORRY!!! He SPOILED everything and he'll pay DEARLY! Yamato wasn't looking his way deliberately and Ken could glare at him however long he wanted to though his words were as sweet as honey. "I'm so lonely and I dream of you, Yamato..."

The blond gently crawled away. Ken crawled after him, then threw himself at his chest so that they could stare each other in the eyes.

"Why do I always get in these situations..." the blond muttered helplessly. "Look, Ken, I'm kinda taken.."

Ken leant over him and Yamato had to steady himself with his hands on the floor. Wasn't that just PERFECT?!

"Is it Sora?" the indigo-haired boy asked, sounding desperate. He could rival the devil in trickery. "You don't like me because I'm a boy?" he continued innocently. He could rival Takeru in innocence.

"Not really..." Yamato was almost lying on his back on the floor. Just what I was waiting for, the genius grinned inwardly. His arms went around the elder boy's waist, slowly unfolding the rope that was hidden in his sleeve, and positioning it around Yamato's wrists.

"It's Taichi," the blond muttered, blushing.

"But I thought... you liked me?" he demanded with fake tears sparkling in his eyes.

"I already told you. It was a stupid bet. I'm sorry."

"Then... you kissed me and you didn't even like me?" Ken made a dramatic pause and continued to play innocent. "You used me, Yamato?"

"I really didn't mean it like that, Ken."

"Kiss me then."

Yamato thought about it. "No."

"Just one kiss?" Ken begged. "I promise I'll never bother you again!"

The blond looked pensive. "Fine. One kiss."

Ken lowered his lips and let the blond french him. It felt nice but compared to what he was going to experience in a second it was nothing.

The blond's breath went out as Ichijouji struck his knuckles in his solar plexus. He gasped in pain and rolled over. Ken pulled the ropes around Yamato's elbows. He rolled Yamato on his stomach, straddled his waist, and tied his hands methodically behind his back. He didn't bother going just for the wrists, which was a very easy way to shake off the ropes. No, he practically bandaged his arms in ropes. Next, Ken tucked a handkerchief into his mouth, so that he couldn't call for help.

"Are we comfortable?" he asked with a nasty smirk and rolled the blond to face him.

"MHMHMH?!!!!" Yamato said.

"You must be wondering why I did it," Ken nodded in understanding. "Well, I'm not telling. And for your information, I won't let you go until I'm through with you. More questions?"


"I know. I'm a bastard and proud of it. Let's begin?"

Ken went to his bag and brought out a camera.

Taichi threw the redhead on the bed and struggled with his flyzip. Koushiro's eyes got big when he noticed the swelling in his pants. He tried to climb from under him but Taichi pinned him to the bed with his free hand.

"Whassup, Kou-chan? Changed your mind?"

"No, I... What are you doing?!"

"I want you to give me head."


"Blow me. Suck me off. Is that clear?"

"Aargh!" Koushiro yelled and grabbed the pillow. It fell from his hand when Taichi sat in his lap and started nimbling on his lips. In blind lust Taichi was stunning. He had some nice muscle and his skin was like coffee with cream. Suddenly the redhead WANTED to be his slave.

They squirmed in each other's arms but Taichi wasn't gifted with patience so he simply grabbed a handful of Koushirou's hair and lowered his head to his knees. Koushiro struggled first out of surprise but then Taichi took his wrist and pressed his palm against his crotch.

"Not so fast!" the redhead emitted in muffled short gasps, mouth brushing against his stomach.

He slowly worked his fingers into Taichi's pants.

"You have Daisuke's tanned skin," Koushiro said dreamily.

"So?" Taichi panted.

"Ken would love to give you a blowjob," he sniggered.

"What?!" said a little astonished voice from the door.

The duo on the bed suddenly felt very small and felt like crawling into some dark place. Taichi and Koushiro slowly turned to the door and gave an apologetic smile to the owner of the voice - to Motomiya Daisuke. The mahogany-haired boy was staring at them with his mouth forming the letter 'o'.

"Uhm," Koushiro hastily straightened Taichi's clothes (mainly his underwear, because Taichi was practically naked) and sat up, staring directly into his knees.

"You said.. Ken... what?" Daisuke breathed sharply.

Hikari gently pulled the shocked boy outside and shut the door after she rolled her eyes at her brother, which roughly translated to 'I hope you know what you're doing except that I'm sure you don't'. Taichi and Koushirou exchanged worried glances.

"Daisuke wasn't supposed to know. Not in that way, in any case."

"I know." Taichi said.

"Daisuke's gonna hate him and Ken's gonna hate us, which is BAD," Koushiro said.

"I don't give a shit."

"Me neither."

"So where were we?"

It wasn't until they took off most of their clothes and assumed a curious position on the bed that the door to Taichi's bedroom once again opened and none other than Takenouchi Sora walked in.

"Oh my God!" said Sora, pressing her hands to her eyes. "Taichi!"

Ignoring her completely, Taichi forced Koushirou's head back into his knees as the boy started up. The computer whiz went red all over.

"Sora," Taichi said. "Hello."

Koushiro noticed that she was on the verge of crying. He also noticed that she sneaked a peek on the two of them.

"I'm sorry," the soccer player said. "I've just... - mph, Kou-chan, you naughty boy! - just realised... I don't like girls in that way... So will you excuse us and just go away?"

Sora shook her head in a desperate denial.

"I.. but Taichi.. I broke up with Yamato.. because of you! No, I can't take it anymore!" The girl, stumbling, her face covered with tears, ran away from the room. Hikari slammed the door with an angry hiss about somebody needing to know when to lock the door.

"Was I cruel to her?" Taichi asked.

"Let's get under the blanket," Koushiro said as a conclusion to this strange episode.

It was a good day for constant interruptions exactly at the moment when you're doing something important, but Taichi managed to ravish Koushiro to the ugly surprise of the latter. The redhead sat up, rubbing his lips viciously and trying to spit out all the cum that stuck halfway to his quivering stomach.

"Tai, you're a beast," Koushiro said and winced. The taste of the words wasn't nice.

"Oh come on, you liked it!"

"No. YOU liked it."

"Don't start being like Yama!" Taichi said and since the blond's name was mentioned, he wondered what Yamato could be doing at this precise moment...

Koushiro's eyes bulged out. "Yamato gave you a blowjob?!"

Suddenly the door to his bedroom flew open.

"Yamato gave you a blowjob?!!!" Takeru screamed. Hikari was trying to pull him back from the room.

"Hikari, I didn't know you invited a party!" Taichi bit back.

"I was just trying to COMFORT poor Takeru! And Sora! And Daisuke! And Wormmon!" the girl screamed. "And you're fucking LOUD, Taichi! And I've had ENOUGH!" She gave a violent shove to the stupefied blond and, sobbing hysterically, she ran into her room, grabbed her bag and ran outside into the street. Takeru crashed into the chair, fell down and rose from a pile of Taichi's clothes. His ears burned red as he stared at the soccer player.

Amidst the confusion, Koushiro surreptitiously crept along the wall to the exit, pressing his clothes to his crotch that demanded attention, and rushed into the bathroom.

Taichi painfully gulped. Takeru looked so... and so... and YUMMY!

"If you wanted THIS," Takeru said and pointed to the mayhem on the bed, "Why didn't you come to ME?"

The brown eyes suddenly looked up at him with interest.

Yamato buckled as Ken came near him but it didn't stop the indigo-haired boy. He only smiled as he knelt beside Yamato's bound body, sure of his own superiority.

"Nothing will help you," Ken informed him, ramming his fingers through the blonde strands in fascination. His hands went down his chest and slowly untied the belt of his kimono. This accomplished, Ken picked his camera and made a series of quick snaps of Yamato's face and his naked shoulders. The blond growled at him. His eyes almost turned into deadly blue lasers.

Ken giggled. He pressed his cheek to Yamato's shoulder and made a picture of both of them. Then he made a picture as he licked his neck and his nipples.

Yamato tried to throw him off by kicking but Ken easily lifted himself out of reach, turned the young boy on his stomach and tortured him from behind. He reached with his knee between Yamato's legs. The blond jerked away and Ken laughed, enjoying his helpless rage.

"You're so fun to play with," he said, advancing on him as the blond tried to crawl outside. The genius grabbed his hips and straddled them while his hand deftly swept under his kimono.

"Taichi-sempai would KILL to get these photos," Ken said. His camera was clicking away at a lightspeed. "Guess what? I'll send them to him for his BIRTHDAY." Yamato tried to avert his face. "But this is not all that I want to do with you."

Suddenly Ken was lying on top of the blond and his tongue was toying with his earlobe. Yamato's eyes went large as Ken's hands touched something they weren't supposed to touch. He groaned and gagged on the handkerchief in his mouth.

"Have patience," Ken murmured into his ear. "You're not new to this, are you? Taichi must have really broken his sweat, doing you."

Yamato shook his head desperately. Gestures remained his only way of communication but the indigo-haired didn't pay attention. At this point Ken's actions were not simply disturbing. They scared the hell out of him.

"Liar," Ken whispered and bit lightly on his earlobe. "I know you and Taichi did some naughty things." The next whisper made the hairs on Yamato's nape stand up. "I want you to do to me what you have already done to Taichi." And he informed him with a smile, "I will fuck you through the floor, Ishida." With this, he produced a tube of lubricant.

If it was a joke, it wasn't funny, Yamato thought. He grunted around his gag that they haven't done anything that perverted.. and please, Ken, let's stop this. The indigo-haired boy was pleasantly distracted by the deep rise of Yamato's chest and his bright nipples, which he was kissing. His hand was roaming below, already slippery. He impatiently pushed the folds of the kimono apart and pulled down Yamato's shorts.

The blond panicked. His moans took on a begging note. At last Ken looked up at him and was surprised to see tears streak down Yamato's face. He stopped. He frowned.

"What's wrong?" he asked.

Wrong?! said Yamato's look. EVERYTHING'S fucking wrong, don't you see?! More angry tears spilled from his eyes.

"I'll be gentle," Ken reassured him. "There's no way that anyone can be as bad as Taichi."

We didn't do ANYTHING! Yamato tried to scream. Damned tears just wouldn't stop. It made him look weak, and Yamato hated to look weak, especially in this kind of situations!

"I don't understand!" Ken said angrily. "Why do you persist in being fair to Taichi?! Do you actually believe that he won't cheat on you? Come on, get real, he's probably fucking ... Koushiro right now, for god's sake!"

Yamato rolled into a fetal position to hide his teary face from Ken and wallow in his misery. The genius let him do it, but then he rolled him back and took the gag out of his mouth.

"I don't care if you scream," he explained. "You spoiled my mood. Now talk!"

Yamato took a few greedy intakes of air; he needed time to allow his voice to work again. Ken sat on the floor by his side. Then he pulled Yamato up so that his head rested on his knees, bent over and started kissing away his tears. It felt nice and his black hair was so soft. Yamato closed his eyes.

"Nothing happened," he croaked. "Between Taichi and I."

"Liar." Ken pinched his nipple.

"Except," Yamato gasped. "I blew him... But that's all. So... I can't really... help you get off, you see..."

A frown creased Ken's forehead.

"Gee, you're a virgin?!" he asked softly. "You're really hard to get. Taichi's your boyfriend and you're STILL a virgin, huh."

"You can rape me but I won't give in to you," Yamato answered stubbornly.

"No, I don't wanna rape you," Ken said and Yamato let out the breath he didn't realise he had been holding. Ken glanced down his body and back at Yamato's lips. "But you know, you CAN help me get off... You can do to me what you've done to Taichi."

Yamato took his time to process the meaning of those words together with glances that Ken kept casting at his mouth. And then he understood.


Ken sniggered. Taking advantage of Yamato's speechless indignation, he ran his tongue across his lips.

"Suck me off," he whispered.

"I'll bite your dick off!" Yamato snapped.

"Are you sure?" Ken bawled. His hand reached below his navel and gripped. "If you do it, I'll bite YOURS off," he said smugly.

"Wait a second! What are you planning to...whhhoooaaaahh.."

His angry words were suddenly interrupted by a long and sensuous moan that surprisingly rose out of his own chest on account of Ken lowering his mouth to his midsection and as good as swallowing his manhood. Yamato arched into the floor. Ken sat back and gave him a supreme glance.

"Now imagine how painful it is if I do it with my TEETH," Ken said and smiled, demonstrating the perfect row of teeth. Yamato shuddered. "You don't really have any choice," the genius continued seeing that Yamato hesitated. "Deal?"

Yamato considered his options. Taichi would positively not be happy when he hears about it. On the other hand, the ropes were too tight to get his hands free and whoop some genius's unlucky ass. Time was pressing and the situation was perfectly out of his control. It wasn't like he was willing to blow Ken, it was circumstances! He was actually forced into doing it. Moreover, he was rescuing his virginity for Taichi! And all this moral stuff aside, he wanted to try 69!

Yamato nodded. "Deal."

Ken took his camera and smiled cunningly. "You can't argue that I want pictures. Just be a good boy, Yamato."

The blond winced as the flash blinded him. Now Taichi will kill him for sure, be he virgin or not.

"If you wanted THIS," Takeru said and pointed to the mayhem on the bed, "Why didn't you come to ME?"

The brown eyes suddenly looked up at him with interest.

"Come here, Takeru," Taichi said softly. The boy shuffled closer to the bed. "Don't worry... closer.. like this."

Takeru stopped when only two inches separated his blushing face and Taichi's eager one.

"Do you like me... in that way?" the little blond asked hesitantly. Taichi nodded.

"Just don't tell Yamato..." he said and leant forward to kiss the boy. A sudden vicious slap halted his progression. Taichi worked his numb jaw. The side of his face burned where Takeru had landed his palm on the skin.

"Son of a..." Takeru said and blushed deep red, "bitch. You used my brother. You FUCKED with my brother. With my only, innocent, kind ONIISAN!!! I'll never forgive you."

Taichi watched as the little blond sharply turned and strode to the door with fierce determination. He glanced at the dark-haired teen from the doorway.

"Stay away from Yamato or I'll make your life hell."

"Hell?" Taichi repeated dully when the blond disappeared. He touched gingerly his swollen cheek. "It's already hell! Without Yamato... Oh, god, what am I doing?!!"

Suddenly he jumped off the bed, grabbed his clothes and dressed with lightning speed. He ran past bewildered Koushiro, threw himself out of the apartment and headed for the stairway with so much desperation as if he was followed by a horde of furious digimon.

Koushiro tried to follow him but soon enough lost the sight of him. Hastily he called Hikari's cell phone.

"Hika! I think your brother's gone completely mental this time!!"

They called for a search party, which proved useless. Taichi didn't come home for two days. He returned only on Sunday and on the subject of his absence he gave the only answer - that he had been staying with his soccer mates, practising for the next football match. He gave no reason for his running away from home. Hikari consulted with Sora and the girls agreed that it was suspicious that Taichi was as genki and perky as ever. But something changed about him.

He seemed more like a man.

And not because he had grown clever all of a sudden.

And it wasn't because he had broken his promise and went to see his blond boyfriend, which he didn't do.

Hikari decided that Yamato should be warned about this two-day pilgrimage to wherever. Takeru agreed with her. Takeru thought that his oniichan deserved the best, which was, in his humble opinion, certainly not Taichi.

Ah, just an afterthought but Sora and Hikari were dating now. And Takeru after he gave up on Taichi was going for the next best thing, as in, he was secretly pining for Daisuke. While Daisuke... was waiting.

It came as a shock to Daisuke that Ken thought about him in THAT way. Daisuke had to sit down in the quiet of his bedroom after Jun had fallen asleep, and ponder this. He didn't have to think far back to find the proof. It was pretty obvious HOW Ken behaved around him every time they stayed alone. If you knew where to look, you came right to the indisputable fact that Ken wanted that boy. Suddenly the mahogany-haired teenager was getting fluffy shivers in his stomach. The question was - did that boy wanted Ken as well?

Thinking about love and relationships made his head ache. He was not in love with the genius boy. But...


But he found him damn attractive and clever and considerate! The list goes on. Ken was practically his idol. He adored Ken. Daisuke hid his flaming face in his hands.

Oh no.

He WAS in love with Ken!

It was on Sunday evening that Ken came back home. No, he wasn't staying all weekend at Yamato's house. After he had his fun with the blond, he grabbed his camera, tossed Yamato's katana on the floor next to the seething teenager, who was coughing out something sticky and swearing that somebody had to learn to warn about stuff, and was out of Yamato's house and village on five seconds' notice. Never went back to check on the blond, oh no, he didn't have a single suicidal thought about doing it. Besides, he was ill for the following two days. He was tossing in the bed of his hotel room in fever and he could swear he didn't remember how he spent those 48 hours, but when he was able to get up, he didn't feel quite himself.

The genius checked out of the hotel and went to Tokyo, feeling more worn out that when he went on holiday.

Surprise was waiting for him at home, sitting on his bed as cute as ever.

"Daisuke?" Ken asked shakingly. He couldn't believe it. The last thing he needed was to sort out Daisuke's love problems with Mimi or whoever it was now. He resolved to deal with his obsession with Motomiya later - after he dealt with a new obsession that occupied his mind now by the name of Ishida Yamato. He wanted Taichi to ditch and stomp on Yamato, which would be his ultimate revenge upon the blond. He had some interesting photos to show the soccer player... Oh no, he was getting excited remembering about his little adventure.

"Where's Wormmon?" Ken asked choosing the neutral topic of the conversation.

"I.." Daisuke stopped. 'I threw your Wormmon outside and locked the door so that he didn't bother us' wasn't something you would say to Ken.

"I let him go for a walk," Daisuke paraphrased.

"Oh. Right."

Ken turned away, fighting the temptation to sit next to the object of his wet dreams and bask in his warmth. I love Daisuke, he thought. I love him above anything. But I can only love him at a distance. He comes to me as a friend. Well, I'll change it in two years' time, which may involve some alcohol and crossdressing, but now he's too innocent and... I need some rest... and a computer. I definitely planned to do something on my computer..

I ... planned something?

"Ken, will you sit down?" Daisuke said. He patted the blanket by his side. Ken shook his head and focussed his eyes on the mahogany-haired... beauty.

"Sorry.. I got carried away?"

"I understand," Daisuke said.

Only when Ken sat down next to the boy he noticed that Daisuke wore perfume, and his tunic was probably something he borrowed from his sister because it had .. vintage stitches in it. The teenager's chocolate skin flashed in little holes.

"Daisuke..." Ken said, suddenly dizzy. His breath picked up. Forget about Ishida Yamato.

The cinnamon-haired boy brushed back his bangs a tad nervously then stretched his arms before his chest. He stuck out his chest proudly and glanced at his friend out of the corner of his eye.

"Like it? My new shirt?"

Ken stared at the sumptuous arch of Daisuke's body. Immediately a command sounded in his head - As you were, Ichijouji! - and he quickly replaced his hands on his knees. Remember about Ishida Yamato. Remember the blowj.. no, the revenge. What did you want to do? Destroy the relationship between Yagami and Ishida. Right. You don't want to destroy your own relationship with Daisuke in the process!

"It's nice," Ken breathed out and swallowed his drool.

Daisuke sighed and drooped.

"No you didn't like it," he said and pouted.

"What makes you think that?"

The cinnamon-haired turned to him.

"You didn't throw yourself on me," he said. "You didn't even twitch a muscle!"

Don't get provoked! Ishida Yamato, remember? Acid hatred!

"Would you like me to throw myself on you?" Ken asked in a daze. Who the hell WAS Ishida Yamato?

"Yes!" Daisuke said.

Daisuke... you're playing with fire here. Not completely sure how to interpret the answer, Ken decided to risk everything, and if it didn't work, he would say he was just fooling around... Feeling like he was caught in a landslide, Ken pulled the cinnamon-haired teen by the front of his shirt, and laid a french on his mouth. He was burning hot from the touch. Daisuke's fingers squeezed his hip unconsciously. He answered the kiss - or at least, he tried to. It was so inexperienced that Ken pulled away and shook his head.

"Wait... relax. Okay. Like this," he said and again covered his lips with his own. His hands brushed Daisuke's face and pulled him closer. They were kissing for some time before Ken realised it was not actually a dream. He moved away and looked at Daisuke with eyes a bit wider than usual.

"Your kisses taste great," Daisuke murmured.

"Are you sure?" Ken breathed happily.

"Yup! I can't believe you got seduced by Jun's shirt so easily!" Daisuke smiled. "I have to thank Koushiro and Taichi for telling me about you!"

Ken didn't hear what Daisuke was talking about. All he knew was this: the boy was in his possession and happy with it!

"So you're my boyfriend?" he asked.

"Uhu!" Daisuke answered happily.

Ken threw him down on his bed and covered his mouth with his own for much longer time.

Behind the balcony door Wormmon was glaring daggers at the two shadows on the wall. Which didn't become one only because he had the sense to call Jun and tell her that Daisuke had stolen her clothes, which she thought was undeniably cute since she knew he went on a date in them. But when the digimon informed her who was that date and what Daisuke was doing to him at the moment, Jun was in Tamachi in five minutes, blasted into Ken's room and ushered her stray brother outside. She glowered at the genius boy and her look darkly promised to see to it that Daisuke spent as little time as possible with the perv Ichijouji. Wormmon would grin if he could. There, Daisuke!

Jun's reaction was easy to explain. After her first crush - accidentally Yamato - was reported to be gay she started to feel homophobic. And her brother was not gay. Absolutely no. He would be so sorry if he was. Besides, it can be cured, it only needs intensive therapy. Sometimes amputation.

Monday was a busy day for Ken. He composed and sent a huge email to the address childofcourage with pictures and a detailed description how a certain blond spent his Friday. This accomplished, Ken leant back in his chair before the screen and was grinning like a madman for a long long time.

Then he went to the bathroom and called Daisuke, and chatted with him for two hours straight, doing god knows what in that bathroom.

Because it was Monday, Taichi checked his email account. When Hikari went to work on the computer after her brother had got off of it, she found the mouse squashed into small irreparable pieces stained with blood.

She hadn't been speaking to Taichi because he hadn't been speaking to her since he came home on Sunday, but she wanted to find out what made her brother so mad that he had to destroy the mouse. She called Sora and told her to come immediately with her inquisition instruments.

Sora packed knives and ropes and black stockings into her school bag and said goodbye to her mother. She set off with a determined heart in the direction of Taichi's apartment. Hikari told her that if Sora wanted a revenge on Taichi, there wasn't better time than now. And Sora wanted a revenge.

You need reasons?

Number one. Taichi made obvious passes on her former boyfriend, Yamato. Sora winced at her reminiscence of seeing them suck their faces off in the dressing-room. Repulsion at gays? No, that wasn't it. Though yes, at first, in spite of her firm belief of free love she was taken aback at the sight. But it wasn't world wide gay protest. Hell, no. Sora was a bi and she and Yamato sometimes walked along the park alleys, discussing the attractions of both sexes. Besides, Hikari was her girlfriend now.

Number two. Taichi lied to her. It was very cheap. He actually told her he loved her, knowing that Sora was sensitive to that kind of things! He used her.

Number three. Taichi led her to believe that Sora must be with him. He kissed her. He dared to kiss her!!! LIAR! (Sora wiped her lips in disgust.) It was the reason she dropped Yamato. Partly, Sora confessed that it was her fault, but on the other hand her relationship with Yamato wasn't clicking.

Number four. Taichi told her to lay off. Just like that. Licking Koushiro's face and on verge of fucking him, he told her that he was gay, sorry. Actually, there wasn't a 'sorry'. Little bastard deserved to die.

Number five. Taichi and Yamato... That Sora wasn't sure off. Rumors stated that they went all the way. But those rumors were there starting from the Digiworld, and it was a subject of a good-natured laugh between Sora and Yamato. Though what exactly Taichi WAS doing at the door to Yamato's dressing room that Christmas? What if he came there with the same purpose like herself? What if his gracious offer for her to go and date Yamato was not to let go of his love for her but for Yamato?...

Anyway (Sora rubbed her forehead tiredly), Taichi and Yamato were going to be together some day. And for that Taichi would pay also.

Here I come, Yagami Taichi. I come for you.

Sora hugged the school bag with knives to her chest.

Hikari opened the door.

"He's asleep. Or moping. Anyway, I'm out of here. Feel free to do anything, just remember to ask him what is eating him," she said and went for a stroll in the park.

Sora found Taichi asleep on his bed. Good. She unpacked her bag and tied his hands to the bedboard with the help of her stockings. The brunet woke up in the middle of it and watched interestedly as she proceeded. Finally, he cleared his throat and asked what she thought she was doing.

"Wait and you'll see," she said sternly. He waited patiently until she finished tying his ankles to the bed, then he started in panic when she straddled his hips and held up a knife.


"Is that your favourite shirt?" she asked innocently and pointed the knife on the collar of his blue sweatshirt.

"Hey... careful with that...hey!!!"

The girl flashed him an evil eye as she caught the edge of the fabric with a knife, planning to rip it in shreds. Taichi gulped nervously.

"What's got into you, Sora?"

"GOT into me?!" she shouted and sliced through his shirt with strength he would never suspect of her. Taichi winced, expecting his stomach to split and his guts fall outside.

"You bitch!" he shouted back. "You're mad!"

"What a good guess!" she said. "I'm going to cut the clothes on you, then cut your hair off, then cut your skin, then cut THIS thing off you, then..."

"For god's sake, take scissors! You're going to kill yourself with this knife!" Taichi shouted. "Besides," he continued seeing that she was too shocked to go on ranting, "I heard scissors are easier... and more erotic..."

"Erotic?" she asked. "Do you think I want to do erotic things here with you?"

"Why not?" he asked innocently. "You're not here for sex?"

"No," she said a bit uncomfortable. "I came to have my revenge on you."

"Oh," Taichi said. "Oh. Oh, really? Oh, because of Yamato? I see. Well, you can take him back... if you want. I already had my fun with him."

"WHAT?" Sora froze with a knife in her hand.

"I got him to give me a blowjob," Taichi answered simply. "It was fun... while it lasted."

"I .. thought.. you love him?"

"Love? Love is in fairy tales. I only need sex." Taichi took a deep breath and continued with maddening calm. "And exactly because of that whiny fucking blond bitch and major-pain-in-the-ass-friend I am... fucking.. impotent!" The last word was a growl.

Sora couldn't figure him out! He, who had been so madly in love with Yamato for three years, was telling her that this was all about sex? No way. She was going to make Taichi suffer and understand what this true love was about.

"Impotent? YOU?!" Sora said. "I don't believe it!"

"Well, you may fucking try and see for yourself!" he snapped. "Your gorgeous faithful talented Yamato had gone and sucked off Ichijouji while he promised to be only MINE!"

"And that made you impotent?" Sora asked dumbly. Then she dropped her knife, pressed her hands to her mouth and laughed, shoulders shaking. She got off the boy and went unsteadily to his table, where she pulled open all drawers, still giggling.

"So you say - it's over with Yamato?" she wiped the tears of joy out of the corner of her eyes. "That's his photo, right?" She held up the picture from the time Yamato and Taichi were best friends in the Digiworld. A precious memory. A lighter appeared in her hand and she snapped it open. "You hate his guts, right? Let me help you forget him." She lit the corner of the picture and with a laugh lowered it into a vase where it burned to crisps.

Taichi stared at the vase, breathless, his muscles tight. He didn't tug on his bondage and remained still on the bed.

"Feeling better?" Sora asked. She went to the wardrobe. "And this is the shirt Yamato left behind. Ah, it still smells like him." She picked up the scissors and viciously attacked the shirt until it crumbled to the floor in rags. Taichi stared at her like a wild animal.

"Does it hurt, Taichi? Just a little?" Sora smiled. "I see that it does. It always does at first. You'll get used to it, you sex-crazed maniac." She kicked away what remained of the shirt and looked around.

"What else did he leave behind?"

For a moment Taichi couldn't speak. Then he said:

"Computer games. Books. His cup. The blue one with white stipes. The poster of Luna Sea's Sugizo above the table.."

He rolled his head to the wall and refused to see how she destroyed everything that reminded him of Yamato.

On Tuesday, 3 July, Yamato returned to Odaiba.

His little brother was the first person he saw as he got off the train.

"Yamato, I need to talk," Takeru said urgently. And he talked. The subject of his talk was Taichi. Takeru revealed everything. His infatuation with the impressive and courageous brunet. Their first kiss - how he wanted it to happen. Their little date when Yamato was in the country on detention. The scene in Taichi's bedroom with Koushiro and the conversation with the Chosen's leader that followed. He asked a million questions whether it was true or not that Yamato did THAT thing (You know what I'm talking about, right, oniisan?) to his friend. He apologised a million times for not realising sooner that Taichi was using his wonderful oniisan for dirty purposes. It was a long way from the rail station to home.

So when Yamato entered the sitting-room in Yagami's apartment, where all the Chosen children gathered for a happy reunion, Koushiro cried in embarrassment, "It wasn't my fault!!!" staring with fear into Yamato's blazing eyes.

Sora triumphantly glared at Taichi. Hikari shared her girlfriend's triumph against her older brother. For the heck of it, although they didn't know what was happening, Mimi and Miyako joined them.

Takeru didn't gloat. He knew how painful it was for his older brother, and he hated Taichi for inflicting this pain.

Secretive smile appeared on Ken's face. Daisuke was by his side, and everything was good for Ichijouji Ken.

Yamato remembered his words just before Ken left him, tied up on the floor of his room in a mess: "I shall tell Taichi about our little adventure, Yamato-chan. With pictures, too. Oh trust me, I know what will happen after that. I've been waiting for it to happen too long. Taichi would hate your guts. Isn't it fun?"

If Taichi learns about it, he will break up with me, Yamato thought desperately. There will be no way back.

Break up with Taichi.

The conversation was still turning in his mind, together with Ken's laughs and his weak protests.

"Why do you hate me so much?"

"Oh I don't know. I just do."

"Don't tell him! Anything but that!"

"Come on," Ken said. "Do you really want a boyfriend like him? Man, I'm doing you a favour, getting rid of him before it started to get serious." Yamato wanted to plead but he couldn't speak suddenly. Ken laughed.

Taichi knew everything. But before he knew the bastard went and seduced poor Koushiro.

The rest of the Chosen Children seemed to be equally well informed. In their eyes Yamato read that they were grossed out with what he had done to Taichi, with what Koushiro had done to Taichi, with what Ken and Yamato had been doing together.

Well, maybe Daisuke didn't know. For the first time in his life Yamato realised that he wasn't a child anymore, and that not everything could be solved with a smack across his butt, a dark corner and a grim promise not to do it again. Saying that you made a mistake wouldn't help either. He and Taichi were regarded as adults and their careless actions brought about their own ruin.

Taichi was in his easy chair, his pose relaxed and confident, in fact, so confident that he seemed to be bottled up inside, like a volcano. He had three top buttons of his shirt undone in a cool-guy manner, tanned neck showing, and he threw his left hand behind his head and was fingering strands of his hair. He was mind-blowing. Yamato loved him like that.

He wasn't looking his way. The chocolate eyes studied the blank TV screen on his right. Only seconds later Yamato realised that he was studying the blond's reflection there.

Yamato couldn't bear it one moment longer in this room. He wanted to shout and rave. He was jealous and he had no right to be; he hated Taichi and was scared out of his mind to be hated by him; he loved him but Taichi didn't deserve it.

"I just called to say hi. I need to see someone at the school, so I'll be going," he said in a voice frozen over and walked out briskly. He couldn't imagine what else he could have done in this situation except maybe some miserable thing like bursting into tears.

It seemed, everything was over between Taichi and Yamato. In silence the Chosen children started counting to themselves, not necessarily looking at the certain brown-haired who didn't move a muscle as the blond left the room.

One... three... No reaction whatsoever. Seven... Nothing. Nine.. That's it – true love really doesn't exist. Life sucks. Te-


Taichi sprang up and rushed outside.


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