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Summary: Daryl stumbles upon Kira Knight, an English woman, terrified in the woods while hunting. He saves her from walkers and she joins the group. This woman isn't as helpless as she seems. Daryl/OC

First Walking Dead fic.

Daryl Dixon was out hunting for food for the rest of the group. He had a sting of squirrels and a few rabbits tied to his waist. He was tracking a deer through the woods. The deer was stopped in the middle of a tiny clearing. Daryl smirked and raised his crossbow. He took aim but before he could shoot the deer looked up and towards the east. Daryl frowned and was about to take the shot when the deer ran off. Daryl cursed under his breath and was about to get up from he's kneeling position when he heard something making its way, quickly, to the clearing the deer was. He watched as a young woman with long dark brown hair ran into view, behind her a very hungry Walker. The young woman suddenly tripped and hit the ground hard. She turned and looked up at the Walker terrified. She put up her arms to cover her face, letting out a panicked gasp, as the Walker closed in. Suddenly a crossbow bolt pierced its skull and it fell over in front of the woman. She gasped and looked around. Daryl stood up and she spotted him. She was breathing too heavily to say anything. Daryl walked over and yanked the bolt from the Walkers head. He started to walk away. The woman swallowed getting her breath.

"W-Wait!" He stopped and looked back at her.

"What?" He snapped. She frowned and opened her mouth to respond but couldn't find the right words she wanted to say. "What?" He said again.

"Are you by yourself?" She finally asked.

"Why do you want to know?" He narrowed his eyes.

"I-I don't want to die. Groups are safer right?" He huffed slightly and turned to continue walking away. "P-Please! If you just leave me here you're practically killing me." He internally groaned and turned around.

"And why the hell should I take ya with me?" Once again she opened her mouth but no words came out. She had to convince him to take her with him and her mind was going blank. "I'm waitin'."

"Because…" She bit her lip. "I-I can fire a bow and arrow…uh I-I.. my brother taught me to hunt and.. and.." She bit her lip harder racking her brain to try and find something useful. She could almost feel tears welling up in her eyes; he was going to leave her to die if she couldn't think of something quick. He sighed.

"Come on." He said before starting towards camp.

"Huh?" He groaned and looked back.

"Come on!" She quickly got up and rushed over to him. She swallowed walking behind him in silence.

The two returned to camp and Daryl left the girl standing by herself as he called for someone named 'Merle'. She shifted on her feet and Shane walked up to her.

"Who are you?" He asked.

"U-Um He brought me back." She pointed to Daryl who noticed her point and rolled his eyes and walked over before Shane could say anything.

"There was a Walker after her, scared off my deer." Daryl said. Shane turned back to the girl.

"What's your name, I'm Shane Walsh."

"Kira Knight." She said. Merle made his way over. He did a long whistle.

"Mighty fine catch there, baby brother! Gunna share?" Merle smirked at Kira making her feel uneasy. "Come be with a real man, baby." He moved to go closer to her.

"Touch me and your gunna end up on the ground." She said backing up a bit. He chuckled and reached over anyway. She grabbed his arm and flipped him over her back. He hit the ground hard and cursed.

"Bitch!" He growled.

"Warned you." She said looking down at him. He got up and went to grab her again. She grabbed his arm again and twisted it away before quickly sweeping her leg to knock him off his feet. He hit the ground again and grunted.

"If ya could do that why didn't ya take care'a that Walker?" Daryl asked.

"You call 'em Walkers? Well it's a lot harder to fight someone who wants to eat you." She said. "My daddy taught me CQC: Close Quarters Combat."

"You're just full of surprises." Merle said now standing, he glared before walking away. "Come on, we gotta skin these!" He shouted to Daryl.

"Watch out for Dixon's especially Merle." Shane said. "Come on, I'll introduce you to everyone."

"Y-you mean I can stay?" The girl asked her eyes wider.

"Of course. We wouldn't just leave someone to fend for themselves in this world." Kira smiled.

"Thank you."

"No problem." he said putting an arm around her shoulder and leading her over to some people.

Kira met pretty much everyone. After about a half hour a group consisting of, Glenn, T-Dog, Andrea, Jacqui, Morales, and Merle were getting ready to head into the city for a supplies run. Kira walked down the little pathway all the tents were on and finally found Daryl and Merle's.

"D-Daryl you in there?" She said standing outside the tent. He put her hand on the tent. "Dar-"

"What?" She jumped and spun around to face Daryl who was giving her a weird look.

"C-Can I borrow your knife?" She asked. He frowned.

"Wha for?"

"I'm gunna make a bow and arrows… can't be that hard." She said with a shrug. He sighed and took out his knife holding the handle side to her.

"Don' cut yourself, we don' have any disinfectant." She nodded and took the knife.


"Whatever." He said going into his tent. Kira went over to a tree and twisted and cut some thin, yet strong, branches off. She made a pile and walked over to the RV.

"Hey Dale?" Dale looked over the side.


"Could I sit up there and make some arrows?" She asked.

"Don't see why not, I'd enjoy the company." He said with a smile. She smiled and climbed up. She laid all the sticks down and started working on the first one.

After a while the group going for a supply run left and Kira finished her arrows.

"Hey, um, would you mind if I kept my stuff in the RV for now?" She asked Dale.

"Not at all, go right ahead." He said.

"Thanks Dale." Kira grabbed all the arrows she'd made and got down before going into the RV. She put all the makeshift arrows on the table before going back outside. She wanted to get a think piece of wood for the bow. She walked along the outer woods and finally found a branch that looked thick enough. Only thing was it was a little high. He tried hacking at it with Daryl's knife but it could just barely reach. She sighed but let out a gasp as someone took the knife from her. She looked up behind her to see Daryl. He reached up and cut the branch before handing it to her. "Thanks."

"Needed my knife back; goin huntin'." Was all he said before he walked away. Kira rolled her eyes and made her way back to the RV to put the half bow with the arrows. She exited again and went down to where Lori and Amy were sitting.

"Is there anything I could use as a string for my bow? Um dental floss, wire?" Kira asked.

"Dale might have some in the RV." Lori said before getting up with a red bucket. She called up to Dale about heading out. Kira asked Dale and he told her there was some dental floss in the bathroom. She got it and started working on the bow.

Later, Dale was working on the RV with Jim and Amy was pacing.

"Boy, that hose isn't long for this world, is it?" Dale said.

"No sir." Jim said.

"Where the hell are we gunna find a replacement?" Dale said with a sigh.

"It's late. They should've been back by now." Amy said.

"Worrying won't make it better." Dale said. Shane was teaching Carl to tied knots, while Lori stared at them.



"And three, two, one… pull it." Shane said.

"Ah! Aw." They both laughed.

"Start it over. Make your "p" the other way… around your finger."


"Good, just tie it like around your finger. Attaboy." Suddenly the radio squawked.

"Hello, base camp!" T-Dog said. "Can anybody out there hear me? Base camp, this is T-Dog. Anybody hear me?" Dale climbed up and took the radio.

"Hello? Hello? Reception's bad on this end. Repeat. Repeat." He said.

"Shane, is that you?"

"Is that them?" Lori asked.

"We're in some deep shit. We're trapped in the department store."

"He said they're trapped?" Shane asked.

"There are geeks all over the place. Hundreds of 'em. We're surrounded."

"T-Dog, repeat that last. Repeat." Dale said. The radio stopped.

"He said the department store." Lori said.

"I heard it too." Dale said.

"Shane?" Lori asked.

"No way." He said. "We do not go after them. We do not risk the rest of the group. Y'all know that."

"So we're just gunna leave her there?" Amy asked.

"Look, Amy, I know that this is not easy…" Shane said.

"She volunteered to go to help the rest of us."

"I know, and she knew the risks, right? See, if she's trapped, she's gone. So we just have to deal with that. There's nothing we can do."

"She's my sister, you son of a bitch." Lori looked at Shane and then followed Amy. Thunder rumbled.


"Come on. It's all right, buddy." Shane said to Carl.

"You shouldn't just give up so easily." Kira said walking up to Shane. "They'll figure something out."

"You have so much faith in them yet you only just met them."

"You'll all survived this long, they have to be smart." He nodded slightly before leading Carl away.

Kira had gotten back on top of the RV and was looking up at the sky. She raised an eyebrow as she heard a car alarm. She looked in the direction of the noise and something red speeding along the road heading towards camp. She stood up and looked to Dale.

"Tell me you see that too." He looked over and his eyebrows went up.

Hey tell me what you think! My first Walking Dead fic. I am in love with this show BUT I'm only on episode 11 of season 2. I was thinkin of having a BIT of Shane/OC one-sided.

If also working on my other fanfics and since I'm in school I'll try my hardest to get chapters up for most of them. I have the next two chapters almost done. Also I was thinking of changing the title to "My Savior" Does that seem better than this one? Also I will have a cover up soon, I have to make it first XD.

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