Prompt: NinexRose, college professor/student AU | given by: andrastesgrace
Disclaimer: I don't own Doctor Who. This is just for fun!

A/N: This is a collection of three-sentence prompt fics I've challenged myself with on my tumblr account. Three sentences is not a lot, so a friendly warning: I'm reeeallystretching the limits of a proper sentence to cheat myself into enough room to craft short stories.


He's always the last one leaving the classroom, lingering in his seat and keeping those piercing blue eyes on her, making her feel transparent and leaving no doubt in her mind that he's picking up on the subtle hints of her body language; knows just how much she wants him; is clued in on the fact that she dreams naughty things about him all night, and wakes up with a throbbing ache between her legs each morning–an ache she has to ease with her fingers in the shower to be able to face another day of calmly standing there and holding her lecture, instead of throwing herself at him, straddling his lap and kissing him until he gasps for breath.

She's the only professor who knows, not only all of her students' names, but also a little about their lives, hobbies and dreams; however, John Smith remains as anonymous to her as his name is, and he seems to be the kind of man who sits back, content in merely watching others, instead of letting anyone in or, even though she has unleashed her famous Rose Tyler charm on him, offering up the smallest bit of personal information.

He's not the first person over forty who has enrolled in her class, but he most definitely is the first one she's been attracted to and, as the school year ends and she holds her last lecture, she can't help but feel wistful over the fact that she'll never see him again; however, this time, as her students leave the classroom, he doesn't just linger–no, he walks up to her and places a banana, that has his phone number written on it, on her desk, meeting her gaze and grinning as he says: "They were out of apples."

the end