Prompt: Doctor/Rose where the Doctor is a human vagabond | given by: moonpath


It used to feel as though her stationary life would never end—endless hours in a shop, waiting on posh ladies looking for a new frock; settling on beans on toast and Strictly Come Dancing with her mum every Saturday, instead of doing something that cost money with Shareen; pretending to be interested when Mickey talks football—and pretending to come before he does; however, as Rose finally sits on the train, going out into the world with nothing but a knapsack on her back and her hard earned money in her pocket, it's as though time has flown by just as quickly as the landscape they rush past.

Her first stop is Paris; she's spent half her life preparing for this: learning the language; studying maps and landmarks; doing her research about which hostels she should stay at; reading about the culture, needing to fit in, belong and seem as though she's this urbane woman who's seen it all and won't be fazed by any of it; therefore, she can barely hide her proud grin when a gruff-looking man walks up to her and asks for directions in broken French, using the wrong verbs as he vigorously chews of the largest pain au chocolat she's ever seen, explaining to her how he's lost and got charged double buying something or other, leaving him without any money to get a taxi, or even take the metro, back to the hostel at which he's staying.

Luckily, she knows just the way and quickly explains in perfect French—first left, second right, third on the left, go straight ahead, under the bridge, past the fountain, it's the fifth house on your left—and, as he shakes his head and tells her he'll never remember that, offers in English to walk him there, giggling as his mouth drops open and he stares at her, bewildered; although, he's a lot older and looks a bit worse for wear, his blue eyes are kind and he exudes a raw sexuality that gives her a swooping feeling in her stomach; so, when he reaches for her hand as they walk down the street, she happily entwines her fingers with his, and as he gives her a bashful grin and thanks her for the help, she finds herself pushing him up against the rough brick wall, kissing this complete stranger, knowing without a shadow of a doubt that this is just the beginning.

the end