31st October 2012 – 8.00pm

Eighteen year old Elena Gilbert was lying in a hospital bed, in a single room at Mystic Falls Hospital. She was breathing through a mask, she had cuts and bruises all over her pale skin and there was a stain of blood that had seeped through the white hospital gown she was wearing. Her long brown hair was messy and all over the place.

Beside her bed sitting holding her left hand was a eighteen year old man, his skin was pale, he had black messy hair, he wore jeans, black shirt and black leather jacket.

If only he had been there sooner and noticed the signs, then Elena wouldn't be in hospital.

Her brother Jeremy Gilbert came into the room, and placed a hand on Damon's shoulder. Damon looked up at Jeremy with his icy blue eyes.

"Any news?" Damon croaked.

Jeremy sighed gravely "The doctors aren't sure if she will make it though, all we can do is pray"

"What about the baby?" Damon asked, dreading the answer.

Jeremy paused for a moment, looked over at his older sister sadly and then back to Damon, his next words made Damon nearly break down there.

"The baby didn't make it…"

November 10th 2011 – 6.00pm (Elena & her friends are 16/17 – Damon is 17)

"Hello, Mrs. Salvatore" Elena said happily as Elizabeth opened the front door of the Salvatore Mansion

"Call me Lizzie or Elizabeth dear, Mrs Salvatore makes me feel so old" Elizabeth said

"Ok Lizzie" Elena said, smiling.

"Oh, Elena" Elizabeth rushed forward and crushed her in a bone-breaking hug. "You are such a beautiful girl. How are you feeling, dear? "

Elena found out something interesting at that moment. It was amazing at how long you could go without fresh oxygen and still be able to get out a forced, "I'm fine."

She probably could have gone a few more moments longer and still been able to get out an inaudible, "Mphimdnek", but it wasn't necessary because at that moment Damon had gotten out of his car having just got home and noticed Elena's face going blue.

"MUM!" he shouted, rolling his eyes, "Get off her, she can't breathe."

"Oh, nonsense, Damon darling-,"Elizabeth told her son, nonchalantly, but was cut off when Damon pulled Elena away from Elizabeth's arms, and into his own for a more warm and welcoming hug.

"How are you 'Lena? It's been so long" He said

"I'm good, and yourself?" she replied

"Just fine, just finished work for today" he held her arm's length. They stared into each other eyes for a moment until Elizabeth coughed. Damon let go of Elena and walked inside.

"Elena dear, want to help me with dinner?" Elizabeth asked

"Sure" Elena smiled

"Elena can you take the roast out of the oven?" Elizabeth asked as she mixed up something in a bowl.

"I can do that" Elena smiled and placed it on the counter.

"So how do you possibly remember all these recipes by heart?" Elena asked

"With three hungry boys its easy plus years of cooking" Elizabeth smiled

Elizabeth walked over to a drawer and opened it taking out a small book, she gave Elena the book.

Elena opened the delicate book and looked through the pages, many of them were written in Italian but Elizabeth had scribbled English directions on the bottom of each page.

"Here is the Cheesecake recipe." Elena, as she started reading.

"Someday I'll pass these down to you" She said with a little smile.

"Me?" Elena's head snapped up. "Wouldn't you give them to Damon or Stefan?"

"Damon has a gift for cooking; he only needs to see me cooking something once and can make it himself just like that. He's been like that since he was a teen but my son has cooked some things that would put me to shame." Elizabeth smiled proudly.

"Stefan on the other hand avoids the kitchen like plaque. I hope the girl he marries can cook" She added.

She couldn't believe Elizabeth had so casually offered up such an important family heirloom to her as if it was no big deal.

"Your mother and I were hoping one day you would marry either Stefan or Damon" Elizabeth said out of nowhere.

Elena raised an eyebrow in question to that statement.

"It doesn't matter, Stefan seems interest in Caroline Forbes and Damon is with a girl named Katherine" Elizabeth said, waving a hand in dismissing it.

"Is Katherine coming tonight?" Elena asked, in interest.

Katherine Pierce was dating Damon for a few months now, Katherine was the same age as Elena but was a year younger than Damon. But she had never actually spoken to Katherine.

"Yes, but if you ask me I only put up with her because Damon loves her. I have no idea what Damon sees in her though, she is not that polite and just to warn you stay out of her way, she has quite a temper and doesn't take no for an answer, everything has to be her way" Elizabeth replied, a tone of dislike was heard in her reply.

"Oh" Elena said

Elizabeth smiled "Not to worry dear, but I gave you recipes because you are basically family dear, you are the daughter I wish I could have had"

"Thanks Lizzie" Elena replied, shyly.

"And again I'm sorry for what happened to your parents Elena; just know we are all here for you and Jeremy if you ever need anything just ask. This house is opened to you both whenever you want to come over" Elizabeth said, as they heard footsteps down the stairs

"So need any help?" Damon asked, coming into the kitchen, he flashed Elena a smile, she turned away blushing lightly.

"Damon can you please set the table" Elizabeth said

Damon nodded and left, Elena watched him go then she turned to Elizabeth.

Elizabeth gave her a knowing look, but Elena didn't ask.

Elizabeth had been right; she did not like Katherine one bit. She could tell by the first twenty minutes of her being there that Katherine was a selfish, snob bitch who always got her own way no matter what.

After dinner Caroline, Stefan, Katherine, Damon and Elena went into the lounge room to watch a movie.

"Ok so Caroline you pick we could watch Saw or we could watch Paranormal Activity 3?" Stefan, holding up the two scary movies in each hand.

Elena hoped Caroline didn't pick Paranormal Activity 3 she really didn't like those types of movies, she watched Katherine come into the room and sit next to Damon, curling up beside him. Elena turned away before she could be spotted staring.

It was already quite dark outside but when they closed the curtains and the door it was close enough to been pitch black.

"It ain't watching either of them, let's go Damon" Katherine said, standing up and pulling Damon with her. They both went out the front door and Elena heard Damon's car drive off.

Caroline had picked Paranormal Activity minutes into the film Caroline and Stefan were already in each other's arms cuddling up to each other; Elena swore she heard them kiss once. "Ok, I admit it I do get scared easily!"

"Shh Stefan your ruining the tension" Caroline whispered with her head muzzled into his neck.

"You're not even looking at the screen 'Care" he replied while he lightly fingered her hair.

"I am… yeah something scary happening" Stefan laughed and left it at that, he wouldn't make her watch it if she was too scared, the room fell silent again as the tension built and the pillows were squeezed tighter.

Elena dug her head in a pillow that was sitting on her lap not wanting to see what was happening, just as something went to jump out on the scream a large roar burst through the front door making all three of them scream senselessly. Damon burst out in fits of laughter, tears running down his face.

"DAMON!" Elena yelled throwing the pillow at him, but it didn't stop him from laughing. "It's not funny, I could have died!"

"Of what?"

"A heart attack" He stopped laughing and shot a playful apologetic look, she couldn't be angry at him even if she tried he was too charming, too hot. He flopped back next her on the sofa lifting up her legs on to him, tingles shot down her spine as soon as their skin met; all she could focus on was his hands on her shins.

As the movie progressed Elena drifted slowly asleep, Damon caressing her leg had relaxed her and she had never been so comfortable.

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