The consequences

"I have to do what!?" Naruto Shouted.

"It's you're punishment for the stunt you pulled off on the Hyuugas. You're lucky Haishi agreed to this. He usually isn't this lenient. Now I don't want to hear any complains coming from you or the Hyuugas anymore for that matter. Putting a red shirt with the white loads from the entire Hyuuga clan laundry... just unbelievable," Tsunade said walking out of her own office.

Perplexed, Naruto couldn't believe what was happening. He had never heard of any thing like this before. This type of punishment was just stupid. How did the hokage even think of something like that.

"I have to be the Hyuugas' servant?...How-...wh-wha- I don't- this is just- I-I-I What the fuck?" Naruto stumbled on his words


"This turned out to be a satisfying punishment for the boy. I can't thank you enough Hokage-sama," Haishi said.

"Actually it was your daughter that gave me the idea," Tsunade said.

"What? Which of my daughters told you?" Haishi asked.

"The younger one. You should have seen how mad she was with her pink clothes on. She looked redicu-... Ahem! Yes well I must be on my way now Haishi, paper work and stuff. Being the Hokage isn't easy...bye!" Tsunade said as she shunshined away to her office leaving a slightly ticked Haishi behind.

With Tsunade and Naruto...

"Oh Naruto what are you still doing here?" Tsunade asked seeing Naruto standing completely confused.

"I-... oh wait that's right I'm still in a team. Hah! How am I supposed to be a ninja and a servant at the same time huh?" Naruto asked. His mind had been looking for a loop hole to get out of his predicament. His horrible, horrible predicament.

"You won't be doing any missions for a long while Naruto. As of now you'll be suspended until you've made up to the Hyuugas," Tsunade said.

"But that's not fair! It was just a little prank, C'mon Baa-chan, you can't be serious," Naruto whined.

"BAKA! I told you before I'm not that old, so you shouldn't be calling me that," Tsunade yelled as he popped him upside the head.

"Ow! What about my living arrangements? I mean do I still live in my house or do I gotta go live at the Hyuuga compound or something?" Naruto asked.

"That's Haishi's problem, go ask him. Now go, I need to do my work," Tsunade said as she grabbed a very large stack of papers that had apperently magically appeared out of no where. Seriously, what was up with all the field reports, mission reports, statement claims, and all this other shit in between that just wouldn't leave her alone.

"Uggh I need Sake," She said while Naruto left her room.

With Naruto...

'If only I hadn't put that red shirt in their all of their laundry... for fuck sake,' Naruto thought. The Hyuugas were a no-nonsense kind of clan and he was an all-nonsense kind of guy. Pranks were his life and now he was going to have to serve tea and possibly do laundry... Oh wait this was a pranking gold mine. Think of all the possibilities had slightly cheered him up. He was going to need to buy laxatives, food coloring, some gum, chalk, spray cans, and a whole lot of feathers. Don't ask.

"Uggh Why me?" He groaned.

"What happened to you?" Kiba asked.

"Oh hey Kiba, I gotta be a butler for the Hyuuga clan. And all because of a little prank," Naruto complained to his friend.

"Hah! What did you do?" Kiba asked snickering. He just couldn't imagine Naruto wearing a tux, or a servants yukata or better yet a maid uniform. The very thought had made his snickering turn into a full blown laughter.

"Hey this is a very serious matter. All I did was make each and every single one of their clothes pink. Besides, some of them actually look better with pink on," Naruto said as he punched Kiba on the shoulder.

"Sorry bro, but I got to go. I got a mission to do so later," Kiba said running to the gates with Akamaru right behind him.

"Uggh missions, I think I'll miss you the most," Naruto said out loud to no one. The single statement of missions had made him forget about the bright side of his punishment (the pranks).

"So you're gonna be the Hyuugas' bitch huh Gaki? Oh man how the mighty have fallen," Anko Said playing with a dango stick.

"Anko-sensei~" Naruto whined. Slightly surprised that she was standing there and he didn't notice.

"Quit your bitchin, and take it like a man. Heheh," Anko said putting her arm around his neck.

"But its not fair, uggh the more I think about it, the more stupid it seems." Naruto said angrily.

"I guess this is gonna sting your pride too then. I got a mission too, later gaki," She said with the most feline smile he had seen from her as she shunshined away.

"Son of a bi-"

"Yosh! Naruto, what adventures do you plan on going on today?" Enter Rock Lee. He was jogging in place while he spoke to Naruto still wearing his infamous green attire.

"None. I have to serve the Hyuuga from now on," Naruto said as he started the hunch over.

"I don't understand," Lee said now doing jumping jacks while speaking to Naruto.

"Its my punishment for a tiny prank I may have caused. What are you doing?" Naruto asked.

"I'm doing a little training before I go on my mission," Lee stated.

"Aww man c'mon. It's been a slow month and suddenly now they start giving missions up the butt. For crying out loud," Naruto yelled.

"Ok see you, Naruto. I don't want to be late because if I am I promised my self I would do 500 push ups, and if I failed to do those, I would have to do 600 sit ups, and if I can't do those-

"Yeah, yeah I get it. Just go. I gotta go to the Hyuuga compound anyways," Naruto said as he watched Lee run away.

Naruto began walking to the Hyuuga compound. He needed to ask a few questions like who would he be reporting to? What clothes should he wear? Where was he going to sleep? Was he going to have to cook? And even some more questions that just suddenly popped into his brain.

And there it was, the Hyuuga compound. Everyone had pink clothes. He couldn't help but smile involuntarily. The strange and scary part was they were smirking right back at him. They knew something or maybe they were planning to get him back while he was serving them. And just like that, his smile faded. Things were looking bad for the blond hero.

"Aahh Uzumaki-san right this way if you please," A random Hyuuga said all too politely.

"Umm thanks," Naruto said.

"No, no. Its my pleasure," he responded as he began leading Naruto to Haishi's office. While he walked, he noticed more Hyuugas sitting and drinking tea or training. Some turned to look at him for a brief moment. Very few females smiled and the rest had an evil smirk with an equally evil glint in their eyes. The aura he was feeling was making him nauseous.

"Uzumaki-san. Uzumaki-san? Hello?" the Hyuuga said trying to catch Naruto's attention.

"Huh oh hey yeah what?" Naruto said.

"We're here. If you could step into the office, that would be swell," the Hyuuga said politely as he stood right outside the door while Naruto walked in.

"Swell? Who the hell says swell. Sounds weird, heheh kinda like peachy or fine and dandy heheh-"

"Uzumaki!" Haishi exclaimed.

"Wah! I mean y-yes sir?" Naruto asked being brought back from his thoughts. Fighting back the chuckle and the smile that threatened to appear, he looked at Haishi and saw the pink yukata that he was wearing. He would have to keep fighting his humor with all his might until the meeting was over because he thought Haishi looked hilarious.

"For the frivolous action you committed to my clan, the Hokage has issued a punishment that we both find agreeable," Haishi said.

"Um excuse me. I kinda wanna ask a few questions if that's all right with you?" Naruto asked.

"Yes of course. What are your questions?" Haishi responded.

"Do I have to wear like some kind of butler uniform or something?" he asked.

"You will be wearing the standard black yukata," Haishi responded.

"Aww really? Ok um will I have to cook?" Naruto asked.

"If the command is given, yes," Haishi responded.

"Oh Ok, Um where would I live? Well I mean if I'm gonna be spending the rest of my time here, then do I just come and set up camp over here, do you have a special room for me, or do I just stay at my home?" Naruto asked.

"You will be staying in a special room we've set up for you," Haishi stated.

"Oh Ok then," Naruto said.

"Fortunately for you, you will not be serving the entire clan.-"


"You will be serving my daughter Hanabi," Haishi said.







"What?" Naruto said completely astonished and with a "what the fuck face".

"You will be serving my daughter Hanabi, now go. I have much work to do," Haishi said.

"Wait where's my room gonna be?" Naruto asked.

"Shiko please escort Uzumaki-san to his room," Haishi said. The Hyuuga that waited outside the door finally entered.

"So your name was Shiko, huh? You know its not polite to hide your name from someone when your meeting them," Naruto stated.

"This way Uzumaki-san," Shiko said ignoring the blond. (Totally made up name. I didn't do research on a meaning behind the name. People do that a lot and I feel like they over do it trying to look for the perfect name)

When Naruto left Haishi's office and followed Shiko, he noticed the aura didn't change, the smiles. smirks and glints were still there. Hanabi was Hinata's sister so she shouldn't be much different, right?

"You'll be staying right here, Next to Hanabi-sama's room," Shiko said.

"Thanks Shiko, your a really nice dude. We should hang out some time and meet my friends and stuff," Naruto said.

"I'm sorry Uzumaki-san, I don't play for your team. I like women," Shiko said bluntly as he left.

"Wh-what!? No! I wasn't tryin-. I was just being frien- um ...damnit he took it the wrong way," Naruto said.

"What are you blabbing about? Buffoon," Hanabi said irritated.


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