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Hai Senei, whatever you say.

After eating breakfast they went straight to work...

"Ok So what are your specialties?" Naruto asked stretching his arms.

"I'm getting better at healing. I'm trying to become a medic," Tomoka said holding her hands behind her back.

"Oh that's cool, who's your teacher?" Naruto asked very intrigued.

"Shizune-sensei," Tomoka responded meekly.

"Awesome. Is it just you or is it a group?" He asked genuinely interested.

"It's a class," Tomoka stated shifting a little.

"A whole class. That's amazing. We need more medics. Do you have any other skills?" Naruto asked.

"Yes, my elemental affinity is water and I've learned a few jutsus that fit my element," Tomoka said nervously.

"Impressive. My affinity is wind, which means we are very compatible," Naruto said with a smile, making Tomoka blush. Hanabi didn't like what Tomoka might have been thinking.

'Mine is earth. Does that mean...' Hanabi thoughts had her mind wandering towards doubts.

"What about you Asuka-chan? You don't have a dog?" Naruto asked assuming she should have had one, because of her clan traditions.

"Well I'm supposed to get my partner after this mission, so I'm practicing my clan jutsu. I'd like to think I'm pretty good with a knife and my elemental affinity is fire," Asuka said proudly.

"Huh we're also pretty compatible. I feel a little out done here. I mean you guys know your affinities before your first C-ranked and I just recently learned about mine," Naruto said with a pout while slumping his shoulders.

"I only know a few jutsus regarding my element though. Tomoka know's way more," Asuka said trying to cheer him up.

"Yeah and um my taijutsu isn't that good," Tomoka said also trying to cheer him up.

"Oh well that just won't do. We're going to help you Tomoka-chan, to train and become better at taijustsu and you ... um do you have any jutsu scrolls Asuka-chan?" Naruto said getting pumped up for some training.

"Yeah. I got a few in my bag, I took'em with me just in case," Asuka said pulling out the scroll.

"Good. See? you weren't completely unprepared. Oh and what about you Hanabi-... I mean Oujo-sama," Naruto teased.

"I uggh. I've been trained as a taijutsu specialist and I've learned some earth element jutsu," Hanabi said trying to ignore his little remark.

"Sweet. This team is pretty diverse in its elements. Looks like the only one we need is lightning, but who cares. Oh this is gonna be awesome. I just know it," Naruto said making the girls feel uplifted.

"Hai!" Asuka and Tomoka said simultaneously with excitement.

Hanabi was still thinking about her element and how compatible it was to Naruto's element. She wondered if the compatibility was an indirect sign. She wondered why she was upset about it. The more she thought about it, the more she got upset and frustrated. She suddenly felt a hand on her shoulder. It was him. His stupid blue eyes that suddenly made her heart skip a beat and that stupid blonde hair that seemed to shine under the sun just irritated her.

"C'mon let's go train," Naruto said with a smile.

"H-Hai," Hanabi said meekly.

During training...

"Good, good keep your wrist straight while you throw your punch. Try it again. Your definitely improving Tomoka-chan," Naruto said with a smile as he held out his hand for her to punch.

Seeing Tomoka making physical contact with Naruto kind of irked Hanabi. She saw Tomoka punch his hand again, except this time it seemed like she lingered for a while before retracting it. She just thought it was a part of her imagination.

"How are you doing over there Asuka-chan?" Naruto called out.

"Um I don't think I'm doing these hand signs right," Asuka responded.

"Ok I'll be right there. You think you can handle this by yourself for a while, Tomoka-chan?" Naruto asked.

"Hai sensei," Tomoka said making Naruto scratch his cheek. He wasn't used to that.

Hanabi watched Naruto walk over towards Asuka. She shook her head trying to stay focused on her own training. She activated her Byakugan and saw Naruto touching Asuka's hands to get them into the shape of the ninja hand sign that the scroll require; it wasn't an ordinary sign. She noticed Asuka blushing. The tree she had been gentle fisting[1] had suddenly broken and tumbled over gaining the attention of the others.

"Amazing!" Naruto praised her.

"Woah," Asuka showed her admiration.

Tomoka just blinked. She couldn't dream of having that much power.

"Tomoka I'm gonna get you to do that, just wait." Naruto said as if reading her mind.

"Wh-what! There's no way I can do that," Tomoka responded in doubt.

"Yes you can. You just need to train, and practice your chakra control," Naruto said.

Tomoka wondered if she could really be that strong. She started feeling confident and started training even harder.

"Ok Asuka, try it again. This time I want you to inhale as much air as you can after you've completed the hand signs. Use your chakra with your element and exhale," Naruto instructed reading her scroll.

"Hai sensei," Asuka said performing her handsigns.

Naruto's eyes squinted trying to focus on her technique.

When Asuka finally launched her fire style jutsu, she felt her cheek muscles burn and stretch. She did it. She had been able to do it. She couldn't contain her excitement. She instantly beamed up at Naruto and glomped him.

"Heh easy now. That's one down and ... how many scrolls do you got there?" Naruto asked.

"About six more," she responded letting him go.

"And six more to go. That was a great first try. Practice that jutsu a little more while aiming at targets this time. I'm gonna go help the others," Naruto said walking away.

Naruto walked over to Tomoka. He noticed she looked serious and focused, so he decided to go see if Hanabi needed help.

'Nah she probably wouldn't want my help anyway. No harm trying though,' Naruto thought walking over to her.

"Do you need any help?" Naruto asked.

"I-...h-hai," Hanabi responded.

She hadn't sensed Naruto coming over to her. He was offering her his help. Her pride wanted to say no, but with the way he suddenly appeared, he had startled her so she couldn't say no.

"I need a sparring partner," She said with her confidence returning. She wanted to test her strength and what better way to test it than to fight the leader of the squad?

"Sure ok. What are we talking about here? Taijutsu, Genjutsu, Ninjutsu, or all three?" Naruto asked.

"Taijutsu," She responded getting into her clan's fighting stance.

"Ok. Let's get started," Naruto said.

As they began their spar, Tomoka and Asuka had stopped their own training to see Hanabi fight Naruto. Naruto was swaying, dodging, and blocking. He never fought back. He just stayed on his defensive path. Hanabi had even activated her Byakugan, but to no avail. She was beginning to get frustrated.

"Why won't you hit back?" Hanabi asked with a huff.

"I'm trying to see where your having trouble. Try to keep your arms straighter when throwing a strike. Have you tried putting your own personality into your clan taijutsu?" Naruto asked.

"My own personality?" Hanabi asked losing her breath.

"Like your own method, your own style of taijutsu. Neji was able to do it, I think. He's really aggressive. Hinata is kinda protective, its like an ultimate defense. You don't have to follow their taijutsu down to the letter and stance. Make the clan taijutsu fit you, don't try to fit into the taijutsu. I know its traditional, but the Hyuga clan has been beat before. I think its holding you back," Naruto said trying to help Hanabi.

Hanabi thought about what he had said, but while she was distracted, Naruto had patted her head and walked towards her teammates. Caught off guard, she could only blush. She gently placed her hands on top of her head. It made her feel warm. His touch. No. Not him. She was going to get stronger. That's what made her happy. She was going to develop her own style. She was going to become strong.

Naruto watched them train. He couldn't help, but feel that he had forgotten something. Everything seemed ok. Then he remembered tree walking. How cool that looked the first time he saw it. He wondered if they had learned it.

"Ok stop for a second. I probably should have started with this, but do you know how to control your chakra?" Naruto asked.

"What do you mean?" Asuka asked.

"Um do you know how to climb a tree?" Naruto asked and they all sweatdropped.

"That's a little juvenile, don't you think?" Hanabi asked rhetorically. He seemed like a competent teacher just a few moments ago, why would he suddenly ask them about climbing trees?

"That's not what I meant. I mean without using your hands," Naruto said making all of them tilt their heads which made him smile.

"Without our hands? How does that work?" Asuka said looking at the nearest tree.

"Well its a little complicated. You have to apply just enough chakra to the bottom of your feet and use it to stick to the surface of the tree," He explained placing his foot on the tree.

The girls looked skeptical at first, but when he lifted his other foot off the ground and began walking up the tree, they were impressed. He looked at them while he was upside down on a branch. Then he jumped off and landed in front of them.

"How did you do that?" Tomoka whispered meekly.

"You have to make sure you don't apply to much chakra or else you'll break through the tree. Sometimes you get stuck when that happens," Naruto said scratching his cheek and looked away.

"What if you don't apply enough chakra?" Tomoka asked.

"You won't stick to the tree and then you'll fall off," Naruto said rubbing his head. It felt like a phantom injury that he needed to heal by rubbing his head.

"How does this help us?" Asuka asked.

"It helps your jutsu. It makes it more effective, more concentrated, and more... better? It helps. Heheh," Naruto said scratching the back of his head, embarrassed that he couldn't explain it better.

"Well then lets get started," Asuka said excitedly, ready to learn and improve herself.

"Yosh! Here. Use these kunai to mark your progress," Naruto said handing them a kunai each.

Some time later...

They were all panting, exhausted from the days training. All except for Naruto who was still fighting his clone, until a final punch put that to an abrupt end. He looked at his team and noticed they were all great at controlling their chakra.

"Oh man, that was so hard," Asuka complained.

"You did great Asuka-chan," Naruto said as he patted her head earning him a bright smile from the girl.

"Hai sensei," Asuka said with an upbeat attitude.

"You have a great smile," Naruto said making her blush and try to look away.

"I'm so ... tired," Tomoka said from her kneeling position.

"You also did well Tomoka-chan," Naruto said with a smile while he patted her head too. She responded the same way Asuka had.

"Hai sensei," Tomoka said meekly.

"I can still keep going," Hanabi said with a determined look on her face.

"That's enough Oujo-sama. You don't want to be too tired for tomorrow," Naruto said patting her head like the rest.

She focused her attention to the place where he had patted her head. She thought fondly of the action, but shook it off to respond.

"Hai sensei," Hanabi replied in a low volume.

"We won't be able to train until we've reached our destination. Baa-chan is kinda strict about delivery time, but a little lenient about tardiness. So we're gonna have to pick up the pace tomorrow. I'll take care of dinner. You guys can take a rest in your tents," Naruto said creating a few shadow clones.

Naruto caught Hanabi staring at him and gave her a warm smile. She looked away. What was this feeling? Why did she want to observe him so? Why was she blushing? It was so frustrating. She looked back to see him hop onto the trees to resume his work.

'I can't shake this feeling. What is wrong with me?...'

End... for now.

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